DC’s Legends Cross Paths With Damien Dahrk Again Protecting The White House In The 80’s

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow marks the return of one of the Flarrowverse’s most notorious villains. In “Compromised”, Damien Dahrk is back in action in the 1980s, where the team runs into a lot of trouble while trying to keep the piece between the USA and Russia.

Miami, 1987
We open the episode with a sequence from Florida in the late 80s. Damien Darhk is completing a rather interesting interaction. He supplies a group of gangbangers with drugs in return for an old relic, a “ceremonial axe” as he describes it.

The meeting is quickly interrupted by the DEA and Eobard Thawne, also known as the Reverse Flash and Damien Darhk’s latest partner in crime, intervenes. He reminds Darhk of their last shared mission 45 years ago in New York. Thawne promises power, if Darhk goes along with his latest idea.

With a bad feeling in the pit of our stomachs, we then switch to the heroes. Jefferson and Martin continue to argue over whether the group should use their time travel abilities to improve history, rather than just fix aberrations. We also see glimpses of Mick working with Ray on improving the latter’s skills with the cold gun.

When the team receives a notification of yet another time aberration, they decide to head to D.C. to further investigate. They arrive the day before Reagan and Gorbachev are set to sign the INF Treaty. This treaty limited the use of nuclear weapons for both the US and Russia and meant the end of the Cold War.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Washington, D.C., 1987
Sara, Mick, Rand and Firestorm decide to break into the White House to gather some intel. As visitors they gain access. They quickly run into trouble when they cross paths with not only Damien Darhk, who has become an advisor to Reagan, but also a younger version of Martin.

Things spiral out of control when Sara plans to take on Darhk herself and finally take revenge for her sister’s death. They almost get caught, but Firestorm is able to get them out of the White House safely. On the news, we learn that the heroes’ trip to the White House has caused panic and has been seen as a terrorist attack.

Meanwhile Nate and Amaya go onto looking for the JSA Academy in D.C., but only find an abandoned building. They realize that the JSA has changed a lot over the last 40 years and not much of it is left.

Inside of the building they reunite with Obsidian, who is now noticeably older. He blames the JSA’s downfall partially on Amaya leaving them behind. She tries to justify abandoning them to find Rex’s killer. Obsidion tells them that most of the JSA has been killed in 1956 during a mission in Leipzig.

Amaya also opens up about her relationship with Rex. They planned on leaving the JSA to be together before he died in her arms. It makes her insistence on finding his killer so much clearer.

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

When the team learns that Damien Darhk is meeting a member of the Soviet government outside of office hours, Ray and Mick follow him. During the meeting, the young version of Professor Stein walks up to excitedly introduce himself to Darhk. He then realizes that he is interrupting illegal dealings with the KGB. Darhk stabs young Martin, which has an immediate effect on present-time Martin, who collapses. The team takes Martin’s back to the Wave Rider to save their lives.

Once both Martin’s are back on their feet, the heroes decide to take on Darhk directly at the State Dinner at the White House. The whole group attends and are joined by former JSA member Obsidian. When Darhk enters the dinner, the heroes go in for the attack. They disrupt yet another meeting between Darhk and the KGB, in which the former presents the Russians with valuable information on a CD Rom in return for what seems to be another old relict.

The heroes intervene, and Dahrk reveals that he has hidden a bomb in the White House. While Firestorm, Amaya, Obsidion, Nate and Sara fight Dahrk and his men, Ray and Mick try their best to diffuse the bomb. In order to send an electrical pulse to the bomb to disarm it, Ray has to dismantle the cold gun, which Mick begrudgingly accepts.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Once again Sara comes face to face with Damien Dahrk and makes a decision not to kill him, and rather save her soul from being corrupted again. Instead she tells him everything about his impending demise in the future, from the death of his wife to the failure of his master plan. Before he can fully react to it, he is saved by Eobard Thawne.

The appearance of Thawne gives the team the indication that the time-traveller Darhk works with is a speedster. He likely is Rex’s killer. While not being able to get her revenge on Damien, Sara has taken his precious relict from him. We will surely learn the importance of those relicts in the future.

The final scene of the week shows a rather nervous Damien Darhk once again joining forces with Eobard Thawne. This time he is traveling with Thawne through time and space, and possibly even alternate worlds. Where are the villains off to next, and will the heroes join? It’s a thrilling cat and mouse game.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Season two of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow keeps on soaring. Episode for episode we are taken onto adventures through time and space. While we experience singular events seemingly unrelated to each other, the heroes also pursue a greater goal. Stop Damien Darhk, find Rex’s killer and find out what happened to Rip Hunter.

The major relationship we get to inspect this week is the one between the Martin of the present and the Martin of the past. The present day professor is able to give advice and to guide his younger self, he is able to tell him about what will be truly important for him. It is not any of his awards or accomplishments, but the woman by his side.

We further get a closer look at Mick and Ray’s dynamic in this episode. Mick presenting Ray with Leonard’s Cold Gun was a major step for him. Seeing them train together results in many hilarious scenes this episode.

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

Favorite Lines

Martin: “Earlier, you accused me of not ever caring for anyone, but you know that’s not true. I care very much about you. And I’m less concerned about history than I am about your conscience. You’re no longer an assassin, Sara. You’re our Captain.”

Sara: “You haven’t taken my soul, which I’ve already lost, and I’m not eager to do again. And that’s why I’m sparing your life. I’m sparing you to prolong your suffering. ‘Cause I’m from the future, Damien, and I know how this all ends. Your ark, your grand vision. Just as you’re about to accomplish everything you desire, your wife is murdered, the love of your life. And in total despair, you even try to kill your own daughter. An entire city rises up against you, and then you die… defeated and alone.”

Obsidian: “After the JSA disbanded, I spent a lot of lonely years until I finally met someone, Amaya. And he’s waiting for me at home. A word of advice from an old man who’s lived long enough to see the world change, and mostly for the better: If you are lucky enough to find love again… Embrace it.”

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