Things Get Weird With Ben Affleck And Anna Kendrick For The Accountant Press Junket

Credit: Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick star in the action thriller The Accountant, which hit theaters this weekend. In preparation of the film’s release, the actors partnered up for a press junket that seems like it was more than just your average Wednesday.

In a promotional interview, the two got down to the nitty gritty on their career goals and aspirations, including the projects they’d like to do next. Luckily MTV News and After Hours with Josh Horowitz were there to capture their ‘interview’ and bring it to all of us.

Take a look:

What movie are they promoting again?

Oh, right – The Accountant. While this is clearly a planned, scripted, silly interview (which After Hours is always good for!), it is incredibly entertaining. This was definitely one of the highlights of my week for many reasons.

First of all, Anna Kendrick is my favorite, probably ever. Pretty much everything she does is solid gold, and this is no exception. She can make anything funny! Even Ben Affleck.

The interview starts off on the same foot as any typical junket interview would, discussing the film and the actors complimenting each other. It doesn’t take long for Kendrick to start interrupting both men and redirecting the topic back to her and what she wants. She continues to surreptitiously (LOL) drop hints about wanting a role in a superhero film, and * cough cough * how it would be nice if she knew anyone involved with one. The guys let her down gently, but her heart is broken. “You are dream killers,” she says, decked out in a Robin costume.

And speaking of dreams… Affleck opens up about his childhood dreams about working in film. With some faraway music playing in the background, he shifts into what looks like a dream sequence. Many people don’t know this about him, but as a child Ben actually wanted to play little orphan Annie instead of Indiana Jones. As he grew, his dreams grew, and his biggest career letdown was not being in Pitch Perfect (he even sings a bit of “Cups!”).

Then the record scratches and Kendrick asks him to stop. They were doing a bit and he took it just a little too far… How embarrassing. Kendrick graciously thanks Horowitz for his time and the video ends with her asking Affleck what the f— is wrong with him?!

This video was so bizarre and hilarious, that I really don’t know what to say. Anna Kendrick nails it every time she has an interview (real or fake) and Ben Affleck’s schtick and off-key singing were pretty entertaining. I was planning to see The Accountant this weekend, but after this I think I’ve seen all I need to see.

Just kidding, I’ll probably go see it.

What do you think? Was this funny-ha-ha or funny-roll-your-eyes? Comment below!

Abby Bertrand