Kara Gets Caught In The “Crossfire” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

This week on Supergirl, due to the title, I’m going to humming the tune to a 90s commercial for Crossfire that no probably remembers.

Last week, Kara confronted her prejudices against Daxamites. Mon-El proved to be kind of charming. Maggie and Alex continued to have all kinds of chemistry that made us all scream “KISS ALREADY”. J’onn tried to bond with M’gann, who is secretly a White Martian. Also there was alien Eyes Wide Shut fight club because of course that’s a thing.

Let’s see what goes on this week, shall we?

First Day: Kara wakes up Mon for his first day at work. There’s an adorable makeover montage as Kara gets him looking human. She even gets him his own adorkable glasses. At Catco, Mon-El does not know what phones and is clearly not ready. Kara tries to give him tips to win over others. Eve, James’ assistant, is definitely interested in “Mike Matthews”. It’s really too soon. With Alex and Maggie at the bar, it turns out Maggie has been dumped by her girlfriend. It was ugly. Alex is definitely a little happy about it. Getting coffee with James, Kara thanks him for hiring Mon-El. James is happy to help. Just as they are walking, a bank robbery happens. Except the robbers? They have alien tech that can definitely harm Kara. James, impressively, takes on one of the guys. In the process, his dad’s camera gets destroyed. He gets kicked in the face for his troubles, but still impressive. One of the robbers keeps shooting at Kara with the tech.

Weapons: Apparently, the robbers had some kind of photon cannon. If it had been fully charged? Then it would be bad. Winn says science mumbo-jumbo will help them track it. Then CADMUS comes in. It definitely seems like suspicious timing. At Catco, Kara and some guy gets into an argument about the “right to bear alien arms”. Kara believes this is CADMUS’ endgame, getting others to not trust aliens. Kara stresses to James how dangerous this stuff is. But James can see the other side as well. It turns out that Mon has been foisting off his work onto Eve. Kara confronts him about it because there is a time and a place. At work, you have to work. Lena then comes in to see Kara. She wants to invite Kara for an upcoming gala, which is super sweet. Apparently, Lena just wants a friend there. Mon, excited for a party, invites himself along. At the DEO, Winn is tracking the weapons with science. Alex is mooning over Maggie, even though she doesn’t say it out loud. Alex tells Winn that she worries about Maggie, who is usually so tough, being broken over this. Winn doesn’t really comment on much about Alex’s mooning. He does say that it’s not like she’s “in to” Maggie though. Are we seeing the same Alex, Winn? Before Alex can answer, they get a lock on the science tracker stuff. Kara goes to confront the crooks. One of them has an anti-gravity gun? Either way it sends a cop car, complete with cop into the atmosphere, Kara rushing to save his life.

Big: The Doctor meets up with the head criminal. She wants to spread fear and discord of the aliens with the public use of these weapons. The head criminal just wants to focus on his bank account. He asks if she has any weapons. The Doctor gives him a very, very big gun. He is very happy on this. At the crime scene, Alex and Maggie talk with each other. Alex trying to get Maggie to come out with her. Maggie reads it as Alex asking her out, but Alex backtracks. She’s not gay. (Well I think we all know who is getting the coming out storyline this season.) At Catco, Kara and James talk about how the actions of the crooks have people wanting to repeal alien amnesty. CADMUS plans are definitely working. Snapper wants Kara to write an objective piece on it, but Kara’s finding it hard to be objective. Mon is missing from his desk and hasn’t done the work James has asked him too. Where is he? Hooking up with Eve. Kara finds them and pulls Mon away, chewing him out. Personally, I think he needed time for human lessons before being pushed in. Kara said that he needs to follow her rules in her world. Later, James visits Winn. He seems to want to ask Winn something, but he gets a location about where the crooks may hit next. The crooks attack the Federal Reserve where James, in costume, tries to stop them. The crooks hit the building and James goes into to save people, running away when he gets people out.

Protect: The next day, Winn confronts James after seeing the camera footage. He puts two and two together, coming up with four. James is tired of being the sidekick. He wants Winn to help him being the hero. Winn says nope. He isn’t going to help James get himself killed. He wants James to stop, but James isn’t stopping. Alex is waiting for Kara at her apartment, feeling confused. Kara vents about Mon-El. Alex lays it out for Kara: Mon-El is not her. What works for Kara might not work for Mon-El. Alex tells him that she needs to let Mon figure out who he is. People need who they are meant to be. Kara asks Alex what’s wrong when there’s a knock at the door: Lena. Lena is introduced to Alex, but she has a favor she needs to ask Kara. Lena wants to get in touch with Supergirl. Lead criminal meets with the Doctor. He wants to rob Lena’s gala, but the Doctor is not going to help him. He pulls a gun on her, but it’s not happening. She’s dedicated to her cause and is not helping them. At L Corp, Lena meets Supergirl, who she wants to help protect her party. Kara hesitates because she is expected to be there as well. Lena asks if this means that she doesn’t believe in a good Luthor. Kara insists that she judges people on their own merits. She agrees to help. Of course, now she’s in a bind.

Three’s Company: Winn and Kara head to the party where Winn promises that he has a device that will let them know if a weapon is near. Kara pulls “Operation Doubtfire” where she switches in and out of her persona for Lena’s benefit. As Supergirl, she tells Lena that she’s not sure if the party is a good idea. Winn runs into James and makes sure he’s not going to do any vigilante stuff. James is just here for the party. Mon and Kara meet at the party. Kara apologizes to Mon for the way she acted. She promises not to yell at him again. He needs to figure out his own way on Earth. With that settled, the pair of share a dance. Of course, that’s when the criminals attack. It’s chaos as they fight Kara. Mon tries to help, but gets a blast for his troubles. Lena, with help from Winn, sets off a device that knocks the weapon’s power out. Lena is a freaking boss. At NCPD, the lead criminal tries to make a deal with info on the Doctor. Using some device, she kills him.

Vigilante: At Catco, Winn comes to visit James. After making sure that James really wants to do this, Winn agrees to help. Working for the DEO, he definitely figured out his own heroic potential. He promises to help James. At the DEO, Kara comes to visit Mon and informs him he is fired. He asks if she is mad at him. Kara says she will always be a little mad at him. Kara explains her point of view, of being so excited to have someone to help. His life is going to be different from hers. Mon needs to get a job and Kara gives him a guide to National City. At the bar, Alex comes to check in on Maggie. Maggie apologizes to her, if she was being forward. Alex tells her that she never got the hang of dating after trying to be perfect in everything else. She tells Maggie she can’t stop thinking about…there being truth to what Maggie said about her. Alex leaves Maggie. With Lena, Kara thanks her for her help. The Doctor appears and it turns out she’s Lena’s mother. Wow this explains a lot.

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