Arrow 100: 9 Scenes That Rocked Our World

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Our favorite superhero show is about to celebrate that one big mile stone. On Wednesday November 30th Arrow will celebrate its 100th episode, and in order to do we are going to celebrate our favorite moments from the series so far.

We have laughed with them, cried with them, possibly even yelled with them. We have gone on a 5 year journey with these characters and along the way we have lived through so many moments together. Here is a compilation of our favorite scenes on the show so far.

1.02 Thea takes Oliver to his grave

This scene is not exactly a feel-good scene, but a favorite one all along. In the early days of Arrow Oliver has his fair share of broody moments as he is trying to ease his way back into living with his family. In episode two Thea discovers his scars and asks him about it, but he closes up. As a result of that Thea takes him outside to show him that while he went through hell, so did she and Moira. It’s a brilliant performance by both Amell and Holland that leaves us crying just a bit.

1.22 Malcolm catches Oliver’s arrow

Malcolm Merlyn aka the Dark Archer is one bad ass mother—— and totally proved it towards the end of season one when he and Oliver went face to face. Oliver shows up to give Merlyn one of his arrowside chats and goes to shoot him with one of his arrows. Unlike everyone else he normally takes down, Malcolm one upped him by catching the damn thing and then proceeded to kick Oliver’s ass. You can’t help but get chills by John Barrowman’s performance in this episode.

3.23 Barry and Malcolm save Team Arrow

Before all hell broke loose in Starling City, Team Arrow plus Malcolm attempt to save Oliver from the League of Assassins but fail as they get capture. They get doused with the supervirus but luckily for them, Malcolm knew what was going on and vaccinated the team, giving us one of the sassiest lines on the show ever (“I believe the words that you are looking for are ‘Thank’ and ‘You’.”). Then the team is rescued from Nanda Parbat by Barry (“You guys have a hot tub?”). This scene is the perfect combination of both serious and funny, which is something the show has perfected over the course of five seasons.

2.09 Tommy tells Oliver he is a hero

If you have kept up with us for a while you might be aware that we are partial to everything Tommy Merlyn, so we appreciate any and every appearance he has made over the years. In the ninth episode of season two Barry saves Oliver’s life after being injected with an unknown substance. Oliver starts to hallucinate, so when his best friend returns to him to tell him he is a hero for fighting to save people’s lives, the floodgates opened. They never really closed when it comes to the younger Merlyn, but that’s a whole other thing.

3.21 Gone but never forgotten

What we love the most about Arrow are the quiet scenes, and this one is a tear-jerker. By the end of season three Oliver has decided to give his life for Thea’s and joined the League of Assassins as Al Sahim. On a night like every other Felicity, Thea and the Diggle’s meet up for dinner and remember their fallen brother, lover, and friend. It is a sweet, albeit heartbreaking scene that gives us an insight into the character’s personal lives away from fighting crime; the scene almost translates a sense of normality.

3.01 Oliver and Felicity’s first kiss

Of course we need to address the show’s major couple when we talk about our favorite moments. When Arrow returned with season three things seemed more simple, almost calm (hence the very fitting episode title). So when Oliver and Felicity finally decided to go on a date and explore whether there is more between them than just friendship, the fandom rejoiced. The episode ends on a bittersweet note as Oliver and Felicity kiss in the hospital after baby Sara is born.

2.12 Oliver reveals his Identity to Roy

All of season two Roy has been working with the Arrow, getting hit once or twice by the man himself. When Roy is dosed with mirakuru and gains inhumane powers Oliver is even more reluctant to work with the youngster. However, as Oliver finds himself in need of a super soldier, he reveals his true identity to Roy. The I-did-not-see-that-coming moment is a defining one for the show as Roy ends up being Team Arrow’s fourth official member.

3.20 Oliver and Malcolm cry over Thea

Say what you will about Oliver and Malcolm but even these two strong characters have a soft and vulnerable side which totally came out when Thea was nearly killed by Ra’s Al Ghul in season three. Oliver came home to discover Thea near death and rushed his sister to the hospital where the situation seemed hopeless. At the hospital, the doctors tell Oliver that it’s only a matter of time before Thea dies. In this scene, a visibly distressed Oliver stands next to Thea as she lays in an intensive care unit and her father Malcolm Merlyn walks in. Oliver almost yells at Malcolm because he blames him for what happened to Thea, but seemingly realizes it no longer matters. In a rare display of emotion, Malcolm sobs near Thea’s bed. Amell and Barrowman’s brilliant performance left us sobbing and breathless.

2.07 Thea’s parentage is revealed

Season two of Arrow can definitely be named the best of all the seasons so far as it dropped so many shocking reveals and truth bombs on us like this one. Easily one of the greatest scenes in Arrow, Malcom Meryln is revealed to have survived his fight with the Hood and tells a shocking revelation: Thea Queen is his daughter. It took us quite a few days to pick our jaws up off the floors.

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