Jesse Quick And “Magenta” Arrive On This Week’s The Flash

Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW
Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Hey Flash fans!

So it looks like all the drama from Barry mucking up the universe is (mostly) resolved. Sure, Cisco’s brother is still dead, Caitlin has her frost powers, Doctor Alchemy is a person, and Barry’s lab roommate is Tom Felton. It could have been worse. Also everyone knows what Barry did.

We’ll be seeing the return of Harry and Jesse Wells tonight. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

The Date: Barry is anxiously waiting for it to be 7pm so he can go out with Iris on a date. He gathers some flowers and surprises Iris outside her work with them. She is touched, but doesn’t want the Flash to be her date for the night. She wants Barry. It’s a little awkward between them at first. When there is a robbery across the street, Iris lets Barry go help. They then get a text from Cisco: a breach was opened. Out comes Harry, who needs their help, Jesse has gotten superspeed. Wally is shocked that he didn’t get superspeed, but Harry says it affects people differently. They go to a new room: Speed Lab. In the room, Harry finds out about the altered timeline. Jesse shows off her powers and Wally is feeling a little down over it. Barry tells Joe to keep an eye on Wally.

Spark: We see Frankie Kane at home with her abusive asshole father. Using her powers, Magenta kills him by bringing a lamppost into the room. It hits him. At work the next day, Barry runs into Iris at the station. They talk about the awkwardness of the date. Barry wants to make sure Iris is still interested in him and them. Iris is, but Barry thinks they should wait a little bit. Joe questions Frankie, who tells him that she blacked out. She can’t remember anything. Joe talks with Barry, who thinks it’s a meta. Julian comes in and dumps all over the theory. Joe tells Barry and Julian about the black out. He takes Frankie’s glass. Joe tells Barry to follow him.

Fast Feet: At STAR Labs, Jesse is passing all the tests with flying colors. Caitlin is about to give Jesse a clear bill of health. Harry, however, is stalling. Why? He’s freaking out because Jesse is going want to be a superhero. Harry wanted them to talk her out of it. It’s not happening. Wally comes to visit Joe at the station. He’s been thinking about possibly getting powers. Joe tells Wally that there are other ways to say the world. Barry visits Julian, who has found a weird element in Frankie’s DNA that matches the husks. Julian starts to confront Frankie, who switches to her Magenta persona.

Magenta: Barry changes into his Flash costume and saves Julian. He follows Magenta outside, tries to talk her down. She briefly reverts to Frankie, but Magenta wants to take over. She distracts Barry by throwing a car at him with a police officer in it. Barry saves the officer. At STAR Labs, they learn that Frankie is dissociative and got her powers from Alchemy. Jesse wants to go out and help Barry. Harry asks Caitlin to talk with her, who agrees. It doesn’t go well. Jesse confronts Harry, who wants her to really consider it. Jesse thinks this is because she is a girl. She runs off before Harry can talk to her. Wally says he’ll do it. Meanwhile with Alchemy, Magenta says she can feel Frankie within her. Alchemy promised her that Magenta would be in control. Alchemy says she needs to prove herself to Frankie by killing her foster dad.

On Your Feet: Wally catches up with Jesse, who is frustrated and hurt by her father. She said that she wanted to call him when she got her powers. Jesse hoped the same thing happened to Wally. She tells him about how she got her powers. A car almost hit Jesse while she was walking home, but her speed kicked in. Wally said that it was like a jump-start before walking out into open traffic. Jesse pulls Wally out of the way. Barry yells at Wally for his stupid decision with Joe watching. Meanwhile, Jesse and Harry are having their own fight. Jesse leaves. Caitlin yells at Harry saying that he shouldn’t assume that Jesse’s powers are going to destroy her.

Forgiveness Or Not: In the Speed Lab, Barry and Harry have a talk. Barry feels guilty about what he did by changing the timeline so much. Harry talks about the mistakes he has to live with. He tells Barry that he forgives himself too easily, while Barry doesn’t forgive himself enough. Someone not deserving of forgiveness is Frankie’s asshole foster father in the hospital. Iris realizes that he was hurting Frankie. She still tries to move him, but Magenta is there. Her powers are Magneto level by lifting a tanker. Magenta is definitely not playing with this. Iris hits the panic button on her phone, which is an improvement for the timeline. Below the tanker, Barry runs in a figure-eight to keep it afloat.

Hero: Barry has to keep running to keep the tanker afloat. Jesse is sent to do it instead with Harry’s blessing. Barry goes down to talk Magenta out of it. He is about to reach into Frankie, assuring her that she is a better person than her foster father. Frankie starts to cry and Barry hugs her, reassuring her she’ll be okay. In STAR Labs, Caitlin assures Frankie that everything is okay. Joe assures her that her asshole foster father will be locked up. Frankie says she started having dreams about living another life. She said the more it happened and heard a voice in her head: Alchemy. Barry assures Frankie that she needs to face down the darkness in her. They found her a better foster family in Keystone City, where she will be safe. Frankie is scared, but Barry promises her they will be there for her. Seeing Frankie puts Wally’s own issues into perspective.

Jesse Quick: In the Breach Room, Jesse and Harry have a heart-to-heart. Harry tells her that she was amazing as a hero in her own right. Harry says that he’s worried and is just a dad. He loves her. Jesse knows that. They reconcile. Harry tells her that they’re staying a few days just to make sure. Jesse gets her own costume. Harry tells his daughter that she has always been a hero. Now it’s time for him to let her be a hero for everything else.

The Date, Repeated: Iris returns to the fancy restaurant where Barry meets her. He says that the reason the date didn’t work was because they were ignoring part of themselves by ignoring his powers. So he grabs her and runs her to a romantic date by the ocean. Iris agrees. They can’t pretend like nothing has happened. They’re not the same people they were. Barry gets a text from Joe. Iris tells him it’s okay if he has to go. The pair share a kiss.

Alchemy: At the station, Joe shows Barry and Julian the footage of Edward Clariss getting killed by Alchemy. Julian asks Barry if he heard the name Alchemy before, not believing the answer Barry gives him. Joe asks Barry if he thinks this part of Flashpoint. Barry thinks a lot of things are.

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