Everything Is “Changing” In National City On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

Time to hit the streets of National City! James has vigilante aspirations with Winn as his sidekick. Alex has realized her feelings for Maggie go beyond “just friends”. Lena Luthor’s mother is CADMUS’ head. Kara is just trying to keep her life on track.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

The Thing: In a Norway lab researching climate change, a 5,000-year-old wolf corpse was discovered. It’s still warm despite the age and in very good condition. One of the scientists, Jones, puts his hand in it and something pulls him in. At the bar, Mon gets drinks his way to Kara’s amazement. M’gann finds J’onn’s friends to be nice. They also find something that can get Kara drunk. She’s a happy drunk. Meanwhile, Maggie and Alex have a talk about Alex’s recent personal revelation of her being gay. Maggie tells a reluctant Alex that these things affect everyone differently. Her first priority? She thinks Alex should tell her family. There are work things that need to be handled before Alex can have heart to hearts. At the DEO, J’onn leads a drunk Kara in as they get the notice from Norway. Alex and J’onn head out where they find the husks of the scientists except the head one. Jones’ still alive. At the DEO, when no is watching him, he coughs up a slug creature that crawls back into his ear. Make your own Stranger Things reference here.

Tasks: Kara takes Mon-El to task. AKA she’s kicking his ass. Kara is also trying to pressure Mon-El into becoming a superhero. Alex pulls Kara out to talk with her about her sexuality. Alex comes out to Kara, who is surprised but is trying to understand. Alex tells Kara about how those feelings have always been there, but she just never acknowledged them. Kara asks about Alex and Maggie’s relationship. But it gets too much and Alex leaves. Jones analyzes his blood and conducts research on it. When a climate change denier tries to fire him, Jones eats him. At the DEO, Winn cleans up the footage enough to figure out that something has infected Jones. Confronting him at the lab, Jones tells Kara and Alex that “we” want to save the world. Using the royal we? Not a good sign of mental health. Kara tries to punch him, but that doesn’t work. Instead, he absorbs her powers. Well that’s not good.

Parasite: Kara is getting looked over at the DEO. James arrives, wanting to help, but they send him home. Kara is sent home to rest by J’onn. Meanwhile Winn and James have it out. James wants his suit, but Winn says they need more time. At her apartment, Kara and Alex have a talk. Kara apologizes to Alex, feeling responsible that her sister couldn’t figure out that part of herself sooner. Alex tells Kara there’s nothing to apologize for. The sisters have a really sweet bonding moment with Kara asking Alex about Maggie, who gushes. When they get news of a rogue alien, Kara tracks it to Mon-El. Mon is working as hired muscle to supplement his income since he needs a job so damn bad. Kara and Mon have it out with Mon saying that Kara is not as a selfless as she portrays. At the DEO, they figure out Jones’ next target who is an anti-climate change lobbyist. Kara and J’onn try to stop him. But Jones gets them and drains them pretty hard. He then turns into Parasite.

Blood: At the DEO, Winn seems shaken up by what happened to Kara. Alex says she will recover, but J’onn lost a lot of blood. Alex decides to go to M’gann for help. Winn and James decide it’s go time on James’ superhero identity. At the bar, Alex arrives to get M’gann’s help. She also finds Mon drinking. She breaks up his pity party because she doesn’t give a damn about him. Kara does though. She thinks Mon has potential and its time he lives up to it. At the DEO, Alex convinces M’gann to donate her blood to J’onn. M’gann asks for J’onn’s forgiveness before agreeing. When Parasite attacks the climate change denier, Mon-El tries to help. It doesn’t go well until Guardian comes.

Guardian: With Winn in the van, James gets to work. Kara wakes up. She’s ready to go and help them. With what? Power Parasite cannot handle. She goes to a nuclear plant. Meanwhile, Mon saves the life of a kid. Using plutonium, she overloads Parasite and destroys him. Kara thanks Mon for his help along with the Guardian. She tries to see who the Guardian is, but Winn lined James’ suit with lead. James tells Kara that he’s a “friend” before riding off. Winn comes to visit James at Catco, who compliments him on last night. James confirms that he wants to keep on doing this as does Winn. They’re going to keep lying to Kara because clearly they make good life choices. J’onn wakes up thanks to M’gann’s blood. They have a nice moment where J’onn asks M’gann to stay. M’gann notices J’onn’s hand twitching, which probably isn’t good.

Kiss: Alex comes to visit Maggie at the bar. She tells her about telling Kara. Alex then kisses Maggie. Maggie wants Alex to figure herself out first. Alex needs time to get used to this big change. Maggie wants them to wait. Alex is heartbroken, drinking in her apartment. When she breaks down in front of Kara, who offers her big sister love and comfort. As she cries, Kara just hugs her close. Mon-El hearing someone cough offers his help where he is kidnapped by CADMUS.

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