Gilmore Girls Creators Share Insight And Clips Of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life


Ladies and gentlemen, we are just a few short weeks away from the cultural event of the decade. You read that right. In case you weren’t keeping track (why weren’t you?!), Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will release on Netflix on November 25, which is three weeks and three days from right now.

Holy crap! How did we get here?! Fans of Gilmore Girls have been waiting nearly a decade for another chance to end the series on a high note, and the time is nigh.

In preparation for the revival (which, if you remember, is not actually a series but four 90-minute ‘movies’), creators Dan Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino have been doing some press. This past weekend, they made an appearance at EW PopFest to discuss the upcoming Netflix event. As always, this unstoppable pair was in prime form.

Let’s talk about this for just one second. Number one, we love hearing about the Warner Bros. lot transforming into Stars Hollow again. I can’t think of any other show in which the setting played such a giant role; no one would argue that without Stars Hollow, there would be no Gilmore Girls.

Later in the Q&A, both creators noted how important and special it was to have the supporting cast back, as well as the main cast. Of course you’ll always want Lorelai and Rory to return, but what about Kirk, Miss Patty, Lane, and the rest of the gang? Most, if not all, of your favorite supporting characters are back, so we all have something to look forward to! “I think it’s always fun when you get the town together,” Sherman-Palladino said of the town’s zany supporting characters. “Nothing good can come of that, which is always the most fun to write.” We don’t doubt that.

Sherman-Palladino also acknowledged the death of Edward Herrmann, who played soft-hearted Richard Gilmore. She joked that, throughout the series, the set never seemed quite large enough to accommodate his size. Then, a little more somber, she said that now they finally have a set big enough for him, but he was not there. It seems that, while he was very much missed, he was also very much a part of this revival in spirit.

In addition to this killer interview – seriously, could Amy be any more entertaining? – fans that attended got a sneak peek at SIX new, never-before-seen clips of the revival. I’ve never wanted to be someone more than any random sitting in that auditorium.

So on to these six scenes… We already have seen a super promising trailer for the revival, but these scenes show a little more detail into the everyday life of Stars Hollow 2016.

In one scene, fans got a glimpse of the Dragonfly Inn and just what Michel Gerard is up to these days. In another, Taylor Doose is at it again, leading town meetings and generally irritating the populace. Stars Hollow, as usual, celebrates a festival in one of the clips featuring some laugh out loud one-liners from Kirk. Luke and Emily share a serious moment in a scene where she remembers her husband – and his love of cigars – fondly. The other two scenes featured some mother-daughter, Lorelai-Rory time, and it felt just like the good old days.

Writing Lorelai, Rory, and the rest of the lot was like coming home for the husband-wife team of Palladino and Sherman-Palladino. “This shit’s in our DNA now,” Sherman-Palladino laughed. Together, and with the help of the cast, crew, and some new team members (who were obsessed with the original Gilmore Girls), this team is confident they have remained true to the original, and fans will feel content. “Hopefully everybody will be delighted and thrilled and charmed,” she said. “If not, I don’t f***ing know what to tell you.”

We don’t either, Amy! We are 100% confident in the Palladino/Sherman-Palladino vision and are eagerly looking forward to the minute we can refresh our Netflix browser and finally watch the show.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Friday, November 25.

Whose return are you most looking forward to in the revival? Comment below and we can compare!

Abby Bertrand