Tom Hanks Comments On Channing Tatum Splash Remake

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

A project that very much has our interest at the moment is the Splash remake.

Having full-figured Jillian Bell fall in love with hot merman Channing Tatum? Simply put, someone found my Tina from Bob’s Burgers like writings from age thirteen.

Also Channing Tatum is going to be a merman. I don’t know why, but saying that out loud brings me a joy that I have never known.

So what does Tom Hanks, who starred in the original film, think about this remake?

He actually seems pretty excited about it, if you want to be honest here.

During the red carpet for Inferno (based on the Dan Brown novel), The Associated Press caught up with Hanks to ask him about the remake. While Hanks isn’t involved yet, he is clearly interested.

He said: “No one asked me! I’m all in favor of it. Why not? That’s fine! I figure if they were really going to be bold, I would come back as Allen Bauer, and I would go off with Channing Tatum. That would be a bold movie, and I am suggesting it right now. Put THAT on your AP wire.”

An intergenerational LGBT mermaid story? …I’d watch it.

So while Hanks may or may not be involved, Ron Howard is producing the film. If he wants to be, then I think it would be easy for Hanks to make a cameo or something.

Currently, no one is attached to direct the film. (Although if Ron Howard directs this movie, I may laugh.) The script is currently being written by Marja-Lewis Ryan.

Splash does not have a release date yet.

Bec Heim