Barry Has To Deal With The “Paradox” Consequences In This Week’s The Flash

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Now this is feeling more like the Flashpoint Paradox.

Even though Nora Allen is dead again. There are still consequences to be felt from Barry’s little trip through time. We got a taste of them last week with Iris and Joe no longer being on speaking terms.

But I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg, don’t you?


Oh Brave New World: Barry goes to Felicity to tell her the whole story because he knows how bad he screwed up. Felicity tells him to walk her through everything. Barry stops a robber before going to STAR Labs. He realizes things are a lot more different. Cisco seems kind of lifeless. Barry tries to figure out what is up with Iris and Joe. We also learn that Barry erased the season two kiss. It turns out that the fight is about Joe not telling Iris that her mother is alive. Now we meet Julian Albert, the new CSI. Poor Barry is so confused. It turns out that Julian doesn’t like him. Poor Cisco is in pain because it turns out here Dante is dead. It also turns he and Barry are distant now. In Arrow, it turns out that Diggle has son instead of daughter. Barry starts freaking out over how badly he screwed it up. Felicity tells him to go and fix it now.

Start of Darkness: Edward Clariss is riding a bus. He also has memories of the Flashpoint timeline. Alchemy seems to enjoy messing with him. He goes to a creepy hooded figure ceremony to meet Alchemy. Clariss wants the visions gone. Alchemy tries to convince him otherwise, and Clariss is pretty easily convinced. Barry joins Joe and Julian on the beach where they find some kind of shed skin. It turns out this is the fourth time this has happened. Barry sneaks a sample away from Julian to be tested at STAR. They don’t really get anything. It turns out that Dante was killed by a drunk driver a few months ago. Barry tries to find out from Caitlin what’s wrong, but she is not getting in the middle of that. So Barry has a new idea, dinner with the team. He wants to try to fix things.

AWKWARD DINNER OF AWKWARD: Barry tries to put his plan into motion to fix things within the team. With Cisco and Caitlin coming to dinner, he tries to get Joe and Iris in the same room. Running back and forth between the pair to get them in a room together, they eventually agree. What happens next is literally the most awkward five minutes of television ever in the history of ever. Barry tries to suggest some kind of retreat to bring them together, but only Wally is really into the idea. Joe says that they need to focus on the husks. Iris tries to finagle some info out, but Joe isn’t giving it. They realize Barry’s ruse. Barry admits that he wanted to fix things. We learn why Cisco is mad at him because Barry refused to travel back in time to save Dante’s life. Before Barry can address that, the metahuman app goes off. Team Flash heads out while Barry heads to meet the speedster: Edward Clariss aka the Rival with his powers restored.

Rivals: Barry’s confused as to how Clariss there, but Clariss reveals he knows Barry’s secret about changing the timeline. He believes that Barry stole his life from him. Now he wants revenge. This leads to the pair of them fighting in the streets. Barry knocks Clariss away. Back at STAR, it turns out the husk has the DNA from Edward Clariss. Iris confronts Barry about what’s going on. If he lies to her, then this thing between them cannot happen. Barry apologizes and tries to go back in time. Someone pulls him out of the Speed Force: Jay Garrick.

Paradox of Life: Jay takes Barry out to lunch. They address the elephant in the room about Jay being Henry’s doppleganger. Jay gives Barry a bit of a come to Jesus talk about time travel with a coffee cup metaphor. No matter how many times you go back, things will always be different coming forward. It’s the paradox of time travel. He wants to know what kind of hero will Barry be: the kind who goes back to fix his mistakes or the kind that lives with the consequences and moves forward? Barry returns to the present. He’s honest with his friends about what he did. Barry offers to tell them what’s different. Cisco is just upset that Barry saved his mother but will not save Dante. Cisco storms off and Barry goes to talk with him. He explains to Cisco what Jay told him. He cannot save Dante because he can only move forward. He hopes that Cisco can do it as well

Broken: At the CSI lab, Barry asks Julian for the report on Clariss. The body originated from the saw mill Clariss was at in Flashpoint. Barry goes there to find Clariss waiting for him along with Alchemy. In STAR Labs, Iris tells them to forgiven Barry. Everyone screws up, even heroes. People hold onto anger, even if it seems silly in hindsight. Iris and Joe make-up. Caitlin agrees with Iris. That’s when Barry’s suit goes nuts because he’s getting his ass kicked over at the Mill. Alchemy tells him that he wants to help people reach his true potential. He is preparing the world. Clariss wants to make sure he doesn’t die this time. He’s about to kill Barry when Cisco, in his Vibe costume, comes in. It is glorious to see Vibe in action. Cisco tells Clariss to “stay away from my friend”. It seems like Cisco has forgiven Barry because they are both so teary-eyed.

Ice: The reunited Team Flash talk about Alchemy. Cisco gets back into his old self by naming him Doctor Alchemy. Iris tells Barry that they agreed they didn’t want to know their other lives. Iris and Joe go to Jitters with Wally, showing reconciliation. Barry tells Cisco that he would like to do more team-ups every now and then. Cisco says he has more work to do, but he thinks it would be pretty “bitchin’” for them to team up. Barry and Caitlin are left where he tells her that she seems to be most unchanged. Barry leaves and it turns out Caitlin has her ice powers.

Trust: In the CSI Lab, Julian gives Barry the casefile on Clariss. He tries to figure out how Barry stole a sample of the husk from the crime scene. Barry doesn’t say anything. Julian tells Barry that he doesn’t trust him at all. He doesn’t like it when people are hiding something from him. He will find Barry’s secret. At the Allen home, Iris and Barry have a talk and kiss. It looks WestAllen is finally sticking! Yay!

Uh-Oh: In Iron Heights, Alchemy comes to visit Clariss who has disappointed him. Clariss tries to beg for his life, but it’s not happening. He’s dragged off-screen by his neck.

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