Superman Joins “The Adventures Of Supergirl” In The Supergirl Season Two Premiere

Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW
Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

It seems like it has been forever, but our beloved show has finally returned to the airwaves. When we last left Kara Danvers and the Super Friends, the double threat of Non and Indigo had been defeated. Kara and James Olsen were taking tentative relationship steps forward. J’onn was accepted alien and all as the rightful head of the DEO. Alex and Kara decided that they were going to rescue Jeremiah Danvers from the clutches of CADMUS. In the final moments, a strange Kryptonian like pod had crash-landed on Earth.

So let’s see where we’re going this season, shall we?

What’s In The Pod? We start at the end of last season. J’onn and Kara run off to discover the pod hitting Earth. We see them chasing it to where it lands. In it, she finds a young man. J’onn and Kara land at the new DEO headquarters. Apparently, it was always there. Always. Don’t question this. Kara believes this mysterious guy is from Krypton, but no one really knows. Pod Guy is in a coma. Alex wants Winn to look at the pod schematics because he has taught himself Kryptonian. Because of course he has and J’onn, reluctantly, agrees to it. Alex asks if Kara is watching the Venture Launch, the first commercial space flight. Instead, Kara and James are having a date. Alex thinks Kara doesn’t sound that eager because she sounds too, but she is. Really.

The Future of Kara Danvers: Cat has summoned Kara to Catco because she wants to know if Kara has chosen her new career. Kara hasn’t yet, but an online quiz says she would do good in marketing. Cat tells Kara that she wants her happy, to find her calling. Supergirl doesn’t do what she does because of her skills. She does it because of what’s in her heart. She wants Kara to find that passion. Her new assistant, however, may have to find her passion away from Cat Grant. Far away from Cat Grant. James and Kara are about to have their first date. James wants to do a nice thing for them with potstickers and pizza inside. Together, they watch the Venture Launch because he knows it’s important to her. Except things get hairy, the Venture Launch is in trouble. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Clark Kent fumbles while talking to Perry White over the phone. He is adorkable to the max and I am so happy. Both Supergirl and Superman respond to the disaster, saving the day. Kara is adorably pleased that she gets to have this time with her cousin. She even teases him telling civilians about changing his diapers as a baby.

The DEO: Kara takes Clark to the DEO to show him Pod Guy. Everyone is suitably awed at seeing Superman, except J’onn. There’s definitely some history there. Winn finishes his translation from the Pod and it passed through this place where time is weird. Kara went there as a kid apparently. Winn also asks Clark why he looks so young. Apparently, Kryptonians age slower than humans. Kara and Clark decide to investigate the Venture Crash. As they leave, Alex asks J’onn what is it with him and Clark. She gets no answers. Clark, apparently, has some sway with Cat Grant. Apparently, Superman has his klutzy moments. He also has his dorky moments as well. He and James have an adorable secret handshake and everything! Kara is just so happy to have her cousin there as well. Cat is also happy to have Clark there. Very happy. So happy that it makes me wonder if she and Clark did a little dance, made a little love, got down tonight. Clark and Lois are still together and very happy though. Cat jokes that she may just poach him while Clark is there. Kara promises James that she wants to have a good date with him. Clark finds out who made the part: Luthor Corp. They need to go talk to Lena Luthor.

The Luthor Legacy: In a shady building somewhere, a British guy buys a newly developed drone. Once he knows the drone works, he kills the dude who made it. Now evil British guy is going to do something with it. At Luthor Corp, we meet cool and collected Lena Luthor. Lena talks about how she was adopted and how Lex was the only one who seemed to welcome her in the family. It breaks her heart that he turned to villainy rather than helping the world. Lena wants to stand on her own feet. She wants to prove her innocence in this and gives them a hard drive with the data for Venture on it. Lena was supposed to be on this flight, but couldn’t make it. Clark and Kara leave. On the street, the cousins have a sweet moment as Kara unloads all of her confused feelings. She doesn’t feel certain in her life. Clark tells her that it took him awhile to find balance as well. She just needs to work for it.

Operation Emerald? At the DEO, Alex finally finds out why Superman and J’onn are weird around each other. It’s something to do with Operation Emerald, which was the discovery of Kryptonite. Clark wanted to destroy it, but J’onn kept it. Because not all Kryptonians are Superman. Alex agrees, but it also gives him ammo against her sister as well. Winn interrupts to tell them that the bomb on the flight came from under Lena’s seat.Lena boards a helicopter for flight. A bunch of drones attack. Superman and Supergirl show up, but British dude tells them that he has others targeting civilians. Superman goes to handle the civilians while Supergirl stays to fight the drones. Supergirl is able to save Lena, informing her of the attempt on her life.

Take a Dive: Kara and James have a talk back at Catco. Kara tries to set up a date, but James can tell she is not into it. Kara just tells him that she is trying to figure herself out. So they kind of break it off? I hope this isn’t going to turn into a WestAllen situation here. Kara hears Cat yelling at her assistant and goes to see her mentor. Cat and Kara have talk. Kara telling Cat about her fears, but Cat tells her that she needs to dive in. She needs to embrace whatever future the world has for her. Even if it is scary, she needs to do it.

Assassins: They have the name of the assassin that tried to kill Lena, John Corben. He’s an international assassin for hire. Kara tries to talk Lena out of the ceremony, but Lena will not be dissuaded. Things get bad when Corben attacks the ceremony. It’s definitely a mess with bombs going off in the background. Alex goes after Corben while Kara and Clark try to take care of the building which is about to collapse. Kara repairs the building and Alex gets Corben to reveal who hired him: Lex Luthor. Lena shoots Corben and, apparently, kills him. The next day, Lena seems mostly recovered. She thanks Clark for the kind write-up in the paper. She is surprised, however, that Kara isn’t on the byline. This comment inspires Kara to choose her career choice.

Set The Stage: Kara tells Cat that she wants to be a reporter. Cat, in a sweet moment, tells Kara that reporter is what she always saw for her as well. She wants Kara to go and change the world. As Kara leaves, Cat calls in her new assistant. She needs to make some calls. Kara and James talk about their relationship. Kara tells him that she just wants to be friends. James agrees to be friends. At the DEO, Winn has been hired on. He’s thrilled to be there, even if he’s not a cool collected secret agent man. Kara and Clark have a moment. Clark wants to stay around for a bit. He wants to bond with his cousin. Awwww!

CADMUS: Corben gets new life with CADMUS. And this is definitely not good because hello Metallo.

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