Kara Enters The Thunderdome With Other “Survivors” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Hey Supergirl fans!

Last week, President Wonder Woman is an alien. Kara had to learn objectivity and her own prejudices in both of her jobs. Alex and Maggie met and made us all ship them hardcore. J’onn met the Last Daughter of Mars.

So what happens this week?

Origin: The day Krypton exploded, we see Mon-El run to a pod with another young man. The man, the Prince, makes the decision to save him. He asks Mon-El to let him share in his people’s fate. In the present, Mon-El revealed he was a palace guard. Kara gives Krypton’s take on the Prince: he was a frat boy. Wow Kara. So much for trying to get pass the prejudice? Mon-El wants to find something fun to do, but he needs to stay for observation. J’onn leaves to go handle “personal” business. Meanwhile, Kara and Alex get a call from Maggie.

Scars: Alex meets with Maggie at the dump site of a murdered alien with a lot of scars. Kara informs them that the species is usually peaceful, not a fighter. Alex and Maggie do their version of flirting. Kara senses the vibes. At Catco, Kara tries to pitch the story to Snapper. He wants a more “fully baked” story rather than something half-baked. He tells Kara to go bake on it some more. At the bar, J’onn visits M’gann. He wants to get to know her better. All she can tell him was that a White Martian broke rank and smuggled her off world. J’onn wants to mind-meld with her, but M’gann declines.

Fight: Mon-El and Winn are adorably bonding. Winn narrows the alien species down. Turns out, one of that species is living in National City. He found it thanks to the alien amnesty act. Wow, fire-starter may have been right about registration. When Maggie and Alex go to confront the alien, he’s kidnapped and put into a van. At the DEO, Alex and Kara coax the story of M’gann from J’onn. J’onn wants that bond because he misses having others in his hand. Kara and Alex are so understanding because Martian Daddy and his daughters are adorable. Kara goes to talk with the hologram of Alura about her day. Mon-El walks in on her. Kara gets upset, but Mon-El is able to coax some of the story of Alura from her. Mon-El tries to bond with Kara, who is not having it.

Roulette: Maggie calls Alex to meet her at an underground alien fight club. It’s rich people and masks. Make your own Eyes Wide Shut joke here. The fight club is run by Roulette. The first fight? The alien Maggie and Alex questioned earlier versus M’gann. M’gann knocks the floor with him. Then things get a little confused because Kara shows up suddenly? M’gann disappears. Roulette turns this into a win as she has Kara fight a very big alien that starts taking her down. Wanting to protect her sister, Alex and Maggie cause a distraction. Alex is able to get to Kara, who is winded but okay.

Miss Martian: At the DEO, Kara is recovering from her fight. J’onn expresses his disgust over this. Alex and Kara have to awkwardly tell him about the fights. J’onn storms out to see M’gann. At Catco, Kara tries to sell Snapper the story. But she doesn’t have any sources. Kara sucks at this reporting thing. At the DEO, Winn still runs tests on Mon-El who wants to go outside. Through flattery, Mon-El gets Winn to take him to a bar. It doesn’t go well at all. At M’gann’s apartment, J’onn confronts him. M’gann tells him that she doesn’t want to remember Mars. She wants to find her own power on Earth. Although, reluctantly, she gives J’onn Roulette’s name: Veronica Sinclair. She also tells J’onn not to visit her again.

Greed: Kara goes to confront Roulette. She gives the darkest, grittiest speech I’ve seen on Supergirl. Essentially, it boils down to human’s care more about dogs fighting than aliens fighting. That she is offering them more than Kara and the DEO ever could. At the DEO, Kara feels guilty about it. Alex assures her they are doing what they can. Meanwhile, Winn is hella hungover and trying poorly to hide it. J’onn heard about their escapades. He tells them all that it takes one bad alien to destroy their good will. He also tells Kara to talk to Mon-El. He is going to talk to M’gann again.

Bonds: Kara goes to visit Mon-El, who feels terrible about hurting those men. He realizes why they wanted him to stay, so that others could be safe from him. Kara tells him a bit about her growing pains on Earth (junior prom she broke a guy’s foot). She also tells him why she has been so standoff-ish toward him. Kara feels guilty that her parents didn’t do anything to help his planet. Mon-El tells her that the two shared a star, that’s all. He promises to listen and offers Kara advice on how to beat the alien that beat her earlier. J’onn goes to visit M’gann at the bar. Roulette is waiting. And she is ready for her main event of the last two Martians fighting each other.

Round Two: Alex and Kara realize J’onn has gone missing. They both realize that he must have been taken by Roulette. Except, she has cleaned out from the last location. Kara goes to see Lena, who gives the latest address to her. At the fight, Roulette tells them the fight is to the death. M’gann and J’onn fight. J’onn is able to reach her, telling her there is no shame in surviving. She shouldn’t fight like this to punish herself. M’gann refuses to kill her after that. Roulette, expecting this, calls in the guy Kara fought earlier. Kara arrives along with Alex and the DEO. Using Mon-El’s advice, she is able to beat the big guy. Alex, Kara, Maggie, and the DEO chase down Roulette. She is protected by the aliens she “helps”. Kara reaches out to them, telling them that this is what the humans want. They want to see them as a threat, as something other, rather than people. She inspires the aliens to turn against Roulette, who is arrested by Maggie for operating without a liquor license.

Timing: Alex comes just as Maggie has to free Roulette. The charges couldn’t stick. Alex and Maggie are upset and Alex asks her out for drinks. Except Maggie has a girlfriend. At Catco, Kara brings in the correct kind of story. Except she “interviews” Supergirl aka herself. Which is dead sketchy. Snapper accepts it (kind of). At the DEO, Mon-El and Kara have a heart to heart. Kara promising to teach Mon-El how to use his powers. She sees it as another chance to do what she was originally meant to do with Kal-El. The two start to bond, which is sweet. Also bonding is M’gann and J’onn. J’onn comes to visit her and the two share a heart to heart. J’onn telling M’gann to call him if she needs him. She promises. When he leaves, she looks at her true form: a White Martian. Snaaaaaap.

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