Kevin Feige Talks Recasting Captain America And Iron Man But We Have A Better Option

Photo: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

As many Marvelites knows, the ends of many Marvel Studios actors’ contracts are coming to an end which means we probably won’t be seeing much of them on the big screen anymore.

This, of course, includes everyone’s favourites Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man/Tony Stark and Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers – arguably the two people who are pretty hard to not see as their characters.

Well, we might have to at some point.

Kevin Feige talked to the Toronto Sun about the possibility of recasting those roles and, well, here’s what he said:

“I think it could be either one. These characters have been around for 50-plus years, and have been relatively ageless. Sometimes there are alternate stories where the character is younger than they usually are, or older, but they usually maintain a certain age. I think most of these characters that are iconic, like (James) Bond, like Batman, like Spider-Man, like Iron Man, someday will be portrayed by different actors. The good news right now is I don’t have to think about that for a long time. We have storylines for this cast for many years to come.”

While I understand why you would do that could you seriously picture anyone else as Tony Stark? Like actually?

Instead I raise you these options, Mr. Feige:

Rather than recasting the iconic roles, let’s get the other incarnations of the characters in there.

Captain America’s shield has been lifted by many, many different people. Two people, in particular, who already exist in the Marvel Studios universe. Instead of recasting Steve Rogers (please don’t do that – Evans is too perfect in the role), we should probably (definitely) give the shield to either Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson…or both. We’ll take both.

These two characters bring so many great, different things to the role of Captain America that the Marvel Studios universe really needs.

There have definitely been hints for BuckyCap to make an appearance at some point. That doesn’t mean Sam can’t have his turn too!

As for Iron Man I feel like this option is pretty obvious: Riri Williams as Ironheart.

How amazing would it be to see Riri on the big screen in the suit? We even know of someone who could play her – Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones


She even said at SDCC this year that she would love to play Iron Man…just saying.

Let’s not go the Batman or James Bond or Spider-Man route of just recasting the role over and over.

Let’s meet some other characters and their take on these iconic superheroes.

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