MCM London Comic Con: Violett Beane And Michael Rowe Chat About Arrow, The Flash, And The Future

Credit: Anna Hattingen, 4YE
Credit: Anna Hattingen, 4YE

As part of MCM’s London Comic Con actors Michael Rowe and Violett Beane took the stage in the Gold Theatre to talk all things DCTV. Rowe was previously seen on Arrow (and one episode of The Flash) as iconic DC sniper “Deadshot” Floyd Lawton while Beane plays the female speedster Jesse Quick on The Flash.

The panelists jumped right into answering everyone’s questions and the evening began with the actor’s roles respectively. Playing a female superhero on TV is a big deal, and everyone seems to love it, especially Beane herself! “So far I’ve gotten to run, which I’ve been waiting to do a whole season”, she shared excitedly.

She also stated that “working with people as a superhero is a lot different than just playing a normal character” and that Jesse’s transition from a regular girl to a speedster has been exciting to see.

Rowe said that he really enjoys playing more of a villainous hero. “I get to do and say things that people only think, but don’t do and say,” he claimed. “It’s not too far from me in real life, actually.”

Rowe then took over asking questions and demanded an answer to the probably most difficult question of the night: Who would win in a fight? Barry or Jesse? Beanne suggested that at this point it would be Barry, since Jesse had just started training. But she also pointed out that Jesse is almost as fast as Barry already, so she definitely has a shot at being faster in the future.

Rowe also wanted to know whether Beane’s suit squeaks when she runs, and yes, apparently it does. It’s also very sweaty.

Speaking of Jesse’s future, one fan asked whether we will actually see more of Beane on The Flash, and how her departure to Earth 2 will affect Jesse and Wally’s budding relationship. “Jesse will be back, yes. She’s going off to do some stuff on Earth 2, but she will be back”, she promises. “Keiynan [Lonsdale] is an awesome dude and I love working with him, and I hope there is a lot more #QuickWest in the future.”

While Jesse is morphing into her role as a speedster, she is also preparing to fight a little more. So far, Violett has only thrown one on-screen punch, a very good one, she claims, but would be interested in doing more stunt work. She praised Caity Lotz, who is doing most of her own fighting sequences on Legends of Tomorrow. “I love watching her do it because she is actually doing it”, she said.

Unfortunately Jesse will not be back in time for the big 4-way crossover happening in December. But there are plenty opportunities for crossovers to come.


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