Wally West Hits Flashpoint Head On In “Shade” On This Week’s Flash

Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW
Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

Hey Flash fans!

Tonight certainly seems like a doozy and a half for our beloved show. Before we get started on the recap, let’s refresh your memories.

Caitlin’s ice powers are getting stronger as well as her Killer Frost persona. HR Wells is not a scientist, but a creative type. Barry and Julian have worked through their differences enough to be on better terms. Wally wants to be a superhero. Joe has this weird flirtation thing going on with Cecil in the DA’s office. Cisco remains adorable and Iris West is probably the most stable person in this show.

Let’s see how things go this week, shall we?

Run: Wally has his own monologue about a dream he’s been having. In them, he has speed and is a hero. Turns out? He’s sharing them with Joe. Joe, remembering Frankie, is a little suspicious of what’s going on with Wally. At CCPD, Julian is still a bit icy toward Barry. Cecil arrives, however, with news that Barry is going to be investigating metahuman crime scenes full time. Joe arrives. He and Cecil get a little flirty, which is adorable. After she leaves, Joe tells Barry about Wally’s dreams. Barry is definitely freaked out. At STAR Labs, HR thinks that sooner or later outsiders are going to realize the truth. So they set up a museum with him as the public face. Cisco and Caitlin tell HR about the first Wells. Although, Caitlin isn’t as into it because she is eyeing up some power dampening cuffs that Cisco made. At the West house, Barry tells Wally and Iris about what happened to them in Flashpoint. They ask him why he didn’t tell them. Barry said they told him that they didn’t want to know what happened in Flashpoint. When Barry and Joe try to warn Wally of the dangers, he gets angry at Joe in particular. He thinks that these warnings are Joe’s way of saying that he doesn’t trust Wally.

Shade: A business man talking on his cell phone gets his neck broken by his own shadow. Julian and Barry examine the crime scene where there’s no evidence. Barry tries to reach out to Julian by inviting him out to a movie. Julian says he’s going out with his girlfriend. Joe arrives at the scene and tells Barry that Wally hasn’t been home. Barry is worried about Joe’s date with Cecil. At STAR Labs, Cisco thinks HR has stolen his power dampening cuffs. Apparently on HR’s Earth, facial transmogrification exists and HR can wear his partner’s (Randolph Morgan) face. Barry arrives to tell them about Shade, who existed on HR’s earth and could vibrate his molecules similarly to Barry. Barry also tells them about Wally in Flashpoint. At CCPD, Wally lets Joe know he’s okay. Joe explains his position to Wally, telling him he’s more scared of Alchemy than the powers. Wally is hit with a vision and Alchemy calling to him. At STAR, Caitlin confesses to Cisco about her powers. She wants Cisco to vibe her because she’s scared about becoming Killer Frost. If she does, then she needs to leave and never come back. In his vibe, he sees Vibe and Killer Frost fighting. He lies to her about not seeing anything and promises not to tell anyone about her powers.

Kid Flash: Caitlin says that Wally is looking good. Mostly, everyone is worried about how Alchemy can reach Wally. HR suggests putting him in the pipeline for safe keeping. Wally agrees. Joe starts to cancel his date, but everyone stops him. It’s a great chance for HR to show off his facial tech. At the movie in the park, Caitlin confronts Cisco about lying to her. Cisco tells her about the vibe he had. Cisco begs Caitlin to tell the team what’s going on. Cecil and Joe are adorably flirting in line where she reveals she has a daughter. At STAR Labs, Iris and Barry watch over Wally. Iris tells Barry that sometimes it’s hard being a bystander sometimes. Barry tells Iris that he couldn’t be the Flash without her. At the movies, HR is definitely interested in Cecil and gets his flirt on with her. Poor Joe! As the movie starts that’s when Shade attacks. Barry runs off to deal with it while Alchemy calls to Wally. It’s time to set him free.

Restore: As Wally seems to have a sort of memory fit, Iris talks him through it. Wally starts demanding that Iris free him, pounding against the door. Meanwhile, Shade continues to attack him. Barry and Shade engage in a fight. Cisco plans to light everything up with the car lights to slow Shade down. Caitlin takes off cuffs to give to Barry, who cuffs Shade. In the pipeline, Wally tries to escape. Iris knocks Wally out. HR points out that Shade and other metas may have been a distraction. Cisco uses the opportunity to push Caitlin to reveal her powers. Caitlin reveals to them that she may become Killer Frost soon. Barry goes to talk with Caitlin. Caitlin gets very vulnerable about her fear. Barry apologizes to Caitlin for creating Flashpoint and causing her powers to activate here. Wally, now awake, wants to use himself as bait for Barry them to trap Alchemy. Everyone is reluctant to let it happen, but Wally is insistent.

Bait: After Wally’s latest vision passes, Joe agrees with Wally’s plan. Joe, however, is going to send Wally in under supervision. He has assembled the SWAT team in addition to support from Team Flash. Although, Julian’s not there. Joe tells Wally how brave he is. At STAR, Caitlin apologizes for Cisco for getting angry with him. She’s glad that he told everyone. She also tells Cisco what her mother told her about her powers. (I still don’t think Cisco should have said a damn word.) Cisco promises that they will help her after the finish helping Wally. With Barry and the SWAT team, Wally heads inside to meet Alchemy.

Alchemy: Wally comes to Alchemy and his followers. Alchemy asks if Wally wants for the life that was taken from him. Wally just wants them gone. Alchemy proceeds to kick Barry’s ass. Wally beats up the gone while the SWAT team moves in. Barry tells Alchemy that it’s over, but Barry really has no idea what’s about to begin. The room starts to shake and Barry sees a flash of light: a speedster. Barry tells them all to leave as he fights the light. Wally notices a pulsing stone calling to him and picks it up. When he touches it, he’s enveloped in a cocoon. Meanwhile, the being of light pins Barry done introducing himself as Savitar: God of Speed.

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