We Celebrate the 100th Episode of The Mindy Project!


This week we celebrate the 100th episode of The Mindy Project! This week also marks the 500th time we have rolled our eyes at the goofiness of the characters on the show, and the 800th time we have internally screamed at something Mindy has said or done – in the most loving way, of course! So, without further ado…

Old (And New) Faces

Mindy Kaling and company have promised some big stuff for the 100th episode, and it didn’t disappoint. A mere 30 seconds in, Jamie (Mindy’s ex, played by real-life-BFF B.J. Novak) appears on the subway as Mindy and Morgan discuss “those weirdos and losers,” AKA all of Mindy’s former flames. Jamie is a published author now and is as douche-y as ever. He invites Mindy “and everyone” (even Morgan) to a book party that evening, so Mindy, Ben, Morgan, and the rest of the office gang attend. Oh yeah – and Gone Girl author GILLIAN FLYNN is there!

Mean girl new doctor tries to wiggle her way into Mindy’s head by making comment after comment about Ben’s ‘lowly’ profession as a nurse. Let’s just hope she is not successful in planting that seed of doubt. Also attending the party is the Today Show in search of a nurse to do an on-air segment. Colette gladly volunteers, but he tries angling to Tamra, who is not having it. When the gals tell Mindy the next day at work she has the brilliant idea to volunteer Ben.

Ben isn’t too happy about being volun-told to be on television, but after Mindy bribes him, he agrees. Nurse Ben does a great job on TV, and even becomes a meme when he reminds kids, “Don’t cough on people, dumb dumbs.” Mindy and the crew at the office are thrilled for Ben’s starring role in a viral meme.

Over It

Later that night, Mindy and Ben are discussing how well his segment on the Today Show went, and he * gasp * voices an unpopular opinion. He doesn’t want to do another segment, and he really doesn’t want to be on TV. “Part of me thinks that if you’re getting your medical information from a television show, you deserve to die,” he says.

Yet again, at Mindy’s urging, he agrees to do one more segment. After all, his daughter and her friends thought it was pretty cool that he was on TV.

Then Casey appears. Yep, her ex-fiancée Casey, played by the adorable Anders Holm. When Mindy slights Ben’s career for the second time this episode – once when she told Jamie she “worked with him at the hospital” – and now when she calls him a television personality, Ben starts to get irritated. And who can blame him?

The next morning, Cameron is in a panic when Ben doesn’t show up for his moisturizing segment. Mindy, who is a total stage mom, calls him incessantly, and must use Morgan as a stand in. Morgan totally freezes, and it’s actually pretty comical.


Celebrating Nurse Moron

Morgan’s physical comedy on the Today Show makes him and internet sensation, and he and Colette host a party at their apartment and invite all their friends. Mindy still can’t get ahold of Ben, but Morgan invites Ben. I think we all know this is a recipe for disaster…

Morgan, AKA “Nurse Moron,” is under a lot of pressure to reenact his hilarious mishap from TV, but can’t quite perform. Luckily, his friends still like him and give him a hard time over it. Ben shows up with napkins, as promised, but Mindy is already in the kitchen with Jamie. COME ON, MINDY! You’re killing us!

Ben spies Jamie and Mindy kissing (UGH) and walks out. Mindy chases after him, insisting that she hasn’t heard from him in two days and she was really drunk. Ben’s pissed though, and doesn’t hold back. He offers to go “bang some random chick in a bathroom stall,” and tells her Jamie and his books suck. Finally, he tells her that he is bothered by the fact that she never tells people his real profession. And then Josh stops them on the street. Nooooo!

Josh, Mindy’s coke-obsessed ex, interrupts Ben and Mindy’s fight to say hello. He and his girlfriend are fans of Nurse Ben from the Today Show, but Ben doesn’t care. They depart a minute later after Josh says, “Mindy, as always, it was awkward and confusing to see you.”

After their third run-in with an ex, Ben asks Mindy how many men she’s dated in this town. Kind of a lot…depending on your definition of dating. And men. Mindy’s words, not mine. For the life of him, Ben cannot understand why Mindy won’t just accept him as is. He doesn’t need help, and he is fine with who he is. Why isn’t he enough for Mindy? “All this time you’ve been wondering if I’m good enough for you, huh?” he asks. “But you know what, Mindy? I don’t think you’re good enough for me.”

And finally someone says it! Finally, a guy calls out Mindy for being pretty awful. She definitely has her moments, and she has made some progress, but this week’s episode was the same old Mindy: shallow, judgmental, and too superficial for her own good. Let’s say this: last week, after she didn’t go to Danny’s wedding, I had high hopes that were dashed within five minutes of this week’s episode. I guess we take what we can get, right?

One more note: As easy as it is to complain sometimes about this show, I do really enjoy it. Thank you to Mindy Kaling, and the rest of the cast and crew for 100 hilarious, infuriating, and entertaining episodes. Thank you!!!

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