4YE Year In Review 2016: 10 New TV Series That You Should Not Miss

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With 2016 coming to its end, let’s take a moment to look back at what TV has had to offer. The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of revivals, of spin-offs, of new shows that took our breaths away.  From more-or-less functional families over Artificial Intelligence to the British throne – we went on unforgettable adventures alongside our new favorite characters.

Here’s our list of TV Shows that we couldn’t help but fall in love with in 2016.



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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (January 21, The CW)

The Story: In 2016, time traveler Rip Hunter arrives in Star City to form a team of super heroes. Together they travel through time and space in order to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the planet. Along the way they come across new friends, as well as future and past threats.

Why we love it: A formation of our favorite superheroes fighting evil – what’s not to love?! Admittedly, the first season was weak; DC has a plethora of amazing so why they went with someone as mind-numbingly boring as Vandal Savage is a mystery to everyone. We were glad to be rid of him by the end of season one. Season two has started out much stronger with more interesting character dynamics and an appealing story.

What we hope for the future: We want season two to continue delivering interesting episodes! With the current group of villains we are sure to be entertained for a while. We also wouldn’t mind some more crossovers with the other DCTV shows …


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Fuller House (February 26, Netflix)

The Story: Following the concept of Full House, DJ Tanner is moving back to her childhood home to raise her children with the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy. With appearances by the rest of the Tanner clan, Fuller House reunites some of the classic 80s TV characters we loved in our childhood.

Why we love it: Fuller House is not the most complex TV series to grace our screens this year, but the lovable and funny Tanners never fail to improve our mood and make us smile. The show is one of this year’s many revivals that we would not want to miss.

What we hope for the future: More adventures that not only focus on the adult leading ladies, but also on the adorable and hilarious kids!



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The Family (March 4, ABC)

The Story: After ten years, Adam suddenly appears again and his small hometown is shocked. His mother, the town’s major, father, brother and sister try to deal with his sudden emergence while the police tries to find the man who held Adam captive for ten years.

Why we love it: What could be a sweet family reunion story, actually isn’t and in the course of the first season we get to know quite a few secrets each family member has. We also get to know who kidnapped Adam and what happened during his captivity, which makes The Family exciting to watch.

What we hope for the future: Sadly, the show has already been cancelled, even though it had great potential. I would have loved to see the police finding out the truth and especially that the family already knew about it.


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The Catch (March 24, ABC)

The Story:  Private Investigator Alice Vaughan who falls victim to her fiancé, a con artist who works in a professional crime operation. In the course of the first episode, she realizes that he is Mr X, a man her firm tries to catch, because he had stolen money from lost of clients. While also working her regular cases, Alice also tries to find her fiancé.

Why we love it: The structure of the show is similar to Shonda Rhimes’s other show How to Get Away With Murder which makes it fun to watch, as it never gets boring. It’s also great to see the plot twist in episode one and how Alice deals with it.

What we hope for the future: More fascinating cases and the plot twist we love so much. Otherwise, the show has great potential to become as great as How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal.


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Stranger Things (July 15, Netflix)

The Story:  Stranger Things is set in a small town that is plagued by a terrifying mystery. After the disappearance of a young boy, Will, his family, friends and the local police engage in investigations. When a young girl with superhuman powers arrives in town, strange things happen.

Why we love it: Millie Bobby Brown. Albeit starring alongside big names such as Wynona Rider, she and the remaining children are the real stars of the show. This recent Netflix hit is a thrilling series that is a must-binge this year.

What we hope for the future: To find out what really happened to Barb. And more, just more, more, more.



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Victoria (August 28, ITV)

The Story: Victoria depicts the accession of Victoria to the throne of the United Kingdom, through her first years as the head of state and her courtship with Albert and finally the birth of the couple’s first child where season one ends.

Why we love it: Victoria takes us back in time and we get an insight into what Queen Victoria’s life must have been like in the first years on the throne. We witness how much more confident the young Queen gets throughout her first years. Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of the second longest reigning sovereign of the UK is fascinating to watch, as she manages to portray her as a young girl with no experience and no outside world experience who blossoms into a young woman who makes her own decisions and who decides whom to trust.

What we hope for the future: I hope we’ll get to see Queen Victoria grow as sovereign even more and get to see why she’s such a famous queen, despite the fact that she is the second longest sovereign the UK has seen (right after Queen Elizabeth II). I also hope that we’ll see more of hers and Albert’s relationship and the way he co-reigned the country with her.



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This Is Us (September 20, NBC)

The Story: The series tells the story of four individuals, all born on the same day, as they navigate their lives. Rebecca and Jack are facing a complicated pregnancy with triplets, while Kevin is a lost actor in LA, Randall the head of a successful company, who is looking for his biological father, and Kate is trying to rebuild her life while she struggles with weight loss and self-esteem.

Why we love it:  Without taking too much away from the surprising twists, we love how the show is structured and the story is told through different time periods. This is Us is about real stories of multi-dimensional and unique characters that we can’t help but feel for. It is not a feel-good show, but it is a show about a family and their own dysfunctions, which we can all relate to.

What we hope for the future: For Milo Ventimiglia to shave off that mustache. Otherwise, This is Us is on the right track.


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Westworld (October 2, HBO)

The Story: The themed adventure park takes you back into the Wild West – if you can afford it. In order to entertain the idle and rich the creators built so-called “hosts”, life-like robots designed to run specific storylines, but also to fulfill every possible human desire.

Why we love it: To be fair, the first episode left us with many questions: What is happening? And why? But the rest of the season has made things clearer, especially the plot twists towards the final episode left us thrilled. It’s an interesting and sophisticated show that invites you to think, and a brilliant cast.  However, if you’re not into the Western theme, Westworld might not be the AI show for you.

What we hope for the future: We would be okay with Westworld being less complex and complicated at times …



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The Crown (November 4th, Netflix) 

The Story:  
The story is similar to the one of Victoria, though this time we’re taken back to the early 50s when Elizabeth II takes the throne after the death of her father King George VI. The first season depicts the first decade of her reign and shows the way everyone adjusts to the new sovereign. 

Why we love it: The British royal family is one of the most popular of the world and getting an insight look into the first years of Elizabeth II’s reign and, thus, also her marriage is fascinating to watch. Especially, when you learn new things about the monarch and everyone around her. 

What we hope for the future:  Season two will probably cover the second decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and I hope we get to see more of how Philip’s and her marriage will adopt to it. After all, Philip did not seem to be happy with his role at all and it looked like he just wanted to escape from it. I hope we’ll also get to see her deal with more Prime Ministers. I actually really hope that we’ll see her pregnant and not just skip those two as well. And hopefully, Elizabeth will get more confident and won’t just do what people tell her to do and get influenced by other people’s opinions, as it was the case in the beginning of the season more so than in the end.


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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (November 25, Netflix)

The Story:  We’re back in Stars Hollow nine years after the end of season seven and nothing much has changed in the small town in Connecticut. Lorelai is still running the Dragonfly and is dating Luke and Rory is off writing. However, Richard’s death forces Lorelai, Emily and Rory to think more about their life and what they want from it.

Why we love it: Gilmore Girls is just like we remembered it, which makes returning to Stars Hollow very easy. Of course, they’ve also changed in a way but nothing too major. The storylines of each character is also fitting, given the huge change in their lives and nothing really seems forced.

What we hope for the future: More Episodes!

Do you agree with our picks or is there any other TV show you would add to our can’t miss list? May 2017 grace us with just as many new brilliant formats!

Anna Hattingen