Never Say Die? Martha Plimpton Talks About The Goonies Sequel

Credit: Amblin Entertainment
Credit: Amblin Entertainment

The Goonies has a become a cult classic since its release 31 years ago this December. Now I feel old!

There has been several discussions about revisiting the film in a sequel for some time. Earlier this week, one of the stars of the movie, Martha Plimpton (Stef) has said it’s not looking like it will ever happen.

Plimpton was on a Reddit AMA  (AskMeAnything) on Tuesday to discuss her latest show, The Real O’Neals.

One of the questions asked was about the notion of a sequel to the 1985 hit.

Plimpton said: “I wish I had an answer for you, but I can tell you that I really wouldn’t expect it. It’s been teased for decades and I don’t think it’s going to happen. At least, as far as I know. I think (director])Dick Donner, who is a brilliantly funny man, likes to torture us all with the prospect. I believe it’s his revenge for having been tortured by all of us for six months in 1984.”

The idea of a Goonies sequel has been discussed previously by both Donner and star Sean Astin.

In September 2015, EW reported that Astin, best known now for his role in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, said: “I have said and will always say, that it’s not a question of if, but rather when the sequel gets made.”

Astin has also said: “I have always believed that there will be a Goonies Sequel, because Steven Spielberg told me in 1988 that he wanted to make one. Richard Donner has said that it is in the works. Warner Brothers is enjoying a very successful merchandising experience with the “title.” If it gets made in my lifetime, I will root for it, whether I’m in it or not. If it gets made after I’m no longer here to be in it or to watch it, I still know in my heart, guts, wherever, the it will get made.”

As for what the story could be about, possibly the now middle-aged gang reuniting with their kids for another epic adventure.

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