Liz’s Father Finally Revealed: Check Out This Week’s Episode Of The Blacklist


This week is supposed to be the one where Raymond Reddington and Alexander Kirk come face to face for the first time in many years. Throughout the men’s long history, there have been bad times and there have been worse times. The tension is clear in their voices and body language whenever the other is discussed, and neither has made a secret of his disdain for the other. So, our biggest question this week is what the heck is going to happen? We are about to find out. This week’s Blacklist-ers are The Lindquist Concern.

Accident or Homicide?

Our story opens with the murder of a chemical engineer, Omar, who was close to a technological breakthrough on an invention. According to Reddington, he’s the most recent in a long string of “accidental deaths” of prominent scientists, all staged by The Lindquist Concern.

Investigating Omar’s death, his coworkers don’t know what the outside project was, but refer the team to his wife. Whatever the invention was, though…it was big. Unfortunately, they are unable to ask his wife because the Lindquist Concern’s creepy killer got to her first and staged a suicide.

The team questions the pretty blonde from the office who is in pictures with Omar in his home office. It turns out the blonde was involved with the Omar, but not involved in his murder. Oh, it also turns out that his big invention was going to change the world. It desalinized ocean water to provide clean water to third world nations. She is the only one who knew aside from Omar and his wife. Is there a chance she could be next?

The woman reveals that Omar hadn’t revealed his ideas to anyone but her, his wife, and one other man. The man was a lawyer who approached Omar at a convention. He offered the inventor tons of free advice and wanted to help him bring it to market and take it global. Two weeks later, our engineer is dead. Coincidence?


With Agnes still missing, desperate doesn’t begin to describe Liz and Tom. Tom begs Ressler to let him do something; anything to get him out of the post office and closer to Agnes. The agent takes pity on him and lets him revisit some useless intel on Kirk from the Kremlin.

Resourceful Tom manages to trick the attaché into handing over Kirk’s file. His simple plea that he is a dad looking for his daughter convinces the man.

The Doctor is In

Reddington has finally tracked down Kirk’s hematologist. While squatting in a church, Red and his associates stop at nothing to get answers. Kirk is due for some bloodwork, so it will be only a matter of time (within 24 hours to be exact) until he makes contact with the doctor.

While Red, Dembe, Liz, and the doctor await the important phone call, the doctor assures Liz that Agnes is OK. He tells her that Kirk is taking great care of Agnes, and, while he can’t defend everything the man has done, he can defend his reasons. “Alexander is a good man,” he says with sincerity.


How to Get a Victim

The expert executioner is choosing his next victim and we are able to see the layout in his home. Phones and profiles are arranged neatly on his dining table and he simply waits for one to ring. Through Aram’s genius and hard work, the task force learns the man’s identity (Silas Gouldsberry). The man has been stealing the identity of and posing as patent attorneys.

The latest victim, Riley, has figured out how to power batteries with magnesium at the age of 24. He works his magic on her, same as he did on Omar. After promising to make her billions, he offers a champagne toast inject with a paralyzing agent. Instead of electrocution, this time he opts for asphyxiation, but not before Ressler and Samar reach her.

They chase down Gouldsberry at the patent office he works for, but he’s got a gun and isn’t wasting time. He gives Samar a half hour to meet his demands or he takes the information he is downloading and kills the hostages.

Gouldsberry’s goal is to prevent inventors from the disappointment he experienced. He’s taken matters into his own hands, killed the inventors, and now intends to let the ideas go free.

In an anticlimactic ending to everything, Ressler disarms the doors to the server room and Samar shoots Gouldsberry. The data upload is stopped and the day saved.


It’s a Trap

Red, Liz, and the doctor make it to Geneva to meet Kirk, but Red forces her to stay behind. Checking in with Tom, Liz learns that Kirk is actually in Russia. When Liz calls Dembe to warn them, Red hangs up on her. Just as the town car blows up.

Everyone is shaken, some dead, a few severely injured, but Red and Dembe are mostly alright. He calls Liz, implying that maybe she tipped off Kirk. He refuses to understand her conflicted feelings and confusion.

DNA Doesn’t Lie

Liz returns home to Tom and they are back to square one. There was some information in that file, though. About Liz. And her father. Congratulations, Kirk! It’s definitely a girl!

When Liz confronts Red, she is livid. Not only is she angry, she is hurt. Reddington convinced her that she killed her father. Everything he has told her has been a lie. We know this is a drama but how will they come back from this?

(Just so you’re prepared, the photo below is the look of sheer heartbreak, post-father-announcement.)


This was a pretty decent episode, minus the ending. The Lindquist Concern’s resolution was kind of dull, but what’re you gonna do. Was the reveal of Liz’s father a huge surprise? No, not really, but I am glad to finally have the confirmation. It only took four years to verify Reddington is not the father (please read in Maury Povitch voice). Despite this week’s ending, next week promises to be as intense as ever, and we can’t wait.

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Abby Bertrand