4YE’s Year In Review 2016: How We Can Say Give The One Finger Salute To This Horrible Year

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2016 has been without a doubt one of the worst years on record.

The deaths of many major and beloved celebrities from David Bowie and Prince to, most recently, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The world has gone utterly insane: Syria, the Brexit, Donald Trump. There are two days left in this godforsaken year as I write this, and I don’t think it will ever end.

I fear that I will awake on January 1st and it will still be 2016.

So let’s send out 2016 the way it deserves to be sent off with a rude gesture and a punch in the stomach.

Here are the best ways people have decided to end this year.

George R.R. Martin Tells 2016 To Stop

Credit: Tumblr

That’s right George RR Martin has asked 2016 to end already. The man that has killed more of your favorite characters with Game of Thrones wants this year to end. THIS IS HOW BAD WE HAVE GOTTEN HERE PEOPLE.

In a post on his Not a Blog, he wrote about the loss of Carrie Fisher and also eulogized Watership Down author Richard Adams. It’s a lovely post which focused mainly on the author, who Martin feels was underappreciated in the fantasy genre.

He closed the post with: “Please, let this wretched year come to an end.”

Be the voice of the people, George.

2016: The Horror Film

This whole year have been a freaking horror show. On the election night, I threw up and had one of the worst sleeps of my life. I can think of two other times that top what happened on that night. So thanks to YouTube user Friend Dog Studios, they called out this horrible year in the best way.

Because what other emotion will 2016 bring in us except horror and dread?

So if you want to see your own vision for 2016 realized, then here it is.

John Oliver Blows Up 2016

John Oliver was done with this year months ago. After talking about Trump’s election to office, he sent 2016 off in the most satisfying way possible.

He blew it the f*** up.

And this is just what we need to watch when the clock strikes midnight as we backflip with our middle fingers up in the air into a goddamn brand new year.

Bec Heim

Bec Heim

Senior Editor at 4YE
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Bec Heim