It All Hits The Fan In This Week’s The Blacklist

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Well, it looks like shit finally gets real this week on The Blacklist. After last week’s big, erm, blowup, it’s about time we advance this little plot. Kirk is still on the run, Reddington is still ticked off, and Liz is still looking for her baby. That pretty much brings us up to speed, so let’s get cracking. This week’s Blacklist-ers are The Thrushes.


Reddington is getting his ducks in a row for something major. At the post office, the team tries to catch up on what the heck is going on with the information Red has give them this week.

The target he revealed, Le Bron, is a clever man who tricks a lot of people out of a lot of money. He’s being held at a black site and things get a little fishy when, during the pre-arranged FBI transport, he’s shot in the head. Ouch.

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Shortly after Le Bron’s demise, Red decides it is time to set his plan into action. Each member of the team receives a delivery from Nick’s pizza, and inside their pizza box is an invitation informing them their presence is required, and their discretion is not optional, either. They meet at a secure site where they are thoroughly screened and invited into Reddington’s new lair.

Reddington has had plans in the works for, and specifically put the FBI hot on, Le Bron’s trail as a test to see if there actually was an issue at the post office. After his and Liz’s very public fight, and mention of Le Bron, they had their answer. It turns out it isn’t a mole – the FBI’s system has been hacked. Aram has done a great job at making the system un-hackable, but unfortunately it isn’t enough. Enter The Thrushers: those who hack the un-hackable.


Through all of this drama stateside, Kirk is hanging out God knows where. His people, and creepy assistant, are all over and know exactly when it’s the right time to strike. Despite his assistant’s warnings, Kirk decides it is time to reach out to Liz.

No one could blame Liz for being overwhelmed, confused, and exhausted, but we are digging her one-track mind to get her daughter back. The hostility she shows Red is something fierce and she doesn’t quit with it. As she confronts him about everything he has put her through, Red utters the most sadly comical line of this series: “I have never lied to you.” LOLOL.

Liz receives a phone call that is a big bright sign pointing to Kirk. When she picks up the burner phone left for her, she calls the one number saved in it and Kirk picks up. Liz admits that she knows he is her father (and he seems kind of confused by it), so he suggests a meeting with just the two of them. Agreeing, Liz knows it will be difficult to get away from Red but she is determined to find her daughter.

The Thrushes

Samar visits with a friend who has intel on The Thrushes and tries to understand more about the super-hacking group. Not only do they hack major systems, but they also help to cover brutal murders and make them virtually unsolvable. They’re looking through photos when – holy crap, that’s Aram’s girlfriend, Elise. Yikes. Again, #PoorAram.

When Samar brings the intel to Cooper and Ressler, they agree not to tell him, afraid he accidentally would tip her off. That all changes when Aram storms in a few minutes later, terribly upset because he realized they weren’t hacked – they were tapped and someone with level four security clearance was punked. And it was him.

As he prepares to face her head on, Samar gives him a sweet pep talk. And a gun. And threatens to “mess that bitch up.” And a kiss on the cheek. Aram plays it…not cool. In Ressler’s words, “he sounds like a gerbil on meth.” Elise catches on quickly and things turn sour. After a scuffle, he shouts his safety word, “banana,” and Ressler and Samar storm the apartment to arrest Elise.

Liz’s meeting with Kirk is set and she is prepared to turn in her biological father while simultaneously cutting off her last true connection to her past. Kind of. As Reddington and the FBI make plans to take down Kirk, Liz secretly calls him to reveal the truth: it’s a trap. Kirk gives her instructions and an alternate location and things are finally starting to get interesting…

Liz and Kirk meet at the second site and Kirk reveals he has a small army waiting for Reddington. Except Liz is lying all over the place and Red and the FBI storm the rooftop they are on. Kirk runs with Agnes and threatens to jump. He would prefer he and his granddaughter die than be anywhere near Reddington. Luckily, Liz convinces him otherwise and Kirk is taken into custody.

When everyone is safe and sound back at home, Red visits the Keen family. They allow him in but let him know that they will no longer be living under his guard. He says, “I know,” and departs.

Credit: NBC

In addition to this episode’s major plot line, I would like to add this:


SOMEBODY PLEASE NOTICE THAT MR. KAPLAN IS MISSING!!! Someone! Please?! Kaplan is still being cared for/held hostage by the super creepy Good Samaritan who saved her when Red shot off her face. However, he’s decided to shed his Good Samaritan image and threaten poor Kaplan.

Creepy McCreeperson remembers that he has multiple night-vision hunting cameras on his property and finally wises up to take a look to see who shot Kaplan. He confronts her another time, demanding answers that she won’t give.

We get one last look at Kaplan and Creepy; he is again feeding her soup that is hopefully not poison.

Whew! With Alexander Kirk in custody, what ever will we and Reddington do with ourselves?! We have a feeling this particular road will continue on. And we hope so! Doesn’t Liz deserve some insight into her past life? Only time will tell. Tune in next week!

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