INVASION! Part 3: It’s The Big Heroes Versus Aliens Showdown On Legends Of Tomorrow

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Here it is, the final part of this season’s big Superflarrow crossover. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow go back in time to find out the reason for the Dominator’s visit and together with the rest of our superheroes they come face to face with the aliens. “INVASION (3)” is the culmination of this year’s biggest super hero team up!

Central City, 2016
After saving Oliver, Thea, Sara, Diggle and Ray from the clutches of the Dominators, the team reassembles in Central City to discuss their next steps. They decide that the best way to approach the aliens is by taking a closer look at their first appearance sixty years ago.

As the legends have the Wave Rider at hand they agree to head back to 1951, with Cisco and Felicity volunteering to tag along and promptly geek out over everything the spaceship has to offer. Before the group can take off Oliver takes Kara aside and asks her to sit this out. He is unfamiliar in dealing with aliens, and he does not want one on his team.

Prof. Stein stays behind in Central City with Caitlin to figure out how to beat the Dominators, but is confronted with his daughter, who he had only learned of mere hours ago and is a direct result of his own interference in the timeline. He learns that she is an MIT graduate and holds a PHD in nanotechnology, therefore she volunteers to assist them. He has a hard time accepting Lily as his daughter and considers her a time aberration he needs to fix.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Redmond, Oregon, 1951
Mick, Amaya, Nate, Cisco and Felicity arrive in 1951 where the latter certainly feels the side effects of time travel, which can include nausea and linguistic confusion. Cisco and Felicity are sentenced to stay behind while the legends head out to gather some intel on the aliens. They get close enough to the battlefield to actually get their hands on one of the Dominators but are interrupted by a government entity that takes them in.

While in capture the Legends get to talk to the Dominator. The creature tells them that they were investigating the emergence of meta humans on planet Earth, the Justice Society of America in particular. The Dominators were gathering intel on whether the meta humans were a threat to their kind.

Felicity and Cisco react promptly and come to their friends’ rescue using some of the tech they find on the Wave Rider. Together, the group decides to take the alien with them. They save it from capture by the government, before sending it back to its mother ship, and returning to 2016.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Central City, 2016
In the present Oliver, Barry, Ra and Sara set up a meeting with the President, but are instead faced with the same government entity that took in the Legends in the past. Where the JSA were the cause of concern for the aliens in the 50s, Barry and the rest of the meta humans in Central City have been the reason for their return in 2016.

The Dominators offer the heroes a deal: Barry sacrifices himself to the aliens and, in return, they will leave Earth in piece. Barry agrees, but the rest of the heroes refuse to let him leave. The aliens decide to attack as our favorite superheroes ready for a fight. And a beautiful fight it is. We see everyone dressed up for the occasion in their costumes, even Nate in his new Commander Steel suit as well as Ray in his newly rebuilt ATOM suit. Eventually the heroes are able to force the Dominators to retreat by using a technological device which elicits pain in the aliens. Once again, the heroes have won.

After being honoured by the President of the United States the heroes return back to their unit base for a proper celebration. It involves champagne, music and a Kara, Oliver and Barry group hug. Cisco presents Kara with an interdimensional extrapolator, a device which will make communication and travel between their two worlds a lot easier, before sending her back to her reality. The Legends take off for yet another time travel adventure while Barry and Oliver stay behind. The episode ends with the two of them finally embracing their bromance over a bottle of beer.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow rounds up this year’s big crossover perfectly. We did not only finally get to see the big fight between the Dominators and our heroes, but we also got more little interactions between characters that normally wouldn’t interact as much, such as Oliver and Kara, Felicity and Cisco, or Thea and Nate (of which we could really use some more).

It was a beautiful experience to see DCTV’s biggest and best characters fight side by side, even if the threat was something as ridiculous as aliens. On Arrow, the story never would have worked. With the inclusion of Barry and Kara and the Legends, the whole arc was believable, and even better, enjoyable.

Thank you for a beautiful crossover extravaganza that reflects how much hard work had been put into it! Hopefully next year’s event can keep up with it.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Favorite Lines

Felicity: “Where do you think they’re taking them?”
Cisco: “Those “Men in Black” types are probably gonna take ’em to a secret lab and run experiments on them. Have you seen “Stranger Things”?”
Felicity: “Maybe too much TV, Cisco.”
Cisco: “Life imitates art, Felicity.”

Mick: “Listen, Red. I don’t like you. But when you got a crew, you don’t take a hit for the rest.”

Ray: “You know what’s funny? [Kara] really kind of looks like my cousin.”

Barry: “We both got a look at what life would look like normal.”
Oliver: “It would’ve been happy.”
Barry: “But not full.”
Oliver:  “No. No, nowhere close”.
Barry: “To things not being normal.”
Oliver: “To life being full.”

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

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