It’s A Flash Double Act In “The Present” On The Winter Finale Of The Flash

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Flash fans!

It’s time to close out the first-half of the season with the winter finale. Woo-boy this looks like a doozy. Barry has mostly been forgiven for Flashpoint. HR and Wally have teamed-up so Wally can become the hero he’s always wanted to be. Julian is Dr. Alchemy.

Let’s see what wrench is thrown into the works on tonight’s episode.

Origins:  Indiana Julian is in India searching for “it” that drove him to come here. A mystery girl thinks that they found “it”. She wants to wait, but Julian opens it. And presumably get possessed. At STAR Labs, HR has decked the place out for the holidays. Barry wants to focus on Savitar. Cisco sees a vision of his brother. He also finds a paper that, apparently, Julian wrote at Oxford on Alchemy’s magic stone (apparently the Philosopher’s stone). Barry comes to visit Julian at the lab. He tells Barry the story, but omits finding it. Julian does, however, react when Barry says Savitar. He calls Savitar the first meta with speed, and suggest Barry move on. Julian hears Savitar’s voice and gets his Alchemy costume. Joe invites to Cecil to come to the West house for a grandma “nog off”.

Myths: Earth-3 has zeppelins flying around! We see Earth-3 Trickster vs Jay Garrick. He straps Jay to a bomb, but Barry comes to help out. He asks Jay about Savitar. Apparently, Barry is the first speedster he knows that has challenged Savitar and seen him. Alchemy is Savitar’s way of letting the universe know that he’s coming. Why? He’s preparing for a battle against Barry. Barry, apparently, is a worthy challenger for Savitar. HR and Wally start training with Wally being faster than Barry. HR tells him not to tell anyone for self-preservation. At STAR, Barry goes through books while Jay offers advice. He thinks Barry should relax and get his head into his life with his loved ones. In the lab, Cisco sees Dante again. Caitlin comes in, but Cisco tells her what he’s seeing around. Caitlin thinks its grief and Cisco shares a story about a nice Christmas with Dante. Caitlin shares a story about watching old movies with her dad while it snowed.

Tis The Season: Iris has gotten ALL OF THE PRESENTS. Barry is excited to spend time with her. Iris has been doing some digging and finds out that four scientists on the expedition in India died. They get a ping of the Philosopher’s stone being in use. Jay and Barry prepare to handle everything and Wally wants to come with them. They say no. Wally reveals about his training with HR. At the building, Alchemy prepares to awaken all of the Flashpoint metas when Savitar arrives. Jay takes Savitar and gets the crap kicked out of him. Barry gets the stone locked away before Savitar can kill Jay. He unmasks Julian.

Alchemy: Julian wakes up in the Pipeline. He does not believe the evidence that Barry is presenting him. Barry visits Jay who is recovering from the Savitar beat down. In the Cortex, Caitlin and Cisco believe Julian. Creepily, the box does not exist on any known element. In the Speed Lab, Joe is reading Wally and HR the riot act. As he starts in on HR, Wally stands up for him because he wasn’t getting support from his family. As the Flash, Barry questions Julian about missing time. Barry reveals his identity to Julian in a bid to get him to trust him. Julian has been blacking out since he was twenty when he was getting visions of his sister Anna. Anna told Julian that if he got the stone then it would bring them together again. After the discovery of the Stone, Julian began losing time and ran to America. Wait…this sounds familiar. Oh no. Cisco. In the lab, Dante appears before Cisco and begins to tempt him. Julian is wracked with guilt and Barry tries to comfort him. Dante tells Cisco to get the stone and use it to resurrect him. Dante urges Cisco to open the box and make it real. Cisco opens the box. Savitar appears behind him.

The Box: Caitlin tells Barry that Cisco opened the box. Savitar starts to beat up Barry and Wally, who goes to help. Caitlin goes to talk Cisco to close the box. Because if he doesn’t close the box, Barry and Wally will die. Cisco closes the box. In the Cortex, Cisco apologizes about releasing Savitar. HR is not going to apologize to Joe about helping Wally reach his potential. He thinks Wally is extraordinary. The group plans to use Julian and Savitar together. They think that Julian has been possessed by Savitar this entire time. Julian agrees to try it. He’s possessed by Savitar who greets Barry as if he knows him.

Eternity: Savitar reveals that he knows everyone. He says that he knows their destinies: one shall betray you, one shall fall, and one shall suffer a fate fall worse than death. What do with that?! Goddamn. Everything Barry took from him Savitar wants back. Apparently, future Barry imprisoned Savitar. Now he takes his revenge. Julian is freed from Savitar’s control. Everyone wants to get rid of the stone. Jay thinks that they can throw it into the Speed Force. Jay thinks that if they run together, they can throw it into the Speed Force. Working together, Barry throws it into the Speed Force. But he is pushed back and wakes up on the street. He arrives in what looks like the future. Savitar has Iris hostage and kills her. Barry is powerless to stop him from doing so. Jay grabs him. Barry asks where he was. Jay tells him that it was the future.

The Future: Barry is so confused by what happened. Five months from now, Iris could be dead. Barry is confused by what has happened. Jay tells Barry what he saw was a possibility. Time is always bending and changing. Barry needs to focus on the present, not focus on what may happen. If he does, then he is screwed. Which yeah Barry. Haven’t you ever seen anything involving time travel?  Barry tells them all that stone is gone and lost in the Speed Force. They decide to celebrate Christmas. Caitlin invites Julian to come celebrate with them. Julian, however, prefers to be alone at Christmas.

Rain: At the West house, Cisco thanks Caitlin for the help. HR really digs the eggnog. Iris sees how depressed Barry is. He promises her that he’s find. Barry and Cecil has their nog-off and Christmas kiss. She goes to talk with her daughter. For Christmas, Wally gets his Kid Flash costume. Julian also comes with his own Christmas present: the gift of Barry’s continued employment at the CCPD. He even offers to be lab buddies. Caitlin uses her powers to change the weather to snow. Iris and Barry go to exchange presents. Barry got a lease in their names on their own apartment together. Barry gives the MOST romantic speech and Iris kisses him. They share their love in their new home.

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