Matt Smith Talks About A Possible Return To The TARDIS

Credit: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait

Every actor who has played the Doctor before, no matter if in “Old Who” or “New Who”, they will always have a special place in our fangirl hearts.

We also wouldn’t have a problem if one of them should ever return, after all a few made an appearance in the 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, when Matt Smith was still the Doctor. So it really isn’t impossible that a former Doctor might return to our screens for an episode or two.

Recently however, there have been rumors that Matt Smith, who was the eleventh Doctor, might return as the thirteenth Doctor. It is believed that Peter Capaldi will leave the show after the tenth season when Steven Moffat will make his exit as showrunner.

While there is no confirmation yet on whether Smith will return or not, EW was able to ask the actor about the rumors when they sat down with him to talk about his current role as Prince Philip in Netflix’s The Crown.

“There are rumors that I’m coming back?” he asked back, laughing. “There’s always rumors. I don’t know…. I haven’t been approached. I would consider any approach and take it very seriously.”

Well that surely does shoot down the rumors, though it also sounds like he is up for returning and he goes on explaining:

“I’m a huge fan. I will always support it as it gave me such a wonderful break.”

We won’t give up hope that someday he might return as the Doctor, even if it might not be as the thirteenth Doctor. Although, production on the eleventh season hasn’t started yet so there’s still a little bit of chance left that the rumors might be true.

While we wait for more news regarding Matt Smith’s possible return to Doctor Who, we can watch him as Prince Philip in The Crown. According to Smith both roles show some similarities.

“Like the Doctor, Philip is an alien in this world. He’s a total outsider.“

Obviously, they are not the same, but similarities can be found and who would say “no” to having Matt Smith on their screen anyway?

Anna Hattingen