Danny Gets Married In This Week’s The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Mindy and the gang are back this week, and it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you may ask? Danny’s wedding. Yikes. Sh*t’s about to get real.

Not Goin’ to the Chapel

Mindy has her sanity this week and makes the decision not to attend Danny and Sara’s wedding. The office is abuzz with talk of the wedding weekend festivities, but Morgan makes a big show of not making Mindy feel bad, and ends up talking about it incessantly. She is surprisingly calm and level-headed about the whole thing, even talking about what a cute ring bearer Leo will be, and teaching him to walk up the aisle.

Our favorite OBGYN is on her own for the weekend; the office crew is at the wedding and Ben is chaperoning his daughter’s field trip. Once Danny’s mom (played by Rhea Perlman) whisks Leo away, Mindy settles in to enjoy her exciting weekend alone. It is then that she asks the age old question, “Is Wheel of Fortune getting harder or am I getting dumber?”

Jeremy checks in with her just as Mindy is starting to relax, which prompts her to start hearing things…Literally. The Ghost of Danny Castellano Past is haunting and taunting her in every photo of him in the apartment. To get away from his harassment, she sets out to drive around.


Mindy passes the time driving by singing the entire Les Miserables soundtrack a capella, and before she knows it, she is in Concord, Massachusetts, at her parents’ house. She receives quite the welcome when she sneaks in the house, only to be hit over the head with a griddle pan. When everyone is calmed down, Mindy goes up to her childhood bedroom to get some sleep.

The next morning, Mindy’s mom wakes her on her way out the door. Mindy is appalled to find that her mother has plans for the day and won’t be waiting on her hand and foot. “What?!” Mindy asks, shocked. “That’s your job!”

Her mom and brother are super funny and offer emotional support the way only family can. While Rishi and Mindy bond, she complains that her life is pretty lackluster, but he assures her that she is actually pretty awesome. As obnoxious as she is, she did start her own fertility clinic. He says, “Woman, you could do a TED Talk if your voice wasn’t so annoying.”

Later on, the two helpless adult children are hungry and desperate. Trying to contact their mom, Mindy calls the relative’s house that she is supposed to be at. But mom is not there! * gasp * They do a little recon and hack into her email to see where she is. The only logical conclusion they can come to is that she must be cheating on their dad.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

This Can’t Be Good

While getting ready to go stalk their mother, Mindy receives a call from Morgan, who is at the rehearsal dinner. Mindy gave him a countdown to make the conversation about her, so he works quickly. Allegedly, Danny had a few drinks, pulled Morgan aside, and told him that he thinks he’s making a huge mistake. Unfortunately for everyone, it looks like that changes things for Mindy… Morgan tells Mindy that he thinks if she showed up at the wedding, Danny wouldn’t go through with it. Don’t do it, girl!!!

When the kids confront their mom in the fancy restaurant, they find that she is actually just discussing an exciting part in a play with the director! She is trying to follow her dreams, and tells her children that they ruined her chance, prompting Mindy to go apologize to the director. After a very creepy interaction, Mindy sets off to New York to stop Danny’s wedding.


On the drive, Ben calls Mindy to check in with her. His concern is genuine and sweet, and he admits that he kind of loves her. Mindy still has Danny’s photos taunting her, and, while touched, does not return the sentiment. Instead, she turns her car around and goes back to Concord.

In a heart-to-heart with her mom over mac-n-cheese, Mindy reveals her hallucinations to her mother. The two share a very heart-wrenching conversation, and her mom acknowledges that Mindy has always been hard on herself. The habit led her to find a man who “did the criticizing for [her],” and now that he’s gone, Mindy is doing the criticizing for him.

Mindy takes the words to heart, and stays the rest of the weekend. She and Rishi talk with their mom about breaking into the entertainment business, and encourage her to write a play based on her own stories. As her mom regales her brother and her with stories from her journals, Mindy gets a call from Danny. And I am so proud to report that she ignores it. And I am even prouder to say that after his call goes to voicemail, she sends off a text to Ben, that reads: “I love you too.”

FINALLY! YYYYEEEEESSSS! Finally, we are getting some substance here! I know that Mindy being shallow and silly is fun, but bad relationships are not, so it is truly thrilling to see Mindy finally recognizing her worth! You go, girl! (Also, Ben is way kinder and more handsome!) Well done Mindy Kaling and writers – this was great to see!

(On a separate note, I just need to get away from the plotline for a second, because Mindy Kaling is AMAZING in this whole episode, but especially in that initial car scene. I laughed out loud for, like, a minute when she started singing the entire Les Mis soundtrack to herself. It was a much needed belly laugh!)

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