“The Justice Society Of America” Clash With The Team On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

Episode 2 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow jumps right back into action. Episode “The Justice Society of America” picks up where the premiere left off, and we get a proper introduction to the JSA. Unfortunately, when we meet new heroes, there’s always a couple of villains attached to them.

The legends come face to face with the JSA and are immediately smitten with the real life super heroes, their professional costumes and enviable skills. The JSA however, sees the legends as troublemakers, a threat that needs to be assessed. Especially Obsidian’s powers (and the CGI that goes hand in hand with it) are impressive. A beautifully choreographed battle ensues in which our heroes take one hell of a beating and they are taken into custody.

JSA Headquarters, 1942
Now behind bars the team cannot stop bickering. Meanwhile the JSA considers what to do with the time travelers and how to eliminate them as a threat: Bellevue Mental Hospital might be a solution after all. By now Rex Tyler has joined the rest of the JSA. He claims to have never seen the legends before, even after they tell him about his message in 2016. To confirm their status as time travelers newcomer Nate tells Commander Steel that he is his grandson and in possession of the latter’s dog tags. Eventually the legends are sent back to the Wave Rider, with the promise to not interfere with the JSA’s business again.

As it is 1942 and humanity was still a little behind, the JSA automatically assumes that the oldest, whites and malest member of the group is their leader, and Prof. Stein takes over the role temporarily. After the presumed death of Rip Hunter the legends are in dire need of someone calling the shots. But is Martin the right choice?

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

Paris 1942
When the legends learn that all members of the JSA are due to be killed in Paris the next day they go back on their promise and make their way back to 1942 to save them. Especially Nate, who is hell-bent on saving his grandfather’s life to ensure his own existence. In order to find the JSA the legends follow a German commander called Krieger, which is the JSA’s target.

Martin doubles as one of Hitler’s favorite musicians Max Lorenz and the legends sneak into a Nazi nightclub to get closer to Krieger. But even Victor Garber’s incredible vocal performance doesn’t stop the legends from messing up the situation. Ray throws the first punch when a Nazi officer forces him to perform the Nazi salute, and the situation escalates from there.

The fight attracts the attention of the JSA and they intervene. The legends invite them back to the Wave Rider where the JSA members are confronted with new technologies they do not understand just yet. Although reluctant the JSA and legends agree to work together to bring down Krieger, with Rex and Martin functioning as the team’s captains.

Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

Fontainebleau Forest, 1942
After gathering information of a transfer of an ancient amulet the two teams try to intercept the delivery. Sara, Mick and Stargirl and Obsidian join the front to fight the Nazi escort, while Ray and Amaya (Vixen) are tasked with pursuing Krieger. As a result of failed communication between the team leaders and a lack of decision-making by Martin, Ray and Amaya are captured by the Nazis. They were overwhelmed by Krieger who has turned into a superhuman after using a serum provided by devil-speedster Thawne.

The legends and the JSA try to both get back Ray and Amaya as well as stop Krieger from creating an army with the super-serum. Martin cracks under the pressure and is unable to come up with a plan. When Rex is willing to sacrifice Ray and Amaya in order to beat the Nazis, Martin transfers control over to Sara and declares her the proper person to be the new team captain.

Krieger is quick to execute Amaya and Ray, but stops short when Ray offers him a deal: Amaya’s life for Ray’s expertise. Krieger needs to find a way to replicate the super-serum and Ray’s knowledge and experience could be helpful. Lucky for them the legends and the JSA jump in and attack the Nazi base. They rescue Ray and Amaya and eventually Krieger is stopped by an airstrike.

One of the bombs hits Commander Steel and Nate, which results in a critical injury. Nate is a hemophiliac, which means his blood doesn’t clot and he has a high risk of bleeding to death. Ray injects Nate with a tweaked version of the super serum and saves the newcomer’s life.


Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr

New York City, 1942
Back on the Wave Rider the JSA discusses what to do with the amulet that they were able to apprehend from the Nazis. The agree to keep it save, while the legends decide to move along and get the hell out of 1942.

The final moment of the episode shocks us to the core, as Rex Tyler is attacked and eventually killed by Eobard Thawne. Is this the end of Patrick J. Adams on Legends?

Season two of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is off to an amazing start. Forgotten is the cringe-worthy storyline of Vandal Savage as we welcome the Justice Society of America. Forgotten is the selfish nature of Rip Hunter’s mission as we welcome our new fearless, kickass, amazing new leader Sara Lance. We sure hope that the JSA sticks around for a while longer.


Gif: Tumblr
Gif: Tumblr


Favorite Lines
Commander Steel: “It’s a parent’s job to protect their child, but it’s a child’s obligation to themselves to live their own life. You can and should do whatever you set your mind to. But you should know, you don’t have to be a soldier to be a hero.”

Amaya: “They took my amulet.”
Ray: “And without it, I’m guessing you’re just… ”
Amaya: “A 5th-degree black belt, with training in edged weapons combat.”

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