“Mindy Lahiri Is A Misogynist” In This Week’s The Mindy Project

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All is well in the office of Shulman and Associates following the nurses’ strike and Jeremy’s heart attack. Well, all but one thing… With Jeremy getting around on a little rascal (you read that right), the office is hiring a new doctor to pick up some slack. Everyone thinks that’s a swell idea until they decide they’re going to hire another female doctor. Hooray! And that’s the start (not at all) of how we found out that Mindy Lahiri is a misogynist.

Now Hiring

Mindy, Jeremy, and Jody start the grueling process of interviewing a whole slew of only female doctors. Jeremy and Jody made the executive decision that they were doing their patients a disservice by having Mindy as the only female doctor at the practice, so their new doctor would definitely be a woman.

It isn’t surprising how quickly Mindy goes from “Yay, feminism!” to finding something wrong with every candidate. As a successful woman, of course it’s easy to feel threatened by another successful woman, but Mindy – as she always does – plays it up more than absolutely necessary.

Ever the team player, Mindy brings in a stellar candidate that she found on monster.com! Robert’s resume totally blew her away, so… Yikes. Robert is a very nice, yet unkempt man who is, in fact, not actually a doctor. Things only get worse when Robert farts his way through the interview then makes his way to the restroom and ASKS IF THEY LIMIT THE TIME HE CAN SPEND THERE. Nice try, Min, but you’re not getting out of this one that easily.

Pissed off, Mindy seeks solace in nurse Ben about the outrageous claims against her. How dare they think she’s a misogynist just because she didn’t like a single one of the female candidates they’d interviewed! Through a smirk, Ben offers another suggestion: prove she isn’t a misogynist by bringing in a female candidate of her own.

Dr. Anna Ziev

So Mindy does just that. Taking Ben’s advice, Mindy tracks down a female doctor who was just fired from another practice in the city. Jeremy and Jody are pleasantly surprised when the stern-looking woman comes with an impressive resume. Not only is she a real doctor, but she is a talented, workaholic doctor at that. The men are set on hiring her, but Mindy isn’t so sure.

When Mindy asks why was she fired from her last practice, she is shocked to find out Dr. Ziev slapped another doctor at the other practice for sexually harassing her. “[Was it] dignified? No,” she says. “Effective? Very.”

Needless to say, the woman is intense. Against Mindy’s wishes, she is hired and starts at the office. The next day, as Mindy arrives late, Anna is none too happy to step in with Mindy’s favorite patient. Anna doesn’t just fill in, though; she tells the patient that Mindy referred her to Anna’s care and swipes the patient right out from under her.

Feeling betrayed, she confronts Anna in her office to find Anna’s good friend Nate Berkus in there decorating (nice cameo, Nate!). Then the two have a “WTF” standoff. Mindy tells Anna it isn’t cool or professional to just steal a patient, while Anna counters that it isn’t cool or professional to arrive more than an hour and a half late for an appointment. Touché.

Mindy doesn’t want to hear any of it, and, instead, fires Anna.

New Jersey

Throughout this week’s episode, Ben tries selling Mindy on the pleasures of New Jersey. Some of the perks include: better parks, more space, and better places to raise a child. Completely disgusted by the idea of leaving Manhattan – for New Jersey of all places – Mindy flat out refuses to consider moving, but decides to try a visit.

Aside from the disgusting ride on the commuter train, Mindy likes Jersey. Mindy and Ben spend a pleasant night together and things are going swimmingly the next day until the conductor informs her she is on the train to Philadelphia.

After the mishap comes a late arrival to work and the confrontation with Anna described above. Rather than lamenting the mix-up, Mindy blames Ben and the state of New Jersey for the error and vows never to go there again. Ben gets angry and takes it as a personal offense. He assures her she’ll never have to worry about visiting New Jersey again.

Mindy goes home and finds a sweet note with a plant from Ben in her apartment (pre-fight). Realizing what a dumb shit she sometimes is, she heads over to the pediatrician’s office where she encounters the sweetest young girl. The two commiserate over girls’ childish behaviors and mean words, and Mindy recognizes that her behavior is not unlike that of a sixth grader. Ben comes out a bit later, and introduces Mindy to the cutie she bonded with: his daughter.

Making Amends

The next day at the office, Mindy does something unprecedented: she apologizes to Anna. Then she reveals her real feelings: her entire life, she has been conditioned to be pitted against other women. Women are somehow taught to be competitive and threatened, rather than friendly and supportive. And she still hates Anna… Not because she’s a woman; just because she’s awful.

Mindy makes a record-breaking two apologies in one day when she takes the train out to Jersey again. Surprising Ben on his doorstep, she offers a sincere “I’m sorry” and tells him how much she liked hanging out with his daughter. Truly, why would she want to be with some “Tribeca Chad” when she could be with a kind, intelligent, handsome man like Ben. Oh, and the commuter train has a bar in it.

Hooray to the writing staff for the poignant message this episode provided us. As a woman, sometimes it’s hard not to feel these things when they’ve been ingrained into us so long. And as hard as we try, most times it’s frustrating. So, while Mindy might’ve been a little crazy pants this week (and every week), we can’t say we haven’t been there, even just a little teeny tiny bit

P.S. – If you want  preview of Mindy’s meet-cute with Ben’s daughter, check out the video here!

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