Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Find Themselves In Lockup In This Week’s Episode

Credit: Jennifer Clasen/ABC
Credit: Jennifer Clasen/ABC

With Halloween only a week away, it’s time for a monster mash. The ghosts are back and coming head to head with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ghost Rider all during a daring prison escape. No one is staying in “Lockup” this week. Let’s get started.

Previously comatose Joe dies shortly after being awoken by Ghost Lucy. He told her where Darkhold was buried aka the same place they’d dug it up years before and she’s taken possession of it again. Too bad she can’t read the text or turn the pages because she’s a ghost. Coulson suggests they continue making use of Uncle Eli since he’s their only actually helpful resource. However, when Coulson and May arrive at the prison, they quickly learn many of the guards are already infected by Lucy. Stuck in the warden’s office, the partners call for back-up.

Mack, Daisy, and two other agents are scrambled to the prisoner and Robbie insists on coming too. Mack agrees on the condition he keep himself in check and never leave Mack’s sight. The group splits: while Robbie and Mack try to get to Eli before Lucy does, Daisy collects Coulson and May. They’re on their way back to Mack when Lucy opens the cells. The only way for the three agents to escape the flood of convicts is for Fitz to open all the doors in the cellblock. The three race along and into the cafeteria trying to get to a safe zone. When it’s clear they won’t make it, Daisy shoves Coulson after May and barricades herself in the cafe alone with the prisoners.

To her credit, Daisy does an awesome job of fighting off the prisoners without ever using her powers. Though she’s wearing new gauntlets, she’s still in danger of permanent damage if she uses her powers. And yet, it’s only a matter of time until the number of prisoners overwhelms her. Thankfully, she’s not alone. Coulson and May have climbed up the trash chutes, per Fitz’s instructions, and are there to save her. Of course, Daisy protests they put themselves in harm’s way in the process. Um, what exactly does she think their job is?

Finding Eli is a cinch for Mack and Robbie though there’s a tense moment when Robbie nearly flames on to kill a gang member. Along the way, Robbie also manages to kill several of the other ghosts. Once they have Eli, they slowly make their way out of the prison, just ahead of Lucy. Stopping to help some fellow agents, Mack sends Robbie and Eli ahead. When Robbie is unable to fight the urge for vengeance against the gang member, he sends Eli on alone. The prisoner was a leader in the gang that shot up Robbie and Gabe’s car and put Gabe in a wheelchair. He says it was a hit job but doesn’t know who ordered it. Ghost Rider is done with the chitchat and kills him.

Out in the yard, everyone regroups but Eli is nowhere to be found. Lucy has him hostage and has taken him back to their lab so Eli can read the instructions from Darkhold. She insists they’re going to rebuild their machine. Later, May talks with Daisy and tells her off for her suicidal actions and lone wolf act. She doesn’t want Daisy making the same mistakes she did and even says, “Lincoln wouldn’t want you killing yourself over what happened.” But Daisy is adamant; after this mission, she’s gone.

While everyone else is playing prison break, Director Mace pulls Simmons out of her routine polygraph, which she was failing. He’s debating anti-Inhuman Senator Nadeer on live TV and wants Simmons to feed him stats to help his arguments. She does this and he remains cool under pressure until Nadeer suggests he isn’t fit to lead SHIELD. Then, to the shock and awe of all, he reveals he’s an Inhuman. In the aftermath, Mace’s approval ratings skyrocket. He thanks Simmons for her help and then asks her to complete her polygraph. She, in turn, insinuates that she knows a secret about his past that would tarnish his carefully crafted hero image. Mace excuses her from further testing. In a clandestine meeting with Nadeer, Mace is again blackmailed, this time with footage of Daisy and Ghost Rider helping SHIELD at the prison. But it’s unclear what Nadeer wants in return.

Field Notes

  • Lucy and Joe obviously never read Harry Potter. “Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”
  • I was all geared up to call the ghosts Lucy and the Peanuts. Then Ghost Rider, in the words of Mack, “ghost busted” them all. Darn.
  • Mack doesn’t like needles? A man after my own heart. He really is a big, cuddly teddy bear.
  • Daisy notices several prisoners have Watchdogs tattoos, meaning the group is recruiting from inside the prison’s walls.
  • May, on what she saw when she died: “You wanna know what I saw Phil? I saw you. Don’t let it go to your head.”
  • I may or may not have screamed when the above scene happened. #Philinda
  • May to Daisy: “You don’t get to choose who cares about you.”
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