The Star Trek Beyond Gag Reel Has Been Released And It Is Beyond Hilarious

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

This gag reel certainly boldly goes where no studio would ever let them in the film innuendo-wise!

The stars of Star Trek Beyond are in fact only human, and we get to see them let loose and mess up in hilarious ways.

“It’s too short,” says Sophia Boutella as Jaylah, gesturing to some wiring.

“You’re not the first girl that’s said that to me,” quips script-writer slash Scotty, Simon Pegg.

Now why didn’t he slip that one in the actual script?!

The infamously serious Mr Spock gets some interesting intention as Zachary Quinto’s voice cracks mid-take. We definitely get to see Spock acting pretty out of character in this film, delirious from pain and blood-loss. Even on his deathbed, he’d definitely never say “Captain,” like that, right?

In a scene on the bridge, John Cho tells Chris Pine “it sounds like you’re doing Shatner”.

We have the honour of witnessing Pine say he’s going “full Shat. Watch out.”

That slang needs to catch on ASAP! Not just in a Star Trek context either – I could see myself doing a lot of things “full Shat” in my daily life.

Now the best part of the gag reel has to be this: Bones and Kirk enjoy a drink together in a heartwarming scene in the film. Bones recognizes a tradition with his old friend, it’s all very touching.

Prepare to have that scene ruined forever! Karl Urban and Pine engage in a moan-off as they demonstrate their appreciation for the alcohol in an increasingly inappropriate manner.

Pine says it’s all “mildly sexual,” but the “mildly” is understating things somewhat.

Other highlights include the door to the bridge not sliding open all the way, so Urban and Pine grapple with it for a little while, before giving up and quipping “Let’s just go back to the cafeteria.”

We’re lucky to have been given this sneak peek into what’s to come when the Blu-ray and DVD come out next month on November 1, 2016. 

See the full gag reel below!

Sneh Rupra