What Could It Be? Stan Lee Names His Favorite Cameo

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

In the bevy of Marvel Cinemtatic Universe films, one of the favourite features is always waiting for the Stan Lee cameo.

Lee, who is an icon of Marvel himself after launching his career with the creation of The Fantastic Four in 1961, has a firm place in the MCU. He has appeared in various cameos in the films such as Iron Man, Thor and Avengers to name a few.

Lee has appeared in 28 of Marvel’s films altogether.

There is one, more than all the others, that the writer lists as his favourite.

Lee appeared recently on The Tomorrow Show. When asked whether he had a favourire cameo, he quickly responses yes.

The writer has said that his best one was in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Thor handed him a bit of Asgardian mead to try at one of Tony Stark’s parties.

“They were all fun to do, but mine is the one when I’m with Thor and he’s drinking something,” Lee said. “I ask for a drink and he says, ‘No, it’s too strong for you.’ But I insist, and he gives it to me. In the next scene, they’re dragging me away. I’m saying, ‘Excelsior!’”

Why is it his favourite you ask?  It’s simple, explains Lee.

“The reason that’s my favorite is that it’s the only one with two scenes. So, let that be a hint to the directors from now on. I want a couple of scenes.”

Previously, when Lee has been asked this question, it comes up A LOT, he has been the ever modest and gracious person about it.

At a Comic Con in the USA, where he said:  “It’s hard to pick my favorite cameo, because as you know, they’re all masterpieces.”

Lee did go on to say that he did in fact have a favourite, but as it hadn’t aired at that time he couldn’t talk about it.

“Unfortunately, this will frustrate you a little: I have a favorite because I can’t tell you what it is because it hasn’t appeared yet….I had to go and do three cameos for three movies at the same time.”

Even Stan Lee is susceptible to the famed Marvel Snipers, it seems.

Currently a very lively 93-year-old, the parts keep coming, as we reported last month.

Studio Head Kevin Feige has said that they have in fact already shot four more for upcoming movies.

While there was not word on which films they were there’s a good chance they were for Doctor Strange, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 and Thor; Ragnarok, which are currently in various stages of production. (Doctor Strange set to open in cinemas this week here in Australia.)

As for the fourth one? It’s possibly Spider-Man: Homecoming or Avengers: Infinity War.

Feige said about Lee:  “He was unbelievable.”

Feige continued,  “A couple of months ago in Atlanta, he flew down and we shot four in one day — for four various projects. They’re all awesome! They’re all totally different. And he was unbelievable. He was on fire. He came in, he sat here, he stood there, he stood in this window, and then he went home.”

Ain’t no cameo like a Stan Lee Cameo.


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