Going Rogue: Arrow EP Wendy Mericle Talks Felicity’s Dark New Mission

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Last week’s mid-season finale of Arrow broke our hearts. We had to watch how Oliver unknowingly killed Felicity’s boyfriend in the cruellest way: with a couple of arrows to the heart. Once again Prometheus had been one step ahead of the emerald archer and his team.

The audience couldn’t help but feel for the IT genius as she curled up on her sofa, struggling to process the events of the day. What she truly needed in that moment was a big ole hug.

If you expect Felicity to fall apart in her grief, then you could not be more wrong. Arrow showrunner Wendy Mericle talked to TVLine about what’s ahead for Felicity.

“One thing Felicity is not going to do, I can tell you for sure, is blame Oliver. She recognizes the manipulations that have led to this situation,” she said, delivering a bit of good news to Olicity fans everywhere, who had been afraid to see Felicity turn her back on her former fiancée. “Her heart is broken in that last moment for Oliver and for Malone and for herself.”

How Felicity deals with that broken heart is now the question. Mericle teases that we will be seeing a very different side of our blonde sunshine in the upcoming weeks and months.

“This season we have said we’re going to take her to a darker place, and you’re seeing the genesis of the reason why, right here,” said the EP. What that entails? Getting revenge.

This wish to go after Prometheus does come with a price. Felicity will neglect Team Arrow in order to fulfill her own individual goal – and it gets dark. Mericle even goes as far as saying that her quest for revenge will “lead her to do some things that are pretty morally questionable.”

While Felicity struggles with the present situations it seems as if her past is coming back to haunt her as well. The showrunner teases that Felicity “is going to meet some people who are both a bit tied to her past but also very much tied to this new future she’s contemplating.”

Does that mean we will be seeing more of Felicity in the flashbacks as well? Mericle did not directly address that question. In an interview with IGN earlier this year, she said that the producers did talk about “flashing back from different character perspectives”.

We would definitely be interested in seeing more of Felicity’s time at MIT and as a part of the Hacktivists!

Evidently we are not the only one excited to see a darker, grittier version of Felicity.

“It’s a color for Felicity that we’ve always known she had the potential for”, said Mericle. “But we never had the right story to play. We’re excited about it.”

Over the last five seasons we have felt for her whenever she was distraught, and we laughed with her whenever she let her true colors shine. How will we react to a Felicity gone rogue?

Arrow returns with new episodes January 25th at 8/7ct on The CW.

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