Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows Set For A TV Spin Off

Credit: Madman Films
Credit: Madman Films

As if 2016 wasn’t already shaping up to be the year of Waititi – that is Taika Waititi the New Zealand director, more good news is coming from his camp.

Back in 2014, Waititi and Jermain Clement released the cult-classic mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows. The film followed around four roommates living in inner-city Wellington. Oh the guys just happen to be vampires. The film was a hit, earning an impressive $6.9 million worldwide.

Waititi recently confirmed that WWDITS is now getting a television spin-off. Clement, who is well known as part of Flight of the Conchords as well has often discussed their interest in taking the characters and concept to television, and now it looks as if that is finally moving forward. However the show will have a slightly different focus.

To be titled Paranormal Event Response Unit, the show will follow around two police officers, Karen and Mike as they are charged with keeping the local residents safe from all the paranormal happenings in the town.

To date there will be six half-hour episodes due to be screened on TVNZ. Wider release will depend on who wants to pick up the show, but with Waititi being a hot commodity at the moment, it would be a good pickup for any network or streaming service. Perhaps Netflix or one of the other streaming companies will pick it up.

Waititi is currently receiving huge praise for his indie hit Hunt for The Wilderpeople starring Julian Dennison and Sam Neill, all the while working on the blockbusterThor: Ragnarok.

If you haven’t already experienced the hilarity of WWDITS, you can watch the trailer below.


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