Kevin Smith Returns To Direct “Killer Frost” On This Week’s The Flash

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Flash fans!

Last week, Wally was put in a cocoon by Alchemy. Barry told a bunch of people about their Flashpoint, and pre-Flashpoint, selves. Everyone learned about Caitlin’s powers. There’s someone called Savitar who is helping Alchemy out.

So it’s the big one. Caitlin Snow is going to go all Killer Frost on us this week. I’m too excited to see how my heart will get broken. Let’s get this started, shall we?

The Speed God: We pick up with Savitar and Barry. He tells Barry that while he serves the Speed Force, Savitar rules it. The distraction allows Alchemy to grab the rock that Wally touched. Savitar takes Barry to kick his ass. At STAR Labs, everyone monitors what’s going on. HR brings up the horrifying possibility that something must be hurting him. Iris begs Cisco and Caitlin to help Barry. Caitlin is reluctant but agrees. She uses her powers to freeze Savitar for an instant, but it’s enough to get him away. Cisco goes to check on Barry, who is very beaten up. At STAR Labs, Iris and Joe watch over Wally’s cocoon. Barry and Cisco get checked over by Caitlin with Barry thanking her. Her eyes flash to Killer Frost eyes as she leaves to check on Wally. Wally’s alive but in something like a coma. Caitlin doesn’t want to risk breaking out Wally from the cocoon. Joe cannot just stand around and he leaves. Iris tries to reassure Barry that this isn’t his fault, but he believes different.

Cold: Joe starts interrogating one of Alchemy’s lackeys. He says that when his Master rises the human race will be judged. Joe does not take well to that. Caitlin comes to get Joe, telling him that Wally’s fine. He leaves and she enters, freezing the camera. She wants to know where Alchemy is. The only thing the guy fears is the Dark Lord Savitar. Caitlin does something that makes him scream before escaping. Julian catches her about to leave and she kidnaps him. Joe arrives and everyone realizes that she went Killer Frost. At an abandoned warehouse, Caitlin has Julian look for Alchemy for her by finding his followers. At STAR, everyone tries to find Caitlin. Barry heads out to try to talk Caitlin down, knocking Julian out. Caitlin wants to find Alchemy to get rid of her powers. Barry tries to reach out to her. Caitlin tells him out and tells Cisco that Flashpoint is the reason Dante is dead. She freezes Barry in a way that he cannot use his speed to follow her.

Apologies: Everything is in turmoil at STAR Labs. Cisco is in an emotionally vulnerable place. But he pushes on for Caitlin’s sake. Cisco, HR and Joe leave to watch the two followers. HR and Joe have a talk. HR says that Barry has an endless supply of hope, but Joe doesn’t think this has a happy ending. He just wants the kids to trust his instinct, and HR promises to back him up. At the house Cisco is watching, Caitlin appears. She gets some answers from him. Alchemy can take powers away, but the guy says Alchemy won’t do it. He saw a vision of the future and Killer Frost was there. Cisco calls for Caitlin outside. He tries to get her to see reason, but Caitlin calls herself Killer Frost. Barry arrives to try to help. He falls down and Caitlin give him a freezing kiss in order to kill him.

Vibe vs Killer Frost: Cisco blows Caitlin off of Barry. He tells Barry to vibrate because it will warm him up. Caitlin wakes up in the Pipeline. She tells them that she’s broken. Barry has his happy ending, everyone else be damned. Caitlin wants to be let go, promising to leave them alone. But they lock her away in the Pipeline. Cisco says that sometimes when things are broken, they can’t be fixed. Joe wants to get Wally out of the cocoon and asks for HR’s help. In the Speed Lab, Barry is wracked with guilt. Iris comes to visit him, telling him that the desire to fix everything is not his fault. Iris asks Barry how he knows if Caitlin wasn’t affected or Dante would not have died. Iris tells him that they need the Flash right now. She tells Barry to be strong. He has to be the leader, even if he doesn’t want to be. Wally’s cocoon explodes when Joe tries to cut him out. He’s fine except vibrating really, really fast. Wally runs out of the room.

Rapid: With Wally freed and missing, Barry has to go talk to Caitlin. He surprises by saying that he’s letting her go rather than talking sense into her. The catch? She has to kill him. He will not put up a fight. She has to kill him as he is without a fight. Barry goads her because if Caitlin is a villain now and this is what villains do. It breaks Killer Frost’s hold on her. Barry hugs her close and offers comfort. She makes a compound that will help Wally. Joe thinks that Wally went to his childhood home. Barry’s able to inject Wally as Joe distracts him. It snaps Wally out of it. Wally is going faster than beginning. Caitlin comes in to apologize, but Cisco is happy to see her. Wally is so excited by his powers. Julian is awake at the hospital and he knew It was Caitlin. Barry goes to talk with Cisco first. Cisco doesn’t know if they’ll be okay again. Barry begs Julian not to ruin Caitlin’s life. Julian agrees, but he wants Barry to quit his job: effective immediately. He thinks Barry’s moral compass is broken. Barry agrees in order to keep Caitlin safe. Joe and Iris are upset, but Barry will give up everything he has in order to keep them safe.

Magic: Julian is woken up by Savitar’s voice, telling him that only together they can bring about his return. He wants Julian to be his servant once more. Julian is Alchemy. Anyone surprised?

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