Drake And Liv Forever? Greg Finley Returns To iZombie For Season Three

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Fictional characters; too often we have to say goodbye to them way too early. Whether they leave the show unexpectedly and for no apparent reason, or they are killed off in the most brutal way any human could possibly ever imagine – we don’t like to see them go.

In season two of iZombie we had to say goodbye to Drake Holloway, Liv’s boyfriend/undercover cop turned zombie. With a heavy heart we watched Drake get shot in the head by none other than Liv herself, after he had tested the cure which had turned him into a full-blown zombie without any human qualities. The season two finale was a tear-jerker, and we haven’t been able to fully process it quite yet.

That day we thought as it happens on TV, we had lost yet another character for good. But fret not, iZombie fans, because Drake is coming back!

TVLine reports that Greg Finley will reprise his role in season three – but there is a twist. Because, of course there is. ”In the 10th episode of Season 3, Liv will eat the brains of a mentally disturbed man being haunted by the wife he killed in a car accident. By the rules of brain-eating, Liv will find herself similarly haunted.”

So Drake is back for one more episode, not for good. Sorry to disappoint. He merely returns to Liv’s life as a remind her of what she had done to him. While being reunited with the man she once loved seems like a great thing, being blamed for his death surely isn’t.

One of the things the audience was left wondering about after season two was how Liv dealt with the aftermath of killing Drake, and we hope that Drake’s reappearance will clear up some of the questions we still have.

Poor girl can’t seem to catch a break. Although executive producer Rob Thomas teased that at least romantically, Liv will have it a little easier this year. At San Diego Comic Con Thomas teased that Liv’s next relationship “will not end because of death”. That’s a step up from the previous two seasons where we not only saw Drake die, but also Lowell, and technically speaking also Major.

Are you excited for Drake to return? Would you rather see him back from the dead for good or do you think a one-off is enough to give the couple some well-deserved closure?

Season three of iZombie is set to premiere midseason on The CW.

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