DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Join The Civil War And Take On Zombie Confederates In “Abomination”

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This week, the Legends take on the American South at the height of the Civil War. They not only have to deal with Confederate soldiers. They have to deal with Confederate soldier zombies.

“Abomination” keeps the heroes-to-be busy while they try to fix this particularly dark time in history.

The episode opens with a new player as we witness a time pirate crashing his ship. He is cornered by armed soldiers, before he turns into a devious monster. It is the time pirate’s final message. He opens a beacon that reaches the Legends and deflects their attention.

Mississippi, 1863

Once the heroes know where the time pirate is located, they get ready to make their way to the South at the height of the Civil War. Sara tells Ray to stay behind as backup, who continues to struggle with losing his suit. Martin asks Jax to stay behind as well, in order to protect him from the country’s racist past, but Jax refuses.

With Ray on the coms at the Wave Rider, the rest of the team jumps into appropriate attire and explores Mississippi. They find the desolate space ship when they also stumble across a black man, running from a group of Confederate soldiers. Firestorm quickly eliminates the soldiers, but they return to the living as zombies. The team has a hard time dealing with them. The black man they had previously saved gets killed.

They then learn that the man was Henry Scott, a spy for the Union army, and his mission was significant in the development of the Civil War. With his death, the timeline had been changed: the Union army lost the war. America was split into two independent countries.

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

Back at the Wave Rider they also learn that the Confederate soldiers turned zombies had been infected by the time pirate. The time pirate had been infected by a futuristic bio-weapon. During the fight, Mick had been bitten by one of the zombies. This forces Ray to work on an antidote. It goes horribly awry and Mick turns, leaving Ray and Martin to deal with the fallout.

Sara and Nate, meanwhile, try to warn the Union soldiers that an army of zombies is on their way. Jax and Amaya try to fulfil the Scott’s mission by infiltrating a plantation. Their goal is to steal valuable Confederate information. The reality of what the South was like in the 19th century quickly catches up with them. They watch a female black slave get punished, but are unable to stop it as it could blow their cover.

Working as the hired help at a party at the plantation, Jax tries to get access to the Confederate troop movement. He gets himself into trouble before he can find something valuable. Jax is beaten up and locked away,. In addition, he has lost contact to the team. Jax’s only connection is the mental one to Martin, who is stuck at the spaceship and can’t come to help.

Amaya finds her way into the party and lets herself get captured. When she is brought to the basement where Jax and the remaining slaves are held, she eliminates her guard and frees everyone. Together, they retrieve the troop movement plans and try to flee from the estate, which has been taken over by the zombies. They defeat the zombies by blowing up the whole plantation home.

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

At the same time, Sara and Nate have come up with an idea how to help the Union army to defeat the undead. Nate functions as bait and lures the zombies to a clearing filled with nitro-glycerine. He then uses his powers to harden to steel and causes an explosion, which kills the zombies.

On the Wave Rider, Ray and Martin have found a way to create an airborne antidote. They manage to turn Mick back into a human. They deliver the antidote to the Union army as well. Jax, in the name of Henry Scott, hands over the plans of the Confederate army to General Ulysses Grant, and thereby rights the timeline.

The episode ends with a big step forward for Mick. Considering Ray’s insecurities about being useless to the team without his suit, Mick presents him with a gift: Leonard’s cold gun. He is not only giving Ray a chance to see who he is without his suit by still equipping him with lethal tech, but also gives himself the opportunity to be vulnerable. Maybe Mick might even find a new partner in crime.

Not that Leonard Snart could ever be replaced….

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

With “Abominations”, Legends of Tomorrow tackles the tricky subject of slavery in a very interesting way. They put Jax into the difficult situation of a present-time black man (who is experiencing the very real racism of the present) in the height of slavery in the US. Franz Drameh was certainly the MVP of the episode, giving incredible performances that easily move to tears.

Throwing zombies into the mix, especially in combination with such a serious topic was an odd choice, but in the case of Legends and the shows genre it worked surprisingly well.

With DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, you are always left wondering: Where will they go next?

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Favorite Lines

Jax: “i get it might be difficult for you to understand this, but I’ve been black my entire life, Grey. And honestly, I can’t think of a time period we could go to where I wouldn’t face some sort of racism.”

Jax: “The way these people are being treated… that’s the real Aberration. I can see that now. This is the history that needs to be fixed.”

Grant: “Your man Colonel Sanders tells me you’re his captain. In any case, he mentioned something about you having regrets about putting men in harm’s way. […] You know, by the time I had taken over this division, there had already been three other generals in place before me. They’d all stepped down and given up. But I believe in my men. And I believe in the good that we’re doing. Do you? Do you believe in your mission, Captain Lance?”

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