Meet Gaia And Skyler In This Week’s The Blacklist

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Last week’s The Blacklist delivered to us, Reddington, and the team one Miles McGrath, who was an angel investor for organized, black market crimes. After a lot of risk, tension, and drama across the board, including Tom going undercover (again) for Red, Alexander Kirk outdoes Red and the task force once again and eludes them. Will the same happen again this week? We’re about to find out. This week’s Blacklist-er is “stealth eco-terrorist” Gaia.

Where is my daughter?

Liz is desperate for answers, most importantly those relating to Agnes. She is in Kirk’s care now, and he has generously set up a video stream for her to watch her daughter. Reddington refuses to give her any information or include her in any plans, so she takes matters into her own hands by withholding information from him. She does not withhold the feed from Tom, though, and she begs him to trust her and not trace the stream or Kirk. Liz wants to do this her way.

Tom has good intentions, but he just doesn’t listen. He tracks down an old friend who he has trace the stream for him, and they have a group that ends up surrounding Kirk’s location. Coincidentally, Liz calls to thank Tom for trusting her on not taking action just as he is about to storm the place. Kirk is always more than one step ahead and promptly cuts off the feed after expressing his disappointment to Liz.


Back to our eco-terrorist, Gaia is one who is out to allegedly save innocent people. He thinks he saves people by killing seemingly innocent people to prove there is danger out there, as evidenced by the string of murders we watch him commit through the episode. In an effort to protect the environment and (maybe) the human race, he takes out key players in the process.

Gaia works by going into gas and energy plants and exposing all the risks and dangers simply by setting the process into motion. Samar and Ressler are on his heels when he visits a gas facility to sabotage it, but they lose him when he drives off. Even Reddington is anxious to find him, going as far as asking outside associates for assistance, though he won’t tell anyone why.

The terrorist ends up at the home of his ex-wife and son. She pleads with him to leave, saying he is violating the restraining order, but in return he pleads with her to leave. “What are you planning,” she demands. All he’ll reveal is that she needs to take their son and leave the state. With what seems like one last goodbye to his son, Gaia leaves.

The one positive to the gas plant run-in is that Aram has gotten a positive identification on Gaia. With his face and past, they (hopefully) are able to predict his next move. The dream team is back in action and presume that he is targeting the Hudson River with nuclear power.

Despite their best efforts, Gaia beats Ressler and Samar to the helicopter and is able to set his plan into motion. He has plotted out every last detail, but he did not plan on Aram’s genius. The tech genius manages to overtake the helicopter but can’t pull the figurative trigger on shutting it down. “If I press this, he dies,” Aram panics. So, like any good friend, Cooper presses it for him. The copter goes down and then up in flames.

Credit: NBC

Making New Friends and Losing Old Ones

When all with Gaia is said and done, Red pays a visit to the ex-wife and son. He makes friends with the son, Skyler, whose face is severely deformed from chemicals in the water that reached him, hence Gaia’s beef with energy companies. But why is Red intent on meeting this pair? He believes that Skyler’s doctor can save Agnes. We later find out that Kirk and Skyler have the same doctor. Red reveals to Liz what Gaia’s connection to Kirk is, so she reveals the truth about the link to the live feed. Needless to say, Red is disappointed, but he is still committed to getting Agnes back.

Samar revealed early in the episode that she submitted a transfer request and was met with sad looks and pleas to stay. Throughout the episode though, it seems she is burning every bridge she possibly can, and even Aram is starting to turn on her. After she very rudely tells Aram that he made the wrong call earlier, he is hurt and frustrated. He delivers a grueling blow, telling her that he is glad she is leaving, and she can’t get out of there fast enough. Ever the tough cookie, Samar takes it all in stride and doesn’t let anyone see her sweat. (On a personal note, I normally love Samar, but she is being a really big witch-with-a-B lately!)

In the middle of nowhere, Mr. Kaplan has survived! A good Samaritan found her in the woods with half of her face hanging off and took her back to her cabin. We see snippets of her and the man throughout the episode, with Kaplan going in and out of consciousness. In the very last minute, Kaplan wakes up and finally finds her voice and a little strength. When she tries to stand, though, she realizes she is shackled to the bed. So much for that good Samaritan… What is Kaplan’s fate now? Hasn’t she been through enough?

This week’s episode didn’t have a whole lot of action on the task force or Reddington’s part, but it sure was interesting and intense. The stakes get higher every week and we are never quite able to tell how close we are to resolution. That is one of the best aspects of the show – every time we take a step forward, someone else is fourteen steps ahead. Just wait until next week… Has Red walked into a trap, or has he finally outsmarted Kirk? We’ll need to watch to find out!

Give me your thoughts on this week’s episode! Who is your favorite season four Blacklist-er so far?

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