Spot The Traitor(s) In This Week’s The Mindy Project

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Another week has come and gone and so has another episode of Hulu’s The Mindy Project. We here at 4YE have high hopes that season five will get this crazy train back on track, and, at three episodes in, things are looking promising. Last week found the nurses on strike, and a cute new man in the mix. With Danny and Jody both officially out of the picture, what lies ahead for Mindy?

Still Striking

The nurses of Shulman & Associates (and more) are still on strike. That little fact does not stop Mindy from paging Nurse Ben to make house calls, though. It is blatantly obvious that Leo’s sudden, mysterious medical situation are a rouse to get the handsome gent to her apartment, but Ben doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Things get a little… sticky when Mindy, Jody, and Jeremy arrive at work one day to the ongoing strike. When Jeremy notices the look of unadulterated lust on Mindy’s face, he gets suspicious and confronts her. Mindy plays it off, explaining that she was getting carried away with the thought of the nurses’ strike going long and ruining all the nurses’ Christmases. The other doctors cackle with her and are promptly covered in raw eggs. Blink and you might miss it… Among the yelling and name-calling, we see Ben shake his head in apology and shrug at Mindy – before he launches another egg in her direction.

Inside the office, Jeremy promises the doctors and temp staff that the strike soon will be over. Everyone seems to be falling apart without the nurses there, but none more than Mindy who can’t handle working with “randos like Troy!”

Elsewhere, the nurses are commiserating as well. Life without steady work is pretty tough! It gets a little weird when Ben notices the picture of Mindy on Morgan’s fridge and asks about it. Perhaps he’s fishing for information…? Fingers crossed!


Jeremy is stressed to the max as the practice representative in the union’s bargaining. When Beverly finds him smoking a joint in the supply closet, she is shocked!

“You’re gettin’ high?” she asks. “You’re cool? I thought you were a loser!”

Jeremy’s freaking out between the lack of help in the office and the negotiations. Mindy and Jody come upon the scene, and, with a well-timed Clinton joke from Jody, we learn that Jeremy has stress-related alopecia and no eyebrows (I know, it sounds stupid but it was actually funny).

Jeremy laments the nurses’ superior unity, while Jody laments missing his sister’s birthday. He decides to go behind Mindy and Jeremy’s backs and orders her a very tasteful women’s golf-themed birthday cake. Somehow, another “Leo emergency” has come up and Mindy needs to rush home, and Jody is more than happy to shoo her from his office to resume placing his cake order.

Aren’t You A Doctor?

Ben asks what we’ve all been wondering: Mindy, aren’t you a damn doctor? How are you so ill-equipped when it comes to these things? As Mindy makes excuses, Ben closes in on her. He accuses her (LOL) of liking him and asking him for the house calls just so she can see him. On a side note: I would totally do this. She denies it, but doesn’t deny him when he kisses her.

As the super hot kiss comes to an end, a still-in-denial Mindy says that it was horrible and she did not enjoy it. LIES! When Ben leaves though, he makes it clear he’s open for another kiss. Unfortunately, Morgan, who is assumedly stalking Mindy, is outside as Ben leaves her place.

The next day at the nurses’ meeting, Morgan make traitor jokes to Ben, and tries to out him to the rest of the nurses. When Ben and Mindy run into each other at a pizza truck, it’s obvious Mindy was affected by their kiss the previous day.

Colette’s birthday rolls around and Jody can’t stand to miss it. He shows up incognito in his cowboy gear to surprise his sister, who is thrilled. Jody makes a comment about betraying the doctors, but Colette assures him it’s no big deal, since Mindy is hooking up with Ben.

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Traitors, Traitors, Everywhere!

Jody is pissed and takes it over to Jeremy, who is their fearless leader throughout the strike.

Jeremy does not take the news well. Like, not at all. He has become so stressed that this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and Jeremy crumples to the ground asking his bird to call 9-1-1 for him. Poor Jer literally has a heart attack.

Later at the hospital, Mindy apologizes and gets thrown into replacing him on the hospital negotiation board. When Ben and the other nurses come into the board room to sign the contract, Mindy has some last-second guilt and begs Ben via text message not to sign it. At the end of the day, the nurses get almost everything they asked for and all the doctor’s hate Mindy and Shulman & Associates for “ruining it all.” Oops!

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The nurses return to the office and so does Jeremy, in a wheelchair – Yay! To celebrate, there is coffee, donuts, fruit, and laughs. And in a very special move, Mindy offers Morgan something he’s wanted since the day they met: a real, genuine hug. All’s well the ends well? Hopefully!

That night, Mindy arrives home to find Ben waiting outside for her. It turns out he’s also been thinking a lot about their kiss. “Oh, we kissed,” Mindy pretends to forget (she’s got to play it cool). Ben decides to refresh her memory and plants another one on her. Aww.

This episode was genuinely funny and had some fantastic one-liners from Mindy, Jody, and Jeremy. The comedy is very much present in these first few episodes and we’re glad to see it. We’re not sure where this thing with Ben is going, but we’re rooting for it. Check back next week for another recap of The Mindy Project. If you want to talk before then, drop a comment below!

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