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Hello, friends! It’s good to be back in the land of Lahiri, is it not?! If you are a complete ass hat like me, you may have not realized that our beloved The Mindy Project premiere came upon us so soon last week – I need to learn to check the calendar! So, this week we have a bit of a double-whammy for you all. We’ll do a slight recap of the fifth season premiere that became available last week, and go in detail on this week’s episode, titled “Nurses’ Strike.”

Danny Castellano, How Dare You

Despite the super hot chemistry that Mindy and Danny share, I think we all know I am firmly #TeamMindy when it comes to this duo. So imagine my surprise when the two “do it” in the stuck elevator in the season four finale. You didn’t forget that part, did you? Well, imagine Mindy’s surprise when SIX HOURS LATER she receives an invitation in the mail to Danny and Sara’s wedding. Since Danny neglected to tell her before or after he had sex with Mindy, the poor girl found out when she opened the invitation.

Pair the sex/wedding invitation with Dr. Jody’s grand gesture of BUYING HER AN APARTMENT and Mindy’s found herself in a good old fashioned love triangle. Throughout the episode, Mindy weighs the pros and cons of each suitor, but ultimately decides (THANK GOD) that she and Danny aren’t good together. No one should change the core of who they are to please their partner, and I am super thankful that Mindy finally realized that.

With Danny out of the picture, Dr. Jody is an obvious choice. He’s kind, thoughtful, and handsome, and he is crazy about Mindy. Right? Well, maybe. When Tamra finds out about Danny and Mindy’s rendezvous and spills the beans to the entire office, a future with Jody seems unlikely. Ever the gentleman, he forgives her indiscretion and looks to move forward. However, after an enlightening conversation with Beverly and some serious soul searching, Mindy realizes that just maybe it’s not so bad to be alone. Maybe she doesn’t need a man to make her happy and fulfilled. When she tells Jody she is not choosing him, he loses it and returns to the arrogant prick he was when he arrived at Shulman & Associates. Is anyone really surprised? Hope not! And that concludes our very brief recap of “Decision 2016” (the episode, not the election).

Nurses’ Strike

Episode two opens with Jody hosting an open house in the apartment he gifted to Mindy and Leo. Mindy finds herself in a hard place when she’s sort of approved to make an offer on the apartment, but it’d require an extra $25,000 down payment.

Shulman & Associates are in quite the pickle when Tamra, Colette, and Morgan announce they want to join a union that’s making outrageous demands. Having no idea what a union is, does, or requires, Mindy signs it without a thought. Later, when Jody and Jeremy explain that the extra money comes from their paychecks, Mindy withdraws her support and tries to erase her signature on the petition. (Hey – she is accustomed to a certain lifestyle and that money could go toward her new apartment.)

When the nurses strike, all hell breaks loose. Morgan and Colette get belligerent and harass the three doctors on their way into work. The replacement nurses are not satisfactory so the doctors are forced to fend for themselves and it is super comical. Highlights include watching Mindy try to draw blood or use the coffee machine, all while Jeremy wears a strand of pearls to remind him to be “strong like [his] idol, Margaret Thatcher.” They are so desperate, they even make a half-hearted attempt at making a deal with Morgan to end the strike. Nurses stick together, though, and Morgan is not alone. Enter our new character who I will affectionately call Nurse Ben.

Poor Leo

Little Leo is suffering a pretty nasty ear infection and his doctor, who’s also a pediatrician-to-the-stars, gives him some ear drops that just don’t help. On her way into the ER, Mindy runs into the extremely attractive pediatric nurse that she’s somehow forgot. He is great with kids, helpful, and handsome – not sure how she’s missing this one!

With all the nurses on strike, the wait time in the completely full ER is unbearable. Luckily, Nurse Ben has a big heart and secretly calls Mindy to meet over at her office. He helps administer the ear drops and Leo is momentarily soothed. Yay!

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On the way out, Mindy and Ben talk a little more and he reveals that he has a 13-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, with the strike, he is low on funds and is making ends meet by working as a bouncer at a nearby Dave and Busters. Mindy apologizes for the drama and inconvenience of it all, and he says something that really hits home: “There’s nothing too embarrassing when it’s for your kid, right?”

Which is how Mindy ends up with her new/second/upstairs apartment. Several times throughout the episode, Brendan the midwife popped up to promote their practice and solicit doctors to be on-call in case of emergency. After seeing Ben’s devotion to his daughter, Mindy takes the midwives up on their offer and becomes the permanent on-call doctor for the weirdos. To go along with the crazy rivalry they’ve had for years, the Deslaurier brothers make it a point to completely humiliate Mindy in their advertisements. My personal favorite is the giant picture of Mindy on the side of a bus with a speech bubble that says, “I wish I was a midwife!” While Jody and Jeremy are surprised and irritated by the move, it seems like Mindy actually may be landing on her feet for once. Let’s hope so, anyway!

This was a fun episode to watch, and the nurses were completely hilarious during their strike. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Mindy keeps her head on her shoulders. I also want to throw in a special shout out to guest stars Nasim Pedrad (pediatrician-to-the-stars) and Bryan Greenberg (Nurse Ben), for making this episode extra great.

What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode? Share below.

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