Mon-El Gets A Rough Greeting On “Welcome To Earth” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

We’ve got President Wonder Woman aka Lynda Carter on the show tonight. I’m personally the most excited about this fact.

Of course, we also have Pod Guy (Mon-El) awake and, possibly, on a rampage.

Let’s see what goes down, shall we?

Awake: Pod Guy throws Kara through a glass wall. He tries to escape, finding out his new powers as he tears through the guards. J’onn is upset that they gave away their Kryptonite after this break-out. They have bigger issues with the POTUS coming to town though. She wants to pass a bill for aliens in the US, welcoming them. J’onn is unsure, as both an alien and as someone who has been living as a black man, he knows that people don’t take too kindly to those that look different. Kara thinks it’s a good idea, and is a bit starstruck when she is told that she is going to meet the president.

Madam President: At the first editorial meeting under CEO James Olsen, Snapper Carr is being an asshole. Granted, James wasn’t doing good as well. Snapper assigns stories about the new bill being passed. James tries to assign Kara an interview with POTUS. In a movie I agree with, Snapper gives the rookie reporter a different interview. She has to talk with Lena Luthor. Kara goes to where Air Force One is landing. A little girl is all wide-eyed wonder at Kara who is geeking out over the President. POTUS is attacked and Kara saves her. POTUS is taken to the DEO for safe-keeping. On the site, Alex takes control of the situation. She meets Detective Maggie Sawyer. Within three minutes of smart banter, I ship it. At the DEO, J’onn and POTUS have a nice talk. J’onn expresses his considers to her about the alien amnesty bill. He worries that bad aliens will take advantage of her good will. Kara is adorably starstruck by it.

Interviews: At L Corp, Lena and Kara start their interview. Lena shows Kara an alien detection device. Kara is unsure of it because it seems like it will send aliens back into hiding. Lena thinks that humans have the right to know where there is an alien amongst them. Kara quickly messes with the device so it gives her a positive human reading. Of course, things are now very awkward.

DEO: Winn is able to trace Pod Guy. Or, at least, get a read on him. Alex takes a team to storm the warehouse. They find Maggie Sawyer instead. Sawyer seems a bit blasé about the whole thing. She’s more impressed that the government alien black ops bogeyman is real. But the guy is definitely gone either way. In some kind of observatory, Pod Guy takes a scientist hostage saying that he wants to go home. That may be an issue, friend. At the DEO, Kara is upset that Alex went in by herself. Alex gets a call from Maggie, inviting her to do some sleuthing.

Slant: At Catco, Snapper reads Kara through the floor about her clear bias slant in her article about Lena Luthor. In his defense, a reporter has to be objective. Or, at least, they should try to be and Kara was clearly biased. Kara and James commiserate over missing Cat. Kara gives James a pep talk about the being boss he wants to be rather than the one Cat is. Maggie and Alex meet up at a bar where off-worlders meet up. They meet Maggie’s alien ex-girlfriend while Maggie talks about how she felt like an outcast growing up. Their alien neighbors are no different. They find out where Pod Guy went to “phone home”. Kara is having a hard time fixing her article to not be biased. Winn says that passion is good for superhero. Alex brings the the star coordinates; which Winn figures out is for Daxam. Kara flies off suddenly.

Daxam: Kara busts in to bright the pain to the guy, who fights back. She tells him that he should have stayed on Daxam. Kara explains about the differences between Daxam and Krypton: democracy and monarchy. There was a bloody war between the two planets centuries ago. The Daxamite defends himself, giving his view on the “self-righteous” Krypton. It looks like he doesn’t know what a President is though. Kara, however, is holding onto her views. She leaves the room. J’onn asks her if she is going to tell him what happened to Daxam. Kara says no.

Amnesty: Lena calls Kara to her office. She wanted to thank Kara for her fair and balanced article. Kara admits that her original article was not as nice, but she does admit that she likes her new one better. She does understand where Lena is coming from, even though she thinks alien amnesty is a good thing. Lena is glad that Kara can see where she comes from though. At the signing ceremony, everything seems to be going well until an alien with control over fire starts attacking the President. Kara, Alex, and Maggie try to fight her but things don’t go well. When the smoke clears, the alien is gone along with Maggie.

Maggie: Kara feels awful that she let her hatred for Daxam cloud her judgment. Alex goes back to the bar and gets information of where the woman is. (Is she like an alien Volcana?) They go to her hiding place. She taunts Maggie, calling her a groupie. The alien sees this Amnesty as a form of registration. Kara and the alien start to fight, but her fire powers are tricky. Kara contains her by pulling a Barry-esque move by flying around her superfast to put out the fire. With her fire put out, she tries for the gun. Maggie kicks her back. Maggie declares them “fun”.

Boss: James takes control of the Snapper situation. He encroaches on Snapper’s territory as a lesson for the other man. Snapper and James make a deal. They stay out of each other’s lanes. Kara is pretty proud of her friend. At the DEO, Alex and Maggie flirt some more. Maggie goes to meet a date.

Mon-El: Kara frees the Daxamite. She apologizes for assuming the worst of him. He accepts her apology and introduces himself as Mon-El. He asks about contacting Daxam. Kara tells him the hard news. Debris from Krypton disrupted Daxam’s gravitational pull. It was consequently ravaged by solar storms. Now it is a wasteland.

M’gann: With the DEO, the President thanks them for her help. Kara is so thrilled by meeting her. Except, it looks like POTUS is an alien imposter of some sort. Meanwhile, J’onn goes to the bar in his true form. A bartender is shocked to see him in his true form. He confronts her in an alleyway. She transforms and introduces herself as M’gann M’orzz: Last Daughter of Mars.

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