Caitlin Grapples With Her Inner “Monster” On This Week’s Episode Of The Flash

Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Hey Flash fans!

Four episodes in and things are going CRAZY on the Flash. We have a new timeline. Caitlin has powers. A new Harrison Wells or HR has joined the Flash crew. (Now to see his evil plot.) Alchemy is doing mysteriously weird things. And just so much stuff!

So let’s get right into it.

Trust: Barry is currently living with Cisco while he looks for his own place. Cisco is a little unsure about the new Wells, HR. Barry lays down some Joe knowledge on him and tells Cisco to let HR get settled in. Caitlin goes to visit her mother, Dr. Tanhauser, for help on her powers. Her mother is very distant and dare I say cold? When Caitlin lets her control slip, her mother is very interested in her powers. At STAR Labs, HR is trying to win over the Flash crew with coffee and food. Cisco, however, tells him to just stand back and observe. HR agrees to take the note. Caitlin left a voicemail telling them not to worry about her for a couple of days. At CCPD, it turns out that Julian has tattled on Barry to Captain Singh. Barry does his job well, so Singh just gives him a verbal warning. Julian proceeds to pull a Malfoy in the corridor, which Joe sees. Joe asks Barry to try to be nicer to Julian. Barry tells Joe that Julian didn’t even exist before Flashpoint.

Monster: Before Barry can go to work, he gets a call from Cisco. In the city, Cloverfield seems to be going down. Barry doesn’t quite know what to do with it and there is panic in the streets. Barry and Iris help free scared bus passengers while Cisco and HR try to track down the giant monster, which seems to vanish. HR gives some great ideas about how to restrain it with carbon fiber steel. According to Barry as he spitballs ideas with Cisco and HR, a transformer exploded before the monster passed. At her mother’s lab, Caitlin meets Nigel, one of her mother’s techs her tries to reassure her. Tanhauser and Caitlin are clearly very estranged and its awkward. Caitlins powers are very great. At the CCPD crime lab, Barry tries to butter Julian up. Ultimately, he offers to give up the lab to Julian. Julian agrees to let Barry help on a case.

Cold: Tanhauser seems to almost resent her daughter. She gets into it with Caitlin about her going to STAR Labs rather than staying her. She’s upset that Caitlin turned to her only because she developed powers. Then she’s angry that Caitlin expects her to drop everything to help because she’s Tanhauser’s daughter. Wow. Of course, Nigel then points out that something in Caitlin’s abilities could change the work that they’re doing in cryogenics. Meanwhile, Cisco and HR are working on a net. Cisco needs to get away from the chatty HR, who makes a log about no one being none of the wiser to his “plans”.

Buzz: Iris comes to visit Barry for a lunch date. She tells Barry to look at things from Julian’s perspective her to reach out to him. Apparently, Joe has been brushing off the cute DA who really likes him. Iris wants Joe to ask her out. She wants her Dad to be happy. Barry is staying out of this. He has to cut the lunch date short when Julian summons him. Meanwhile, Caitlin is trying to get some maternal care from Tanhauser. Tanhauser wants to keep her emotions out of this. After the death of Caitlin’s dad, Tanhauser got cold for lack of a better word. She tells Caitlin that she wouldn’t understand how she feels. Caitlin shares about Ronnie’s death, her mother is surprised. At the crime scene, Julian and Barry have a talk about the Flash. Julian believes that the Flash is making people complacent by solving all their problems. Barry tries to defend himself. He then impresses Julian by suggesting that the monster has to remain in someone’s line of sight. Of course, that’s when Cloverfield appears again. Julian has a) a gun and b) four years in the military to help him use it. When a transformer blows though, Barry pushes him out of the way.

Frozen: At Tanhauser’s lab, Caitlin is preparing to leave. Nigel locks them in the room together and is going to force her to submit to his tests. Caitlin taps into her Killer Frost instincts and freezes Nigel’s arm. Tanhauser stumbles upon the scene. She apologizes to her daughter for how she has behaved toward Caitlin. It calms Caitlin down. Tanhauser promises to protect her daughter this time. Caitlin leaves after thanking her. At the lab, Barry discovers the reason for Julian’s resentment toward metas. He thinks they’re squandering their gifts. When Barry tries to give a more meta perspective disguised as his own, Julian stops the partnership between them. HR is just being so awkward with Barry and Cisco. Realizing that HR’s not contributing to things, Barry tells Cisco to vibe with HR to see his intentions.

Heart: Iris tries to talk to her dad into getting out there with the cute DA. Joe is not having it. Luckily, he’s saved by Julian who has figured out where the monster may attack next. At STAR Labs, Cisco (with Barry protesting but not stopping) rummages through HR’s stuff where he finds his pen recorder. He starts playing it back, and it doesn’t look good. Then HR finds them. They play the pen again where it turns out that HR is writing a book. He’s a scientist-novelist. How come I don’t believe him? Yet, however, it seems to have won points with the team. Caitlin returns to STAR to be confused about why they’re talking about trust and monsters. Joe calls Barry, who promises to explain to Caitlin what she missed.

Attack: Cloverfield is attacking exactly where Julian said it was. In order to stop Cloverfield, Barry becomes a “Jedi” to pull it down. Except the rope goes right through it. It’s a hologram. HR pretends to “triangulate” the attack, but Cisco realizes his secret. HR does not know how to science. So Cisco takes over. That means that the cops try to shoot at it? The bullets will go right through it. Barry is able to stop them, but Julian is gone. He hunts down what he thinks is a rogue meta and fires his weapon. Turns out it’s just some punk ass kid with sophisticated tech. Barry is able to stop him before something he regrets happens. Julian thanks the Flash.

Power: Joe questions the punk ass kid about why he did what he did. Punk ass kid says that he did because he tired of feeling scared and wanted someone else to feel scared instead. Joe gives him some Joe-isms. He tells the kid that he needs to accept the consequences but he can turn this around in the end. Back in STAR Labs, HR explains who he is. He is the inception guy, the idea man. After a scandal on his Earth, his partner solved the problem and brought it to Wells for a fresh start. HR wants to be their muse and do some good with his life. Barry offers HR the chance to stay and improve himself. Cisco tells him that HR is going to have to adapt.

Issues: Caitlin and Cisco have a talk about her visit to her mother. Cisco gives her some hard-won wisdom from Dante’s death. Caitlin accepts it. Cisco is glad that she’s back. At the CCPD lab, Barry starts packing up his things. Julian tells Barry his backstory. He was the first born son of a wealthy family in England, the heir. He was an odd duck in his family who came to the US to become the top of his field. He’s scared of metahumans because he doesn’t know the first thing about them. It scares him. Barry offers Julian some comforting words, telling him the end that it’s a matter of trust. Julian tells Barry to stop packing. He thinks that since he was wrong about the Flash, he could be wrong about Barry. Barry offers to take Julian out for a drink, who accepts.

Frost: Tanhauser gets in contact with Caitlin. She tells Caitlin that she can’t use this powers because the more she using them, the more it will be harder to reverse them. Caitlin gets the Killer Frost eyes and freezes her station.

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