Eddie Redmayne Talks Fantastic Beasts Franchise Expansion

Credit: Warner Bros

By now, we’ve come to terms with the fact that Fantastic Beasts won’t be just a trilogy, but that there will be five installments of it. We’re quite excited about it.

During the world premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last week, J. K. Rowling explained why there will be five movies instead of three that were originally planned for Newt Scamander’s adventures. Given her explanation, it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, we wouldn’t want to see a rushed story squished into three movies. Especially if you can expand it more and make five movies out of it.

Rowling isn’t the only one who has her opinion on the extension of the franchise. Eddie Redmayne, who is playing Newt Scamander, told Variety in a recent interview how he feels about it.

His answer is not really surprising and yet it is totally sweet. He is so in love with Rowling’s writing. He said:

“I didn’t, because I’d love who she’d written. As an actor, if it’s your dream to tell stories, getting to tell stories within the imagination of one of the greatest storytellers in the world is all you can hope for, really. Long may that continue.“

Of course, Redmayne probably knew for a while now that Fantastic Beasts would be a five-part movie. The real question is if he knows how the story will end.

Unfortunately, however, Redmayne doesn’t know. That’s not a huge surprise.

After all, Rowling didn’t finish the Harry Potter series until around when the fifth film came out.

“No. We really do not know. I think different actors know different amounts. We probably need to sit down. There was one day when [Rowling] came on set and she said writing the second movie,” he recalls. “She said, “I’m not allowed to say anything.” But she would sort of spill forth, and it was so infectious. Katherine [Waterston] and I were called back to a scene, and I remember the two of us doing the scene, but looking to the right — at Jo. Poor David was like, ‘Focus on the task.’”

Although, there is a bit Eddie already knows about the next four installments of Fantastic Beasts. He knows how the titles for the upcoming movies will be handled.

The British actor revealed that he has actually asked David Yates and David Heyman the day prior to the interview. He was curious what the titles might be like.

I’m sure his answer will please lots of Potterheads, as the titles will carry on the Harry Potter tradition of adding the “and the…” to the main name of the movie.

“And the answer is: Fantastic Beasts will remain in the title if we go forward, and then it’ll be “and the…”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is now in theaters worldwide. We can finally go and see what Newt Scamander is up to in New York.

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Anna Hattingen