Time To Meet The “New Rogues” On This Week’s Episode Of The Flash

Credit: Katie Yu/The CW
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Hey Flash fans!

Welcome to another week of getting used to this strange post-Flashpoint world we find ourselves in. Last week, we saw the birth of Jesse Quick. This week it’s time to meet “The New Rogues”.

Shall we?

Reflection: Three years ago, we see Sam Scudder enjoy a post-heist score with his girlfriend. Leonard Snart comes in, upset they’ve been spending the dough. Scudder doesn’t want to abide by Snart’s rules, which means death. A fight breaks out between the two groups. As Scudder lays on top of a mirror, about to be killed, the particle accelerator explodes. He disappears. In the present, a worker finds the mirror and Scudder emerges asking where Snart is.

Quick: Barry and Joe show the Clariss death scene by Alchemy. Team Flash tosses around ideas, but they need more evidence. Joe says he’ll keep an eye on things with Julian’s investigation. Jesse wants to train and Cisco is going to get them training. Personally, it looks like Barry is enjoying someone keeping up with him. As Barry gives Jesse tips about precision, he realizes he sounds like Oliver. Harry and Jesse decide to stay for a bit longer. Jesse asks Wally if he wants to get out of here. When Barry, Caitlin and Cisco tell Harry that they miss him, he says get another Harrison Wells from the multiverse.

Info: A very pretty lady comes up to Joe with a file on Alchemy, which is nothing. Pretty lady seems very interested in Joe. Barry and Iris enjoy a quiet night in complete with a nice make-out session. It gets awkward when Joe comes home. Barry, apparently, feels awkward about having romantic time with Iris around Joe. Iris wants Barry to talk with Joe about it. At some type of a club, a henchman of Snart’s works. Scudder finds him asking where Snart is. Scudder angry throws him through a mirror which injures the guy. Scudder says that he needs to find “her”.

The Most Awkward Thing: Hey! The guy lived and it looks like Scudder is going after Snart’s old crew. Barry tells Joe about Snart’s vacation with the Legends (no one told him he died?). Of course, who knows what happened with Snart in Flashpoint? After this, Barry and Joe have the most awkward conversation ever about Barry and Iris. So awkward. At STAR Labs, Harry makes his inter-dimensional IQ test to lure another Harrison Wells out of the multiverse. Cisco sends it out with his vibe powers. Meanwhile, Jesse and Wally are spending time together. Jesse kisses Wally, who likes her but doesn’t think they can handle the interdimensional dating. It’s awkward again, but they try to move past it.

Mirror Master And Top: At STAR Labs, Barry and crew talk about Scudder’s powers. Harry taking the name from Cisco to dub him: Mirror Master. They find out that there is one associate left from the heist: the woman Rosalyn Dylan, who can induce vertigo. Cisco gives her the name of Top. At the prison, Joe and pretty lady (Cecel?) talk with Dylan about Scudder. She’s not giving them anything. Joe and pretty lady flirt for a moment before they realize that Scudder is there and has broken Dylan out. At STAR Labs, they figure out that Scudder can essentially make wormholes through reflections. Multiverse Harry’s start to ping back which has Cisco, Caitlin and Harry running off to answer. Barry assures Iris that he talked to Joe, which makes her happy. Meanwhile, Scudder and Dylan talk about things that have changed. Scudder wants to fill the power vacuum left by Snart. Dylan tells him that he needs beat the Flash.

Mirror-verse: The job interviews of the various Harrison Wells’ do not go well. We have a Western Wells, a Steampunk Wells, a Mime Wells, and one that seems kind of cool. Harry passes on all of them though. Iris notices that Barry is still being weird about being a couple in front of Joe. She confronts the pair about it, then Barry about this. Barry is saved from explanation because Top and Mirror Master have made an appearance. Jesse comes with him and promises to listen to what Barry has to say. She doesn’t and follows when Barry tells her to stay put. Dylan gets her to lose her balance allowing Scudder to throw Barry into a mirror, trapping him.

Stuck: At STAR Labs, Jesse is blaming herself and leaves the room. Wally follows her out of the room to talk with her. Barry, in the mirror, is stuck talking backwards. Thanks to Cisco’s Twin Peaks knowledge. They are able to fix that. Since Scubber using reflective wormholes, they need something super cold to allow Barry to phase out. Jesse and Wally have a private moment together as Wally comforts her. They kiss. In the workshop, science babble happens while Caitlin and Cisco tell Wells that he doesn’t want to be replaced. Now stuck in the mirror, Barry and Iris have a conversation. He apologizes for being “stuck” in regards to Joe, Iris and him. He feels weird about this new dynamic about the three of them. He doesn’t know what to do now that he has this relationship with Iris. It’s everything he has ever wanted. Iris laughs a little because of the general weirdness. They promise to talk about it later. Barry says that he’s here but not. It gives him an idea to stop Scudder.

Freeze: Cisco, Caitlin and Harry bring in the new device to break Barry out of his mirror prison. The issue is that the device is not cold enough to do so. A conveniently time robbery catches everyone’s attention. Once everyone leaves, she starts to use her ice powers to freeze the mirror. Barry is able to free himself, and has an idea. Dylan and Scudder get a call from “Snart”. It turns out that it’s a hologram of Snart. Barry uses his speed and the mirror around him to confuse Scudder. He traps Scudder in an infinite reflective loop that he can’t escape from. Meanwhile, Jesse turns Dylan’s powers against her and delivers a beautiful punch.

Wrap: Top and Mirror Master are locked away in different cells. Cecel asks Joe out on a date, who makes an excuse. He tells Barry that he got nervous. Meanwhile, they pull Earth-19 Harry aka HR from his Earth to help the team. Harry tells Cisco that device wasn’t working, someone did something to it. He’s about to say something else but Jesse pulls him through the breech. At the West residence, Barry announces his intention to move out. In her shower at home, Caitlin turns the water to ice, gets blue lips, and her hair starts turning white.

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