Chris Evans Tries To Give Genius Niece A Normal Life In Gifted Trailer

Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

I like it when Chris Evans does indie pictures.

I loved¬†Snowpiercer, Playing It Cool, Before We Go. Don’t get me wrong. He rocks the spandex like nobody else, but I also dig him when we get a nice, intimate character driven piece going.

Granted, I just think he’s a cool dude and a pretty rocking actor. I just really love Chris Evans, okay?

For his next indie film,¬†Gifted, I had to admit that I didn’t know much about it. I knew that Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, The Amazing Spider-Man) was directing. That was pretty much it.

So when the trailer came out today. It was like a nice little surprise.

Then my cold shriveled black heart was filled with new life. Because oh my God. It was so sweet and heartwrenching. If this comes to a theatre near me in April, I will shed all of the tears.

All of them.

In the film, Evans stars as Frank Adler. He is a single man in Florida who is raising his precocious seven-year-old niece, Mary (McKenna Grace) after her mother, Frank’s sister, died. After homeschooling her, he enrolls her in a local elementary school. There a teacher (Jenny Slate) realizes that Mary has some mathematical talents. Of course, with these gifts comes Frank’s stern mother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) who wants full custody of her granddaughter now that she has talents. Frank, meanwhile, wants to give Mary a normal childhood because he feels that is what his sister would have wanted.

A court case, as it so often does, ensues. Rounding out the cast is Octavia Spencer, Julie Ann Emery, and Jona Xiao.

You can see the trailer below.

Gifted will be released April 2017.

Bec Heim