4YE-Mas: 5 Christmas-y TV Episodes To Get You In The Spirit

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The year is almost over and Christmas is all around us. To get you/me even more in the Christmas mood, I have looked back at my favorite Christmas episodes of the TV world in the recent years (or basically ever), which wasn’t as easy as it may sound. Though, my choices are probably not everyone’s first pick.

But here it is, my top five Christmas episodes that might be very unconventional. But who says you can’t like Christmas episodes who are not full of the christmassy cheer we’re all surrounded by? Though, we can also call them winter-y episodes to make it more fitting.

“The Abominable Bride” (Sherlock)

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It may not be one of those classic Christmas episodes with at least one Christmas tree that gets us in the mood for Christmas. No, the creators of Sherlock  successfully managed to distract us from the after Christmas and New Year’s buzz and gave us a special episode we won’t forget for a while.

Set in Victorian London, our favorite sleuth duo tries solve the mysterious death of Emilia Ricoletti, who shot herself in the head in front of witnesses, very similar to the way Moriarty killed himself. Various murders follow that Emilia had supposed to have done. But how could a ghost kill someone?

In the end of course, they’re solving the case, though they got beaten to it by Mary (and in some regards Mycroft). They discover that the group who killed the men is one that cannot be beaten, as Mycroft Holmes pointed out earlier in the episode.

We also find out how Moriarty supposedly came back from the dead, which connects the special to the previous nine episodes.

It’s a very exciting special episode which had us glued to our screens and made us forget the stress we all fall victim to during the holiday season.

“The Husbands of River Song” (Doctor Who)

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We couldn’t have celebrated Christmas better last year with the return of Professor Doctor River Song.

Twelve meets her again in rather unexpected circumstances and it takes River a bit to recognize her husband. After all, she hasn’t met him yet in his current form. It’s snowy and River’s other husband needs medical attention. And because he is called “The Doctor” he gets taken to the spaceship River is on and is supposed to help her husband, who is also an alien king.

The two go on an adventure and try to outsmart River’s other husband, because he has an expensive diamond in his head, while also getting closer again as well.

But of course, they are leaving us with major feels again, as we learn that this apparently was the last adventure of River and the Doctor. But the final goodbye will last several years as they both meet up to celebrate Christmas and the new year together and in peace.

“The Finale“ – Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2015

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In this final episode of Downton Abbey, a lot of things happened. We celebrated Christmas with the Crawleys, as well as, a wedding and a new beginning with all of our beloved characters.

Mary and Edith finally make up and actually start to get along at the end, which was really surprising, giving their history in the past episodes. But now that both got their happy ends, Edith finally getting married and Mary already married and pregnant again, probably called for a truce between the sisters.

But there’s also change in the downstair’s staff and while Carson has to accept that he isn’t getting younger and finally retires, Thomas leaves Downton for good. But there are also happy news as Anna and Mr. Bates welcome their baby boy.

The episode starts with the family decorating a Christmas tree and ends with a happy end for everyone as Edith celebrates her snowy wedding.

As the show comes to an end, it reminds us again why we loved it so much and why this really is the season of love.

“The Best Chrismukkah Ever“ – The OC 1×13

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What do you do when you have to choose between Christmas and Hanukkah? Exactly, you just combine them and make a new holiday out of it. Especially, when your name is Seth Cohen. But it’s not only just about combining the two religious holidays but also about bringing people together.

It’s Ryan’s first Chrismukkah and, thus, it is a special one for the Cohen family. But we’re still in Orange County and there needs to be a little bit of drama. Whether it be Marissa getting drunk again, the feud between Caleb and Sandy over the wetlands and Kirsten being mad about it, or it being Seth who cannot decide who he rather wants to date: Summer or Anna.

Nevertheless, the Cohen clan was able to celebrate Chrismukkah they won’t forget and also started a new tradition with a new family member (takeout and a movie), as Ryan finally accepted his place in the family.

“The Bracebridge Dinner” – Gilmore Girls 2×10

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Not a typical Christmas episode as well, but it still got us in the spirit to spend the most wonderful time of the year with everyone you love.

The Dragonfly hosts a Bracebridge Dinner, but because of the snow the Bracebridge group cannot make it. But we wouldn’t be in Stars Hollow if this was going to stop them from hosting the dinner.

Everyone our Gilmore Girls love got invited and even Emily and Richard made their way to Stars Hollow, despite fighting for days.

The guests go on a sleigh ride and while Luke and Lorelai share on, Rory and Jess do as well and start to get closer, which Dean dislikes.

But despite the small drama surrounding the dinner, it ends well. Emily and Richard make up again and Rory and Lorelai and the rest of Stars Hollow had a great time, which they all assure Lorelai as they leave the Dragonfly Inn.

Anna Hattingen