“Invasion!” Begins With The Arrival Of The Dominators On The Flash

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

The time has arrived, folks.

The epic four-show, three-part Invasion! crossover begins tonight. Woo-boy, Barry certainly has task before him in his own show.

Caitlin almost surrendered to her dark side. Cisco is pissed that Barry ruined the pre-Flashpoint timeline where his brother was alive. Barry stepped up as a leader and down as a CSI to protect his friends. Savitar really does have godlike speed. Unsurprisingly, Julian is Doctor Alchemy. Wally has also gotten his Kid Flash speed.

With that in mind, let’s get to our first part of Invasion! shall we?

Battle: We start in the middle of the action. Barry and Oliver are hiding from some mysterious foe. Oliver say that they are up the creek. They pair go to see their foes which is everyone. That’s not good. A few days ago, we see Wally test his powers. He’s apparently a bit of a speed prodigy. Iris thinks that this could go to Wally’s head. So she wants them to wait. Cisco is not impressed by this or by Caitlin wanting to go get drinks with she, Cisco and Barry. HR, meanwhile, wants to open STAR Labs for tours to make some side cash. Before anyone can say anything, they read a meteor is about to crash on Earth. Barry runs to meet, but it turns out to be aliens. And his feed has cut out.

Aliens: Lyla is shutting down the press at the alien test site. At STAR Labs, the agent explains about the Dominators. They came in the 50s to capture humans for experimentation and killed at bunch of soldiers. They disappeared. The DoD got a message from the Dominators and attempts are being made to make an coordinated effort between the world governments. Lyla asks them to sit down and let the world try to handle it first. Barry is not going to do that. Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle are trying to take down Vigliante. Barry rushed to Star City in order to save them. Diggle goes to call his wife. Barry wants to get in touch with the Legends. So they go to hanger to make contact with them. Cisco and Barry head to Earth-3 because it is for the mission. (So Jay Garrick and Kara Danvers are on the same Earth?) We end up on Earth with Supergirl. Barry gets Kara to come with them. At the hanger, everyone has assembled. Kara shows off her powers to show why she is super. At an abandoned building, the Dominators have arrived and are ending this before it even begins.

Introductions: Kara runs around adorably making sure they got everyone’s name right. Kara gives more information about the Dominators. They came to Krypton before she was born, did experiments, killed more people. Oliver wants to use Kara as a stand-in for the Dominators. Everyone else wants to pick a leader. Cisco nominates Oliver, but Oliver nominates Barry. As everyone gets ready to train, Barry introduces Oliver to Kara. Oliver is Oliver with her. Ray meanwhile is getting a new suit ready. Ray also tells Barry about what happened with Snart. Wally shows up to train with everyone, but Iris tells him that he can’t jump in with aliens. Felicity tries to figure out what happened with Cisco and Barry. Stein and Jax show Barry the message from future Barry. Barry tells Stein, Jax and Oliver about Flashpoint. Jax wants to tell everyone about Flashpoint, but Oliver wants to focus on the more pressing issue. Stein has a vision of a young woman and asks Caitlin to take him home. Meanwhile Kara is kicking everyone’s ass. Lyla tells the President that the Dominators want them to be passive. The President gets attacked by the Dominators, who kidnap him.

Hero: Wally looks over at his results at STAR Labs. Wally is frustrated by the lack of faith people have in him. Wally runs into HR and wants HR to train him. HR doesn’t want to do it, but Wally wants to help people. He wants HR to show him how. HR says no. Caitlin is feeling guilty for her actions as Killer Frost. Stein offers her comfort and encouragement, promising they will be there for Caitlin. Stein gets more flashes of the woman. It turns out that woman is his daughter. Cisco finds the message and forces Barry’s hand. He tells everyone about Flashpoint. Diggle finds out his daughter. Sara confronts Barry about it, but Lyla contacts them about the President. Barry decides to sit it out since everyone is mad at them. Kara says that she will always trust him. Oliver sits it out with Barry because all heroes make mistakes.

Focus: Everyone minus Barry and Oliver show up at the abandoned warehouse. Kara looks through with her X-ray vision and sees the President’s signature. The Dominators surprise them and set some sort of mind control gas on them. At STAR Labs, Oliver finds Barry in the future room. Apparently, the future article’s writer has changed from Iris to Julie Greer. Oliver tells Barry that he did something that anyone would do. Oliver would save his parents again in a heartbeat. Change and tragedy happens. Barry is not a god. (Thank you, Oliver. I’ve been waiting for SOMEONE to say that to Barry.) It goes from bad to worse as the heroes are now attacking STAR Labs under the Dominators control. We go to the start of the episode Barry and Oliver versus everyone.

Cage Match: Barry divides up the teams. He takes those who can fly and does his lightning attack to take out ATOM, but Kara catches him with the heat vision. Meanwhile, Oliver fights the hand to hand folks. Wally decides to go out there because they need him. He stops the hand to hand people from advancing on Barry. Wally is pretty proud but Kara lands in a hit. They find a single from the salt mines, but they can’t jam it from there. Barry leads Kara to the salt mines in order to use her against the Dominaotrs. Oliver takes Wally and runs into the building to the bunker. Barry starts to tease Kara with his powers as Oliver gets surrounded by his possessed friends without any arrows. Barry gets Kara to break the device which frees her and the others from the control. Wally returns to STAR Labs in one piece. HR agrees to train Wally because he sees his potential. Everyone meets up. Ray tells Barry that they’re with them. Those past and present on Team Arrow are being beamed up by aliens.

And there’s your 100th episode Arrow folks!

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