Scarlett Johansson Talks Ghost In The Shell Casting Controversy

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

The beloved manga and anime franchise Ghost in the Shell is getting the live action treatment, with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders at the helm.

The casting of Scarlett Johansson has proved controversial. Some fans are disappointed that a Japanese actress won’t be playing Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg leader of the elite task force Section 9.

Collider visited the New Zealand set earlier this year. They chatted to Johansson and asked her why she was the right person to bring the character of Motoko – known in the film only as “The Major” – to the screen.

“You know, I think… I don’t know if I was the right person, but I think Rupert [Sanders, director] and I shared the same vision for the character, ” she said. “So I think early on, having the same conversation, it’ll be up to the audience to judge if I’m the right person to play this part, but you know, I do work that I think I can do, and be challenged by, and have a take on. I do work that I feel I have something to contribute to. And I think in this case it was my sympathy for this character’s experience that made me feel I was capable to play this role.”

The Major’s cybernetic body means she has enhanced abilities. Johansson also talked about the physical challenges of the role.

“You can go deep in one direction and play a very sort of unfeeling kind of mechanical sort of gait and her stride, her mannerisms are cold. But you don’t want to be, of course, shut off from the feeling audience. And also from this character’s like inner experience,” she said.

You can read the full interview over at Collider.

The movie will hit US screens March 2017.