Supergirl Is In “The Darkest Place” This Week

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

I’m filling in for Bec this week, but don’t worry, she’ll be back to recapping Supergirl next week!

Last week, James became a vigilante named “Guardian,” Mon-El was kidnapped, and Alex had an emotional coming out to Kara before getting her heartbroken by Maggie.

This week had a lot going on, so let’s get into it.

The episode opens with Supergirl getting thrown around by J’onn, he tells her “It’s time for you to die” before we flashback 24 hours earlier to the gang (Kara, Alex, Winn, and James) at the alien bar.

A news report about Guardian comes on, which sparks a conversation among the group about whether or not Guardian can be trusted. James and Winn rush to Guardian’s defense and Alex suggests he’s working to a partner, freaking Winn out. The group’s discussion is cut short by Maggie entering the bar and pulling Alex away to find out why she’s been dodging her calls. Alex tells Maggie everything is fine and they’re still friends (everything is not fine). A caged Mon-El at Cadmus labs manages to trick a guard into getting close enough to the cage so Mon-El can steal his key and get out. He doesn’t make it too far before Lillian Luthor and some guards stop him, they have J’onn and if Mon-El doesn’t go back to his cage, they’ll kill him.

At the DEO, M’gann visits J’onn to bring him an old Martian remedy and to check up on him. While she’s there, J’onn starts hallucinating his wife and daughters. Guardian goes after a thief and pulls a Spider-Man, stringing him upside on a lamp post and leaving the criminal for the cops. Unfortunately, someone comes up and kills the criminal after Guardian leaves.

When James gets to work, he finds out that National City believes Guardian is going around killing people. Winn wants to shut their whole thing down but James tells him no and tells him he has a lead that could catch a criminal and the Guardian-like vigilante. Kara walks in on J’onn doing Tai Chi and he tells her that he’s been hallucinating his wife and daughters. Kara suggests it has something to do with him getting closer to M’gann and offers up some advice. Guardian goes to confront Not-Guardian and they fight after Guardian tells him that he’s not going to start killing people. Not-Guardian gets away and Maggie shows up to arrest Guardian, who throws a smoke bomb and runs. Maggie requests back up and Supergirl is on her way when Lillian Luthor uses some tech to call her. She tells Supergirl that they have Mon-El and to come to their location alone and without telling anyone. Kara goes, because she’s Kara, and we pick up from where the episode started. Except the person she’s fighting is not J’onn impersonating Hank, but the real Hank Henshaw. Henshaw actually survived the trip to capture J’onn and was taken by Cadmus, who turned him into Cyborg Superman. The reveal came as no surprise to comic book fans, Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman up until the New 52 reboot.

At the DEO, Winn watches a news report announcing that the NCPD has issued an arrest warrant for Guardian. He goes to Alex to ask her to tell Maggie to back off Guardian and Alex refuses. Winn keeps pushing and makes it clear he knows something, so Alex threatens him and he tells her that James is Guardian. Kara wakes up in the cell next to Mon-El at Cadmus and she explains the whole Hank/J’onn thing. Alex finds Maggie at the NCPD garage and asks her to back off Guardian, but won’t explain why. When Maggie pulls out the “I thought we were friends,” Alex kind of goes off about how Maggie hurt her, but doesn’t listen to Maggie when she tries to explain herself and walks away. Back at the DEO, J’onn hallucinates a White Martian and almost shoots an agent. He asks Alex to run some tests on him. At Cadmus, Lillian reveals herself to Supergirl and has a nice little villain monologue about how evil aliens are because of what Superman did to Lex. Lillian threatens Mon-El’s life if Supergirl doesn’t “Solar flare” and lose her powers, Lillian even has a nifty helmet to help her do it. After Supergirl “Solar flares,” Lillian makes sure she’s human before having her taken away. They take Supergirl to a rather unhygienic looking room with a gurney and take some of her blood. Alex tests J’onn’s blood and sees something weird with his cells that she’s never seen before, but J’onn recognizes it. He realizes that M’gann is a White Martian and goes to confront and kill her. They fight and J’onn has an opportunity to kill M’gann, but doesn’t.

At Cadmus, Kara is thrown back into her cell and admits to Mon-El that she’s scared. They have a nice little “If I die…” chat but are rescued by none other than Jeremiah Danvers! Jeremiah takes them to the gurney and medical supplies so that he can take the bullet out of Mon-El’s leg. After he removes the bullet, Jeremiah gets them to the exit but stays behind to give them more time to escape. Guardian goes to save Not-Guardian’s most recent target and he and Not-Guardian fight. Guardian bests him right as Maggie and Alex arrive and let Guardian go. When Alex gets back to the DEO, she rushes to Kara and is extremely apologetic about not rescuing her. Kara tells her that Jeremiah is alive and that he rescued them. Alex takes a tactical team to the Project Cadmus location, but it’s cleared out. J’onn goes to talk to M’gann, who’s locked up in a DEO cell and she tells him that he’s turning into a White Martian. When J’onn is walking away, his hand changes into a White Martian’s hand.

Alex, Kara, James, Winn, and Mon-El have a pizza and pot stickers night at Kara’s to celebrate their rescue from Cadmus. Maggie comes to Kara’s to talk to Alex and explain herself. She explains that Alex is really important to her and that she wants to be “Friends” because she doesn’t want to think of Alex not being in her life. Alex listens to what she has to say and then invites her to play pool tomorrow night.

The episode ends with Cyborg Superman at the Fortress of Solitude. He uses Kara’s blood to access information about a project called “Medusa.”