We Learn What “Medusa” Is On This Week’s Episode Of Supergirl

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Welcome to the mid-season finale of Supergirl!

Time has certainly flown for us fans because a lot has happened. Last week, we learned that Jeremiah is alive. Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman. J’onn is turning into a White Martian. CADMUS wanted Kara’s blood for something called Medusa from the Fortress as Solitude. Alex and Maggie continue to be super adorable.

Let’s see how we kick off the Invasion! crossover.

Thanksgiving: Eliza Danvers is in town and Kara is cooking the turkey with her heat vision. James and Winn want to tell Kara the truth. Alex, however, will not have their man-pain supersede her coming out to her mother. Mon comes totally ready to charm Eliza in order to get into Kara’s good graces. As they go around for what they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving, a portal opens. Hi Barry! So with the moment destroyed, they go to the DEO. Winn and Alex want to hack Lena to see if she knows something about her mother. Kara wants to use her super-secret reporting skills that do not work. It only serves to tip Lena off about Kara knowing something about her mother. Meanwhile, at the alien bar, Hank Henshaw puts something under the bar that releases a gas that seems to kill all the aliens inside. Mon tries to stop Hank, but gets his ass kicked.

Quarantine: Mon-El is in quarantine at the DEO. Alex wants to bring in Eliza because she specializes in “astro-biology”. Kara and J’onn are in quarantine at the DEO because they want more information at what is targeting the aliens. At L Corp, Lena and Lillian have a very frigid mother-daughter talk. Which shows how a family could create Lex Luthor. At the DEO, Kara and Mon play Monopoly together. Point blank, Kara asks Mon if he has a crush on her. After that awkward moment, Mon starts to cough and falls over. Eliza figures out that Mon has been infected by an aerosol form of a Kryptonian virus. Kara figures out why they needed her blood and goes into the Fortress of Solitude. Once there, the robot declares her an intruder and attacks. She vaporizes the robot.

Medusa: Kara accesses the files that Henshaw accessed. Kara’s surprised to see her father. It turns out he made Medusa which targets non-Kryptonian life and kills them. CADMUS has altered it to focus on humans as well. Luckily Daxamites and Kryptonians share similar DNA so Mon-El has a fighting chance. Eliza tries to find out what Alex wants to tell her. Eliza figures out what Alex wants to tell her and tells her that she loves her. It’s a very sweet moment. J’onn and Kara have a moment looking out on the city together. Kara shares her disillusionment over her parents and her planet. The more she learns and the more she is ashamed to be their daughter, comparing her parents to the Luthors. J’onn says that Kara is the legacy of her parents. J’onn has an attack of the White Martian variety in front of Kara, telling her the truth. Kara wants to bring in Alex and Eliza to help J’onn. J’onn wants to wait because well this is more pressing. Eliza figures out how CADMUS will disperse it by using something on produced at L Corp. At L Corp, Hank goes through security and almost kills a guard. Kara arrives to stop him.

Brawl: Lena watches as Hank and Kara brawl. Kara protects her from a flying L. Before Hank can kill her, another portal opens distracting them. Thanks Barry! In the process, Maggie gets shot. At the DEO, Eliza says that they need to find the virus to figure out the cure. They (Winn, Eliza and J’onn) think Lena is somehow involved. Kara says otherwise. She goes to Lena for her help. Even though she and Lillian have a cold relationship, Lena denies her mother being involved in CADMUS. Kara tells Lena that she can be her own hero, but Lena asks her to leave. Maggie and Alex talk as Alex stitches her up. Alex admits to Maggie how deep her feelings go. Kara tries to reassure the dying Mon-El. Kara tells Mon about her father’s part in creating Medusa. Mon and Kara share a kiss. Lena calls her mother into her office. Lena tells her mother what she knows and wants her mother to ask her for her help. Lillian is surprised that Lena believes in the cause, but Lena says that she needs to know her a little better.

Isotope: CADMUS plans to release the virus at the port because of the dispersal pattern. J’onn wants to join Kara. If he dies, then he wants to die as himself. More importantly, he wants to share the fate of those other aliens in National City. At the port, Lillian wants Lena to release the virus to prove herself. Kara tries to convince Lena, but she turns the key. J’onn tries to stop them, but Hank wants to fight. J’onn declares himself a monster and takes on a White Martian form. Just as Kara catches up, Lillian explodes the rocket. Kara saves J’onn from Cyborg Superman. The strange red particles start to fall and hit the aliens. But…nothing seems to happen. Turns out Lena pulled the double-crossed and made the virus inert. She also called the police on her mother. The police arrive, but Henshaw is gone.

The Well: A spaceship is looking for Mon-El of Daxam. On Earth, they were able to reverse engineer a cure for the Medusa and J’onn’s White Martian-ness. Kara tries to talk with Mon-El about the kiss, but Mon-El does not remember at all. Maggie comes to visit Alex at her apartment with a pizza. Maggie needed to see and talk with Alex. Apparently getting shot made her think. Maggie tells Alex that she wants to kiss her. They kiss again.

Portal: Cisco and Barry arrive in Kara’s apartment just as she comes home. Kara is delighted to see him. Barry starts to ask her if she’s willing to treutnr a favor for the help he gave last year.

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