Stranger Things Meets Charlie Brown In Adorable Fan Mash-Up

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things has swept the world.

Who doesn’t love the warm, yet creepy, feelings of nostalgia that such a show invokes in us? Even though I was born in ’92, I and others watched a ton of 80’s movies growing up. So this was just as nostalgic for us.

You know what’s nostalgic for everyone? The Peanuts cartoon series created by Charles Schulz. Who doesn’t get nostalgic when those holiday specials start up this time of year?

Honestly, it made perfect sense to combine the two. No. Really. It totally does.

In a new YouTube video from user OnlyLeigh, who did Hobbit/Mean Girls and a Thor/Arrested Development mash-ups that still make me weep with laughter, she combines Stranger Things and Peanuts to a glorious degree.

Called “A Stranger Things Christmas”, we see Will Byers try to figure out why he’s so unhappy after being freed from the Upside Down.

Everything about this is great from Dustin laying down some Linus wisdom on Will to Eleven’s psychiatrist stand covered in Eggos. Although what really got me was how Will coughed up one of those weird slug things and everyone was totally cool about it! I was cracking up for some reason.

I’ve probably seen the show one too many times at this point. (What can I say? It’s perfect for this time of year.)

Check it out below!


Bec Heim

Bec Heim

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