DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Are Back Fighting Off Against Damien Dahrk And Nazis

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

If you thought that saving the world from the evil that was Vandal Savage would mean DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were given a break, you were wrong. They don’t waste any time and jump right back into the Wave Rider. Adventures ensue as the heroes run “Out of Time”.

Star City, 2016
The episode starts off with a familiar face. Mayor Oliver Queen gets a surprise visit from Dr. Nate Heywood, who knows just a little too much about the masked heroes of Star City and their identities. He tells Oliver that Sara, Ray and the rest of the group have influenced history in the past and are currently in trouble.

Atlantic Ocean, 2016
Roughly 24 hours later Oliver and Dr. Heywood have traveled across the country and found their way into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where they find the Wave Rider. Aboard the ship they find Mick Rory, who had been in coma-like state. Mick tells them about what happened to the Legends over the last couple of months (or really centuries).

France, 1637
The team had traveled to France to ensure the consummation of Louis XIII’s marriage and, in relation to that, the birth of Louis XIV. While Mick, Rip, Martin, Jax and Ray try to save the King of France’s life and fight off against a group of assassins, Sara seduces the Queen.

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In the present Mick tells Oliver and Dr. Heywood that Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America who the Legends met in the season one finale, has told them not to travel to 1942. However, the Legends tend to ignore any kind of advice. When the group experiences a “timequake” they decide to investigate. In 1942 the Nazis have successfully used a nuclear bomb to destroy New York, after acquiring crucial information on it from physicist Albert Einstein.

New York City, 1942
In order to stop the Nazis, the team takes off for New York City. Their plan is to kidnap Einstein themselves before the Nazis have the opportunity to. Sara distances herself from the group and follows her own mission: to find Damien Darhk and kill him in the hope of saving her sister Laurel’s life. Ray follows her and is able to stop her from making a mistake. They learn that it is Darhk who provides the Nazis with uranium.

Even though the Legends are successful in capturing Albert Einstein, the Nazis are still able to build the bomb and destroy New York. Einstein tells them that the plans for the nuclear bomb were a collaboration with his ex-wife.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Garret Shipyard, Hoboken, NJ, 1942
The team tracks down Damien Darhk, who has managed to build the nuclear bomb with the assistance of Mileva Maric. They try to stop him from loading the bomb onto a submarine, but Sara ignores Rip’s orders and focuses on her own plan to kill Darhk, and so the team is unable to defuse the bomb, and the Nazis continue with their plan.

The Legends follow the submarine under water and try to stop Darhk and the Nazis, but the enemies are able to fire off the nuclear weapon, targeting New York. Rip decides to send the Legends off into different times and spaces, while he hooks Mick, who was injured in the fight and cannot time travel, up to the machines that will put him into the coma-like state in which Oliver and Dr. Heywood find him. Shortly after the Wave Rider collides with the nuclear bomb.

Back in the present Dr. Nate Heywood and Mick decide to travel time and find the remaining members of the team, while Oliver returns to his own life in Star City. The first person that Nate and Mick are able to find is Ray, who was sent to South Dakota about 70 million years ago and is battling a dinosaur. They save him and continue on to England in 821 where they collect Jax and Martin, who were entertaining the King as personal “wizards”. The last person they track down is Sara, who was just about to be hung in Salem, 1693. Allegedly she was a witch, corrupting the women in town.

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Reunited the team (including the “new guy” Nate) find themselves back at the Wave Rider, where they listen to Rip’s final message, who appears to be truly gone. Together the Legends decide to keep going and find the enemy time traveller who is responsible for providing Damien Dahrk and others with information. But before that, they return to 1942 and have Einstein publicly announce his collaboration with Mileva Maric.

The real shocker comes in the penultimate scene of the episode, as Darhk is confronted with the failure of his nuclear mission. The Nazis are about to kill him, when his partner steps in. Darhk’s time traveling assistant is a familiar face – Eobard Thawne. What is his goal and will he cross paths with our group of fearless heroes?

But it might be the final moment of the episode that really amps up our excitement for the rest of the season. The Legends are about to leave 1942 behind when they are stopped by the Justice Society of America, all of them in impressive head-to-toe costumes. Where will that leave our Legends of Tomorrow?

GIF: Tumblr
GIF: Tumblr

Favorite Lines

Sara: “I believe the Queen is waiting for you in her bedroom.”
Jax: “And I’ll bet she’s all warmed up for you.”
Sara: “Shut your mouth, Jax, or I’ll cut your eyes out and feed ’em to you.”

Rip: “According to Gideon, there’s a cocktail party at Columbia this evening.”
Mick: “Cocktail party? Means booze. Where is it?”
Rip: “At Columbia, I just… Why does no one ever listen to me?”

Rip: “Sorry for stranding you all throughout history, but it was the only way to save you. Well, you know what they say, Captain must never abandon his ship. Well, neither shall I abandon hope of seeing you all again someday, somewhere in time. As flawed and unruly as you are individually, together you are the best crew, the best team a captain could ever hope for. So… stick together. And remember, history is yours now, my dear Legends.“

Catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Thursdays at 8/7 ct on The CW.

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