Party with Celebrities in This Week’s The Mindy Project


Things were going great in Mindy-land as of last week, so things can only go up…Right? Maybe.

Theatre-Goer from Hell

The week/episode starts off right when Mindy and Jeremy take in a play starring the incomparable Leland Breakfast (yes, that is the character’s name, and he is played by Jack Davenport). Leland is starring in The Miracle Worker (not as Annie Sullivan) and is sn old mate of Jeremy’s from university. Being the lovable weirdo he is, Jeremy makes it a point to get front row seats to support Leland – who barely remembers him.

Mindy gets pretty bored during the show and gets her phone out, generally being rude and disrespectful. Leland has enough of it and stops the show to call out Mindy on her poor behavior. Things get quite funny when she claims she was dealing with a medical emergency but Leland proves that she was actually just on Amanda Seyfried’s dog’s Instagram. Then Leland keeps the phone for the duration of the show.

Backstage, it turns out Leland likes Mindy’s sassiness and moxie, and invites her for…dessert. She declines but Jeremy encourages her; Leland leaves his number with Mindy. “It’s a British number so it will cost $15 per text,” he says. “But, trust me, it’s worth it.”

Party Time

The next morning Jeremy announces that he will be throwing a party for his “close, personal friend,” Leland Breakfast. Mindy scoffs, until Tamra informs her that Leland is more than just a Broadway actor – he plays Dr. Universe in all the Marvel movies! And now that Mindy knows he knows Cobie Smulders, he’s cool. Mindy will now attend the party, but she will be bringing her super cool, cute, kind boyfriend, Ben.

Dr. Jody still has yet to get his mojo back, but Tamra gets excited when she sees him depart for a date. When she reports to Morgan and Colette, Colette is upset to here her brother is dating a very married Dr. Trang. How many times must he get burnt before he learns his lesson?!

While Jeremy and Mindy are party planning, they are interrupted by a sweet woman who has herd wonderful things about Mindy. This gal’s boyfriend can’t speak highly enough of Mindy. His name is Ben. Oh, shit. Tamra and Jeremy kindly tell her to get the hell out of their office.

Screw the Party

Everything comes tumbling down once that bomb drops. Colette tracks down Dr. Trang and finds out that Jody’s dinner was actually an interview with another practice. He has been seeking employment elsewhere but failed to tell his baby sister. Later, she confronts her brother but he insists that it’s too hard to watch Mindy every single day, knowing he’s been rejected.

Meanwhile, Ben tracks down Mindy at the hospital, and is met with more than one “how dare you!” It turns out the lab tech is not Ben’s girlfriend; they’re just “hanging out.” Which means… The realization hits Mindy that maybe they are just “hanging out” as well, and she leaves after un-inviting him to the Dr. Universe party.

When Jeremy and Tamra hear about Mindy’s run in with Ben, Jeremy eagerly suggests that she should accompany Leland to his party. Tamra gets on board real quick, and, after some convincing, Mindy goes for it. “Alright,” she concedes, “I’ll sleep with a celebrity.” As if it will be such a chore… She texts him, thinking he won’t respond, but he does! And he says some very sexy, very British things.

It’s On!

Jeremy’s party is in full swing, and Leland is regaling Mindy with stories that are supposed to be impressive, but actually just paint him as a pig. Every time something happens, Morgan pops in for clarification, but Mindy shoos him away. Poor Morgan. It doesn’t take long for Leland to notice there are two people in the room not paying him any attention.

Jody scolds Colette for her outburst with Dr. Trang. Because of the drama she caused, the office won’t hire Jody, so it looks like he’s staying at Shulman and Associates for now. Colette is glad to hear it, because she misses her brother and only sees him at work.

While Leland is serenading the party, Ben shows up and convinces Mindy to hear him out. Ben wasn’t sure if Mindy was interested in him seriously, but now that he knows, the should make things official. Leland interrupts the moment and an argument with Ben ensues, ending with Ben getting punched in the face.

Before leaving and taking most of the partygoers with him, Leland insults Jeremy and his party, and offers Mindy one last chance. Mindy and the rest of the gang stay behind and enjoy their own little office party.

This episode was actually my favorite of the season so far for a couple of reasons. Number one: the comradery between the office staff is the best ever. This week was so refreshing to see so many great moments between this merry band of misfits. Sometimes it is easy to forget that they all actually love each other! This served as a great reminder that your friends will always have your back – even when you’re kind of a weirdo. Note: This sentiment applies to everyone at the Shulman and Associates.

Abby Bertrand